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List of Streets and people in 97140 zip code, Sherwood city, Oregon state

1714 streets and people were found in 97140, Sherwood

NameStreet namePhone Number
Neil Grant1000 S Pine St Sherwood(503) 625-6078
Sheryl Cunningham11055 SW Clay St Sherwood (503) 570-0172
Clinton Mitchell11075 SW Tonquin Loop Sherwood (503) 563-5973
Roy Bewley11290 SW Tonquin Loop Sherwood(503) 692-6982
Mary T Long12020 SW Tooze Rd Sherwood(503) 682-1272
Dan S Sudul12040 SW Tonquin Rd Sherwood (503) 692-1547
Jas K Singer12060 SW Tonquin Rd Sherwood (503) 692-1403
Debbie Wilson125 SW Main 97140 Sherwood(503) 625-1144
Vivian Munsterman12532 SW Westfall Rd Sherwood(503) 682-0605
Robt T Stroemple12535 SW Tooze Rd Sherwood(503) 682-1261
Garth Lof12750 SW Westfall Rd Sherwood(503) 682-2236
Eldon Bolstad12950 SW Westfall Rd Sherwood (503) 682-1282
Michael White13015 SW Roy Rogers Rd Sherwood(503) 372-5956
Robt Stevenson13100 SW Tooze Rd Sherwood (503) 682-7022
Jay George1340 SW Willamette St Sherwood (503) 625-7769
Jean George1340 SW Willamette St Sherwood(503) 625-7769
Gary R Dimbat13481 SW Morgan Rd Sherwood(503) 625-5645
Todd Miller13645 SW Bell Rd Sherwood(503) 582-0496
Larry Jacobs14011 SW Roy Rogers Rd Sherwood(503) 524-3637
A Baugus14092 SW Ironwood Ln Sherwood(503) 625-2671
Robert G Johnson14161 SW Tooze Rd Sherwood (503) 682-5716
Margart E Smith14200 SW Bell Rd Sherwood(503) 682-1269
Richard O Woodfin JR14355 SW Bell Rd Sherwood(503) 682-8081
R J Oliverio14360 SW Bell Rd Sherwood (503) 682-1977
D Fletcher14410 SW Fairoaks Dr Sherwood(503) 625-4133
T E Gaylord14523 SW Bell Rd Sherwood(503) 625-5018
Karen Woodruff14525 SW Bell Rd Sherwood(503) 625-6266
Cheryl Barry14572 SW Major Oak Dr Sherwood (503) 625-5660
Richard D Barry14572 SW Major Oak Dr Sherwood (503) 625-5660
Joseph Ellis14615 SW Brickyard Dr Sherwood(503) 625-2174
Kevin McGill14625 SW Brickyard Dr Sherwood(503) 625-1536
Cara Stamback14680 SW Major Oak Dr Sherwood(503) 625-2868
Virginia Koskey14724 SW Brooke Ct Sherwood(503) 625-2758
Sheila Furey14743 SW Brooke Ct Sherwood(503) 625-9535
Lynn Whitehead14870 SW Michael Ct Sherwood(503) 625-2520
J Koronko14895 SW Brooke Ct Sherwood(503) 625-7263
Megan McKenzie14900 SW Tooze Rd Sherwood(503) 625-3680
Jennifer Gaither14920 SW Michael Ct Sherwood(503) 925-0851
Marc E MacDonald14944 SW Forest Ave Sherwood(503) 625-0616
Larry Morris14947 SW Forest Ave Sherwood(503) 822-5778
Kristy Richards14974 SW Forest Ave Sherwood(503) 625-8052
Kent Petersen14995 SW April Ct Sherwood(503) 625-5857
Scott McClure15040 SW Highpoint Dr Sherwood(503) 625-2618
Ralph Klock15100 SW Wert Ct Sherwood(503) 625-6815
Joan Smith15105 SW Wert Ct Sherwood(503) 625-2463
G Beck15151 SW Wert Ct Sherwood(503) 625-3325
Laura Archer15175 SW Bracken Fern Ct Sherwood (503) 822-5682
Lori K Turner15197 SW Willamette St Sherwood(503) 822-5662
Ronald L Wright15247 SW Willamette St Sherwood(503) 625-7930
Toni Saxton15287 SW Highpoint Dr Sherwood (503) 925-8488
Barbara Campbell15321 SW Sunset Blvd Sherwood(503) 625-4854
Claude Campbell15321 SW Sunset Blvd Sherwood(503) 625-4854
Lori Baugus15347 SW Sunset Blvd Sherwood(503) 625-4071
B Harry15354 SW Clifford Ct Sherwood(503) 925-0229
April April15441 SW Vista Ave Sherwood(503) 925-8561
Joseph Sorensen15462 SW Vista Ave Sherwood (503) 925-1315
Matt Moore15526 SW Highpoint Dr Sherwood(503) 625-0977
Edwin L Mills15530 SW Scholls Dr Sherwood(503) 628-1638
Garret G Lawson15538 SW Bowmen Ct Sherwood (503) 925-8575
Cindy Dahl15560 SW Whetstone Way Sherwood(503) 625-2952
Don Dahl15560 SW Whetstone Way Sherwood(503) 625-2952
John Oliver15573 SW Thrasher Way Sherwood(503) 610-1308
Clarence Langer JR15585 SW Tualatin Sherwood Rd Sherwood(503) 625-7070
John Honeywell15586 SW Whetstone Way Sherwood (503) 822-5411
Charles Spencer15593 SW Whetstone Way Sherwood(503) 625-1816
Edward Kirkham15628 SW Oriole Ct Sherwood(503) 925-9639
Tana Kirkham15628 SW Oriole Ct Sherwood(503) 925-9639
Phoebe Britz15677 SW Oregon St(503) 625-1964
Douglas Scofield15677 SW Oregon St Sherwood (503) 925-1222
Gene Webb15677 SW Oregon St Sherwood(503) 625-0464
J Yeager15677 SW Oregon St Sherwood(503) 822-5577
Todd Dalebroux15695 SW Highpoint Dr Sherwood(503) 822-5646
Russell Griffin15717 SW 1st St Sherwood(503) 625-1312
Glenn R Blankenbaker15718 SW Division St Sherwood(503) 625-6435
Jill Castillo15746 SW Tualatin St Sherwood(503) 822-5622
Judith Mixan15761 SW Oberst Ln Sherwood(503) 822-5976
Michael R Andrus15821 SW Highpoint Dr Sherwood(503) 625-9464
Vicki Behm15845 SW Sunset Ct Sherwood(503) 625-7664
Jerold Smith15845 SW Willamette St Sherwood(503) 625-6629
Elizabeth Williams15848 SW Red Clover Ln Sherwood(503) 625-3870
Stacy McCarthy15853 SW Highpoint Dr Sherwood(503) 625-2356
Pete Gilbertson15861 SW Sunset Ct Sherwood(503) 610-1638
Delian Kukowski15897 SW Hawk Ct Sherwood(503) 625-0368
Justin Harle15902 SW Hawk Ct Sherwood(503) 625-2217
Joe Allen15947 SW Bowmen Ln Sherwood(503) 925-9042
Al Koci15951 SW Springtooth Ln Sherwood(503) 625-7762
Kathy Fonaas15961 SW Baler Way Sherwood(503) 625-2343
Mike Moodhe15964 SW Madrona Ln Sherwood(503) 625-3089
John Szylowicz15965 SW Bowmen Ln Sherwood(503) 625-3049
Matt Potter15983 SW Bowmen Ln Sherwood(503) 925-0960
Stacie Pedginski15985 SW Red Clover Ln Sherwood(503) 625-5196
John Thomas16001 SW Bowmen Ln Sherwood(503) 625-1517
Tandi Thomas16001 SW Bowmen Ln Sherwood(503) 625-1517
Karen Salazar16009 SW Baler Way Sherwood(503) 625-6178
Rick Reuter16015 SW Columbia St Sherwood(503) 625-0419
Michele Tran16045 SW Red Clover Ln Sherwood(503) 625-9580
Edward T Schiele16058 SW 3rd St Sherwood(503) 625-6089
Sharon Drew16078 SW Highpoint Dr Sherwood(503) 925-9150
David Clark16084 SW Sunset Blvd Sherwood(503) 454-0400
Michael Kringlen16084 SW Sunset Blvd Sherwood(503) 822-5754