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List of Streets and people in 97013 zip code, Canby city, Oregon state

2465 streets and people were found in 97013, Canby

NameStreet namePhone Number
N Dale1000 NW 6th Ave Canby(503) 266-4708
Diane Cavner1001 NE 13th Ave Canby(503) 592-9990
Barbara Wainwright10030 S MacKsburg Rd Canby(503) 266-8880
A M Fosdick10038 S New Era Rd Canby(503) 266-5692
Bernice L Marriott10038 S New Era Rd Canby(503) 266-2996
D J Toms10038 S New Era Rd Canby(503) 266-6341
Heidi Barnett10038 S New Era Rd Canby(503) 651-1196
Karen Snyder10038 S New Era Rd Canby(503) 592-9177
Richard Cranston10038 S New Era Rd Canby(503) 263-1775
Venita McClain10044 S New Era Rd Canby(503) 266-6540
Gail Kraxberger10076 S Bremer Rd Canby(503) 266-4175
Sheri L Gannon1011 NW 8th Way Canby(503) 266-7034
Joseph Dyer10161 S Bremer Rd Canby(503) 266-7366
Rosemary Dyer10161 S Bremer Rd Canby(503) 266-7366
James Albers10199 S Kraxberger Rd Canby(503) 266-6602
Sharon Albers10199 S Kraxberger Rd Canby(503) 266-6602
Cassie Rozema1020 N Lupine Ct Canby(503) 592-9294
Mardee Femrite10227 S MacKsburg Rd Canby(503) 266-2112
Patricia Longstreet1023 N Ash St Canby(503) 266-6900
Roma L Shepard10244 S New Era Rd Canby(503) 263-2804
David Horrax1025 N Noble Ct Canby(503) 263-6902
Vicki Horrax1025 N Noble Ct Canby(503) 263-6902
Dena Clark10257 S Kraxberger Rd Canby(503) 266-3030
Lacey Terry10286 S MacKsburg Rd Canby (503) 651-9072
Hung V Phan1031 S Holly Ct Canby(503) 263-8689
William A Trumm1044 S Grant St Canby(503) 266-4752
John M De Marco1045 N Juniper St Canby(503) 263-8892
W Hubbell1045 N Redwood St Canby(503) 266-4749
David W Koenig10451 S Kraxberger Rd Canby(503) 266-2304
Pete J Deinema1046 S Elm Ct Canby(503) 263-4859
S Lapp10505 S MacKsburg Rd Canby(503) 266-1259
Siegfried Kraxberger10533 S Kraxberger Rd Canby (503) 266-8860
John R Molamphy1054 NW 8th Way Canby(503) 266-2494
Rodney Bates1055 N Lupine Ct Canby(503) 266-2469
Nolan Borntrager1055 S Fir Ct Canby(503) 263-3272
Jim Hofer10560 S Mulino Rd Canby(503) 266-7161
Jaime Heinemann10567 S Mulino Rd Canby(503) 651-4431
Peter Borgen10570 S Bremer Rd Canby(503) 266-7773
Bobbie Hibbert1060 N Manzanita St Canby(503) 266-2175
Tom Hibbert1060 N Manzanita St Canby (503) 266-2175
Rosy Thornton1060 NE 14th Ave Canby(503) 266-1911
Chuck A Oeleis10612 S Bremer Rd Canby(503) 266-4753
Keith Callaway10672 S MacKsburg Rd Canby(503) 266-1113
Lillian Callaway10672 S MacKsburg Rd Canby(503) 266-1113
Donald Kraft10700 S Township Rd Canby(503) 266-4494
Bruce R Hunt1073 N Grant St Canby(503) 266-1173
Michael E Riggs1075 N Juniper St Canby(503) 266-4742
Wayne Staehely10847 S New Era Rd Canby(503) 722-5929
Laura Shunn1086 S Redwood St Canby(503) 263-2249
Kristin Redd1088 S Sycamore St Canby(503) 592-9204
Karen Hoskins10895 S Heinz Rd Canby(503) 266-1375
Joan Haynes1095 S Elm Ct Canby(503) 266-5553
Larry B Ross1097 S Grant St Canby(503) 266-5732
Geu Martinez110 N Main St Canby(503) 266-5948
Geu Martinez-Salas110 N Main St Canby(503) 266-5944
Sean P Hawkins1105 S Pine St Canby(503) 266-6065
Kathy A Ditommaso-Owen1106 S Redwood St Canby(503) 266-6868
N D Laclef11079 S Mulino Rd Canby(503) 266-2286
Charles R Finley1111 SE 3rd Ave Canby(503) 266-1936
Claudia A Huitt1111 SE 3rd Ave Canby(503) 266-2759
Jerry E Sullivan1111 SE 3rd Ave Canby(503) 263-2772
Linda L Stewart1111 SE 3rd Ave Canby(503) 266-5599
Mike W Hays1111 SE 3rd Ave Canby(503) 263-0014
Nikki L Cassidy1111 SE 3rd Ave Canby(503) 266-1616
Robin L Gill1111 SE 3rd Ave Canby(503) 263-3302
Sheri Archey1111 SE 3rd Ave Canby(503) 263-4595
Susan D Oviatt1111 SE 3rd Ave Canby(503) 263-6240
Vivian I Baker1111 SE 3rd Ave Canby(503) 266-2412
Will Newman11124 S Bremer Rd Canby(503) 263-8392
Ron F Johnson11153 S Bremer Rd Canby(503) 266-9450
Brad Riegg112 NW 3rd Ave Canby(503) 651-1114
Jeanne Rusch11247 S Township Rd Canby(503) 266-2523
Richard B Ehlert11248 S Bremer Rd Canby(503) 266-1612
Michael Hoover1125 N Lupine Ct Canby(503) 263-1813
Ronald Tatone1127 NW 12th Ave Canby(503) 266-9542
Fred J Schlack11276 S MacKsburg Rd Canby(503) 266-1287
Haunt G Rama11280 S Bremer Rd Canby(503) 266-2830
Gayanne Martin1130 NE 12th Way Canby(503) 266-6993
James H Payton1131 N Maple St Canby(503) 266-2443
Eugenio Ramirez-Enrique1134 S Redwood St Canby(503) 266-2635
Lloyd G Cole11358 S Mulino Rd Canby(503) 266-2328
Michael Flynn1142 SE 17th Ave Canby(503) 266-3634
Richard S Lindsey115 NE 37th Ave Canby(503) 263-6548
Ronald E Ball11551 S Emerson Rd Canby(503) 266-2667
Stephen Eaton1156 S Pine St Canby(503) 465-4717
Wm Frazier1160 NE 12th Way Canby(503) 266-5020
Danny J Gibbons11648 S Makin Ln Canby(503) 266-5832
Nick Taggart11700 S Makin Ln Canby(503) 266-1716
Robert L Cochran11701 S Emerson Rd Canby(503) 266-8508
Judith Saenz1171 S Sycamore St Canby(503) 266-4645
Kristi A Schaefer11772 S Makin Ln Canby (503) 266-7047
Kenneth F Lais11800 S Mulino Rd Canby(503) 266-3942
Mark T Woodhead11822 S Union Hall Rd Canby(503) 266-7587
Dianne Blust1185 S Elm St Canby(503) 723-4660
Bruce Looney1185 SE 13th Pl Canby(503) 263-3502
Brittany Schwabauer1190 N Holly St Canby(503) 592-9196
Doug Culpepper11963 S Emerson Rd Canby(503) 263-6626
Lien K Thi Nguyen120 NE 14th Ave Canby(503) 266-5099
Clinton L Shultz1200 NE Territorial Rd Canby(503) 266-8961
Idabelle Shoemaker1200 NE Territorial Rd Canby (503) 266-1542