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List of Streets and people in 73096 zip code, Weatherford city, Oklahoma state

691 streets and people were found in 73096, Weatherford

NameStreet namePhone Number
Joe Shaffer1001 Castle Dr Weatherford(580) 772-5018
Tamara Christian1001 Claremont St Weatherford(580) 774-2386
James J Smith1001 E Kee St Weatherford(580) 772-3593
J D Wright1005 N Krest Dr Weatherford(580) 772-0588
James South10058 Deer Creek Rd Weatherford(580) 772-0122
Glen L Steiner1007 E Kee St Weatherford(580) 772-5697
Jay Hardin10072 Lark Rd Weatherford(580) 772-6171
Elroy Hamburger1010 E Huber Ave Weatherford(580) 772-5598
Harold Wright10130 Highway 54 Weatherford(580) 772-2383
Donald R Bagby1014 Camelot St Weatherford(580) 772-3965
Mike Upchurch1016 N Washington St Weatherford(580) 774-2806
Raelene Amen1018 Sherwood St Weatherford(580) 772-3739
J R Braxton1020 N Washington St Weatherford(580) 772-6198
R M Bagby1023 E Kee St Weatherford(580) 774-1148
Michele Hart10274 N 2431 Rd Weatherford(580) 772-5815
Donita Bryan103 Stablegate Weatherford(580) 772-6320
Richard Epperly JR10348 N 2430 Rd Weatherford(580) 774-0340
Jennifer Baker10384 N 2420 Rd Weatherford(580) 772-5951
Brenda McGuire10390 N 2420 Rd Weatherford(580) 772-2632
Robert Sauer10396 N 2360 Rd Weatherford(580) 772-2986
Michael Wolff10396 N 2432 Cir Weatherford(580) 772-1207
Terrie Walker10428 N 2400 Rd Weatherford(580) 772-7618
Jodi Doshier105 W University Dr Weatherford(580) 772-0652
Raymond Lafever105 W University Dr Weatherford(580) 772-0473
Sheri King10542 N 2400 Cir Weatherford(580) 772-1876
Jeff Henderson106 Clover Ln Weatherford(580) 772-8391
Robt Nikkel106 Mary Jane Ln Weatherford(580) 772-8378
Amy Hankins106 Stablegate Weatherford(580) 774-2323
Bryan Hankins106 Stablegate Weatherford(580) 774-2323
Charles Burr1062 N Paynes Lake Rd Weatherford(580) 772-7879
Judy Walton10719 N 2410 Rd Weatherford(580) 772-6014
Alfred Reed10738 N 2420 Rd Weatherford(580) 772-7990
Bob Lewis10959 N 2420 Rd Weatherford(580) 772-6277
Theodore J Borg117 Bluestem St Weatherford(580) 772-0105
Jim Patterson118 S Kansas St Weatherford(580) 772-1493
Brian Fox1200 Birch Weatherford(580) 772-8427
Brian E Abbot1200 Hillside Rd Weatherford(580) 772-2809
Tammy Hodge1200 Hillside Rd Weatherford(580) 772-0115
Ryan Bell1200 N Caddo St Weatherford(580) 772-5087
F Mounts1202 E Proctor Ave Weatherford(580) 772-5812
William C Murray1204 N Illinois St Weatherford(580) 774-7940
M A Dorney1206 Sycamore St Weatherford(580) 774-2555
Richard Baugher1208 N Illinois St Weatherford(580) 772-3945
Michael Flood121 Lockstone Dr Weatherford(580) 772-0407
Pamela Mowles121 N Indiana St Weatherford(580) 774-2565
Darla Davenport1212 Birch Weatherford(580) 774-0318
Jimmy J Young1213 Sycamore St Weatherford(580) 772-0086
Senea Young1213 Sycamore St Weatherford(580) 772-0086
F L Mahlstedt1217 N Terrace Dr Weatherford(580) 772-7901
John Gerber1218 Birch Weatherford(580) 772-2779
B L Simmons1218 Magnolia St Weatherford(580) 774-2909
M Blevins1220 N Lark St Weatherford(580) 772-3966
Frank Heinrichs124 E Rainey Ave Weatherford(580) 772-3788
Ronnie Kuhn125 Bluestem St Weatherford(580) 772-3947
Melanie Miller125 Lockstone Dr Weatherford(580) 772-0386
Mary Stephens-Cook125 Tobi Ave Weatherford(580) 772-0304
Riley Payne1300 Grandview Dr Weatherford(580) 774-2608
Raymond E Wolf1300 Lee St Weatherford(580) 772-6319
Carl Schneberger1300 N Sandpiper St Weatherford(580) 772-3906
Kaci Hall1300 N Sandpiper St Weatherford(580) 772-2202
Moretta Johnson1301 Lee St Weatherford(580) 772-5130
Scott Stinson1301 N Terrace Dr Weatherford(580) 772-7415
Chas Daniel1304 N Terrace Dr Weatherford(580) 772-5006
Sue Fitzgerald1307 Birch Weatherford(580) 774-2299
Fay Jackson1312 Snow Ln Weatherford(580) 772-6353
Orville Flaming1316 Grandview Dr Weatherford(580) 772-6477
Mike Magill1318 Jefferson St Weatherford(580) 772-0269
Stacia Briggs1320 Steiner Rd Weatherford(580) 772-2113
Krystal Moses1324 Kent St Weatherford(580) 774-2731
Pedro Huerta JR136 Furlong Dr Weatherford(580) 772-2462
Royce Ramey140 Bluestem St Weatherford(580) 774-2501
Bob Bruner1401 Chisholm Trl Weatherford(580) 772-3187
Pauline Yearwood1402 E Proctor Ave Weatherford(580) 774-2600
Jennifer M Bratcher1404 Grandview Dr Weatherford(580) 774-2359
Curtis Rushing1405 Rolling Hills St Weatherford(580) 772-0330
E Hart1405 Timber Creek Dr Weatherford(580) 774-2156
Patti Harper1407 Kingsway St Weatherford(580) 772-1100
Rhonda Henson1408 Chisholm Trl Weatherford(580) 774-5207
Stephanie Wray1412 Plains Ave Weatherford(580) 774-0717
Debi Murray1413 E Quail Ave Weatherford(580) 772-2440
Steve Pray1420 Steiner Rd Weatherford(580) 772-2754
V Milliner1422 Pine Ave Weatherford(580) 772-1919
Ronald Shepard1424 Timber Creek Cir Weatherford(580) 774-2673
Cuba Melton1425 Kase St Weatherford(580) 774-7535
Marion R Bradford1429 E Quail Ave Weatherford(580) 772-8593
Herbert J White1429 Saber Ln Weatherford(580) 772-5603
Chris Young1436 Timber Creek Cir Weatherford(580) 772-0093
Jeff Defehr1448 Timber Creek Dr Weatherford(580) 774-1031
Debbie Burdick1450 Pine Ave Weatherford(580) 772-2308
Elsa Neeley148 Jami Ave Weatherford(580) 774-5045
Doug Paxton1500 Grandview Dr Weatherford(580) 772-5220
Chuck White1501 N Pecan St Weatherford(580) 772-6470
Lynn Vanderwork1504 E Quail Ave Weatherford(580) 774-0077
Stewart Berrong1505 Saber Ln Weatherford(580) 772-0291
Kenneth Kirby1515 N Westgate Rd Weatherford(580) 774-2052
John W Dobrinski1516 Grandview Dr Weatherford(580) 772-6795
Marge Donley1521 Timber Creek Dr Weatherford(580) 772-1344
Jim Penner1524 Plains Ave Weatherford(580) 772-6160
Lisa Friesen1536 Steiner Rd Weatherford(580) 772-6871
Linda Grime1538 Pine Ave Weatherford(580) 774-2013