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List of Streets and people in 73068 zip code, Noble city, Oklahoma state

740 streets and people were found in 73068, Noble

NameStreet namePhone Number
Clyde A Shatley10 Pecan Tree Cir Noble(405) 872-3650
Bill Self10050 1/2 E Maguire Rd Noble(405) 872-8025
William L Stout101 Greentree Dr Noble(405) 872-8489
Fadalia Kim1016 Meadowlake Dr Noble(405) 872-1285
Rick Fuller104 Parkcrest Ct Noble(405) 872-7035
Jackie Rudolph105 S 5th St Noble(405) 872-8179
Buster Sanders106 N 6th St Noble(405) 872-5255
Diana Curren106 W Ash Dr Noble(405) 872-9835
Ronnie J Sallee107 E Chestnut Noble(405) 872-9301
F M Auwen107 N 5th St Noble(405) 872-5337
A Taylor108 Greentree Dr Noble(405) 872-7146
Jacob Sterling108 Stonewood Dr Noble(405) 872-9624
Lawayne Swopes10830 Swopes Ln Noble(405) 872-5603
Kenneth Pearson110 S 7th St Noble(405) 872-5870
Gail E Casey11000 Bramblewood Ln Noble(405) 872-0434
Rocky Norried1104 Linden Ln Noble(405) 872-8891
William M Forbes1108 Moonshine Ct Noble(405) 872-0077
Scott Foucher1112 Meadowlake Dr Noble(405) 872-7424
Janetta Arnette112 Greentree Dr Noble(405) 872-5727
Maureen Berus11251 112th Ct Noble(405) 872-5584
Carrie Smith11300 E Maguire Rd Noble(405) 872-9602
Evie E Pruitt114 W Walnut St Noble(405) 872-9077
David E Willcox11400 E Post Oak Rd Noble(405) 872-7111
Raymond L Morgan11600 Cemetery Rd Noble(405) 872-0023
Ann Hopkins117 Parkcrest Ct Noble(405) 872-9158
Jim Thompson117 S 5th St Noble(405) 872-0438
Kenneth B Milligan SR11750 Corlett Ct Noble(405) 872-5685
Dennis Morrow11775 Cemetery Rd Noble(405) 872-3463
Jerry D Biggers11790 E Etowah Rd Noble(405) 872-8998
C Hayes11800 Corlett Ct Noble(405) 872-8139
K Warren11851 Cemetery Rd Noble(405) 872-2508
Shane Henderson11861 E Maguire Rd Noble(405) 872-1754
Tim Fox1201 48th Ave Se Noble(405) 872-8572
Ray Richardson1201 S Noble(405) 872-8616
Paul Merchant12151 E Maguire Rd Noble(405) 872-7202
Jack Haley1216 E Etowah Rd Noble(405) 872-7407
Denise Crawford1220 Haley Cir Noble(405) 872-4141
B J Cole1221 Douglas Cir Noble(405) 872-3625
Deidra Fields1224 N 4th St Noble(405) 872-1185
April Dismuke1230 Douglas Cir Noble(405) 872-0717
George Frazer1231 Douglas Cir Noble(405) 872-0182
Susan Williamson1240 Corvette Dr Noble(405) 872-8540
M Shinabery1240 Douglas Cir Noble(405) 872-3568
M Thomas1241 Haley Cir Noble(405) 872-1930
Rick Houck12460 Hilltop Hts Noble(405) 872-9686
Amber Rose1251 Haley Cir Noble(405) 872-5629
M J Jeffries1260 Douglas Cir Noble(405) 872-7401
Brad Black1306 Rolling Woods Noble(405) 872-5779
Guy Unger131 Black Powder Cir Noble(405) 872-3652
Bobby Goergen13131 E Maguire Rd Noble(405) 872-0996
Cleve Haley1316 Lexi Ln Noble(405) 872-1238
S R Corey13400 Etowah Rd Noble(405) 872-0850
Paige Snodgrass1346 Savannah Cir Noble(405) 872-1730
Joseph P Clifton13975 Green Meadows Rd Noble(405) 872-8436
Steven Carey1416 Tiffany Ct Noble(405) 872-4156
Don Womack1420 Savannah Cir Noble(405) 872-7474
Mike Hickey1421 Savannah Cir Noble(405) 872-9495
Gary McClard14251 Pleasant Hill Rd Noble(405) 872-9422
June Vandervoort14525 E Maguire Rd Noble(405) 872-9210
Ron Mitchell14800 29 B St Noble(405) 872-1048
Elmer Hanna15000 E Post Oak Rd Noble(405) 872-5027
Thomas Barnhill15000 Happy Trl Noble(405) 872-5231
Bill McBride15000 Hickory Tree Rd Noble(405) 872-5480
Connie Shumate15001 Cemetery Rd Noble(405) 872-3726
Shay Williams1501 N 8th St Noble(405) 872-9068
Patricia Folley15100 E Etowah Rd Noble(405) 872-8361
Cheryl Hillis15200 Pebble Crk Noble(405) 872-8217
Greg Brown1524 Willow Bnd Noble(405) 872-9369
Clifford Hazledine15300 E Etowah Rd Noble(405) 872-0798
Eric Olesen15400 E Etowah Rd Noble(405) 872-0314
Louise James1541S 60th St Noble(405) 872-4188
Eldon Geaslin15500 Regis Dr Noble(405) 872-3301
Toni Hoy160 N 84th St Noble(405) 872-9335
Jo Hawkins1601 48th Ave Se Noble(405) 872-5120
Loren Standridge1704 N Main St Noble(405) 872-7495
Harold E Smith JR201 N 60th St Noble(405) 872-3612
Mike Gerhard201 Roman Way Noble(405) 872-7532
Gerald Stanley201 S 2nd St Noble(405) 872-5961
Ronnie Smith210 S 2nd St Noble(405) 872-5628
Betsy Smith211 S 7th St Noble(405) 872-0834
Risa Fanman212 S 5th St Noble(405) 872-8718
Zora Bell213 Lindsay St Noble(405) 872-5261
Steve Shaw213 Morningside Dr Noble(405) 872-5102
Von Lynn221 N 48th St Noble(405) 872-5432
Lois Stewart235 S 8th St Noble(405) 872-1735
M Smith302 N 5th St Noble(405) 872-3203
Mick Stone302 S 7th St Noble(405) 872-1859
Louise Coles309 S 8th St Noble(405) 872-7570
M Long310 S 8th St Noble(405) 872-1137
Steven C Amendt311 Lindsay St Noble(405) 872-7380
Greg Rucker314 N 2nd St Noble(405) 872-9191
Charles Casey315 N Main St Noble(405) 872-0339
Chris P Suman320 Stout Dr Noble(405) 872-9940
George Corkins321 N 48th St Noble(405) 872-8299
J Blevins328 Redstone Ct Noble(405) 872-2566
Paula Rudloff330 Spring Rd Noble(405) 872-3308
Ashley Runyon332 Robbin Cir Noble(405) 872-0528
Tony Parker341 W Chestnut Noble(405) 872-5197
Max Mathis3701 36th Ave Se Noble(405) 872-1556
Tim Grissom3901 36th Ave Se Noble(405) 872-7555