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List of Streets and people in 73065 zip code, Newcastle city, Oklahoma state

363 streets and people were found in 73065, Newcastle

NameStreet namePhone Number
Curtis C Cannon III1013 Redman Dr Newcastle(405) 387-3358
Carl Franklin SR1013 SW 16th St Newcastle(405) 387-4806
Larry D Baldwin1021 N Carr Dr Newcastle(405) 387-5522
Linda Woodall1100 N Doris Ave Newcastle(405) 387-2594
L Fannin1100 N Eunice Ave Newcastle(405) 387-4611
Edward E Max1121 NW 1st St Newcastle(405) 387-5226
Alvin E Cops1128 NW 36th St Newcastle(405) 387-2252
James Farris1260 S Main St Newcastle(405) 872-3214
Kenneth Stanton1267 County St(405) 387-2349
Corey Black1313 SE 32nd St Newcastle(405) 387-9772
Michael A Allen1405 Redbud Ln Newcastle(405) 392-5526
Danika Wallace1627 Oak Leaf Dr Newcastle(405) 392-3765
Terry L Whatley1644 Clay St Newcastle(405) 387-4523
Charles E Dye1700 Cottonwood Ln Newcastle(405) 387-5162
Lee J Boyett1716 Elmwood Ln Newcastle(405) 387-5174
A L Potts1740 Cottonwood Ln Newcastle(405) 387-5586
Chester Wilkinson1741 SW 16th St Newcastle(405) 387-4443
Jimmy D Davis1800 Markham Dr Newcastle(405) 387-3127
Norval L White1818 SE 7th St Newcastle(405) 387-5213
Scott E Baker1821 Ranchwood Dr Newcastle(405) 387-3873
Rex Burks1825 S Country Club Rd Newcastle(405) 387-5892
T M Monnard1838 SE 32nd St Newcastle(405) 387-5776
Jeffrey S Burk1920 SW 9th St Newcastle(405) 387-3298
Wayne Griffiths1936 NW 16th St Newcastle(405) 387-4999
J H Staton2001 S Highway 76 Newcastle(405) 392-5013
Carel V Porter204 N Portland Ave Newcastle(405) 387-5647
Bill Caldwell2108 Oakhollow Dr Newcastle(405) 387-4865
V R Ragland2134 N Rockwell Ave Newcastle(405) 387-3631
Gary N McCandless2141 SW 24th St Newcastle(405) 387-3089
James P Lacroix2241 SE 44th Newcastle(405) 387-3744
Mike Crossley2309 Oakhollow Dr Newcastle(405) 387-2583
Linda Orton2345 N Carr Dr Newcastle(405) 387-4350
Kyle Duncan2405 Cr 1230 Newcastle(405) 392-2926
William Ray2406 Cr 1198 Newcastle(405) 392-5077
Ron Lehew2443 Cr 1260 Newcastle(405) 387-2987
David Ponstein2532 NW 31st St Newcastle(405) 392-2395
Devohn M Martin2705 NW 16th St Newcastle(405) 392-5508
Toni Replinger2715 NW 31st Pl Newcastle(405) 392-2301
Robert Schwab2716 NW 31st Pl Newcastle(405) 392-3151
David L Stotler2725 N Rockwell Ave Newcastle(405) 392-4898
Steve Pendergraft2801 NW 16th St Newcastle(405) 392-2670
Tom N Myers2844 NW 31st St Newcastle(405) 392-2548
Robert N Miner2845 NW 24th St Newcastle(405) 392-2468
Charlotte Raper2929 NW 16th St Newcastle(405) 387-2332
William L Lundy3021 NW 24th St Newcastle(405) 392-2335
John L Baldischwiller3033 N Willow Dr Newcastle(405) 392-3223
David Gastgeb3109 SW 6th St Newcastle(405) 392-2145
April Spurgeon3116 Castle Creek Dr Newcastle(405) 392-2650
Gerald B Kelley3128 SW 4th St Newcastle(405) 392-3236
Ray Cotter3446 NW 25th St Newcastle(405) 392-4344
Roy Milam3883 Tiffany Cir Newcastle(405) 387-4129
K S Hedger4040 SW 175 St Newcastle(405) 387-2565
Michael Doughty413 Whispering Ln Newcastle(405) 392-4342
Charles F Stover508 N Highway 76 Newcastle(405) 392-4615
Gerald Goodnight601 NW 16th St Newcastle(405) 387-5249
Gary Shores716 Whispering Ln Newcastle(405) 392-4676
Klint Trammell908 S Country Club Rd Newcastle(405) 387-2189
Keith Coleman908 Whispering Ln Newcastle(405) 392-2993
Alan D FinleyNewcastle(405) 392-4154
Anton A KammerlocherNewcastle(405) 387-4340
Brad SingletearyNewcastle(405) 387-3337
Brian TarverNewcastle(405) 387-9344
C GlazierNewcastle(405) 392-3228
Charles EnosNewcastle(405) 392-2234
D JohnsonNewcastle(405) 392-4320
Danny TuckerNewcastle(405) 387-5751
David BradleyNewcastle(405) 387-3066
Delores ArnoldNewcastle(405) 392-3410
Dennis StricklandNewcastle(405) 387-4847
E HutsonNewcastle(405) 387-5643
E J EadsNewcastle(405) 392-2810
E L HindesNewcastle(405) 392-2235
Eddie RosebrookNewcastle(405) 392-3569
Gene HallfordNewcastle(405) 387-9414
Geoffrey BraselNewcastle(405) 387-4598
Henry RodriquezNewcastle(405) 392-6663
J E RicheyNewcastle(405) 392-2232
Jack F HowardNewcastle(405) 387-3553
Jeff W WhiteNewcastle(405) 387-3135
Jennifer KingNewcastle(405) 392-2613
Jerry LeeNewcastle(405) 392-3133
Josh MooreNewcastle(405) 392-2842
Justin SmithNewcastle(405) 387-9396
Keith FergusonNewcastle(405) 387-5786
Ladonna JohnsonNewcastle(405) 387-2877
Lisa WestNewcastle(405) 387-9655
Lorn D HagarNewcastle(405) 392-4141
Michael ChoateNewcastle(405) 387-5678
R W ReedsNewcastle(405) 387-4635
Randy ReitzNewcastle(405) 387-2999
Robert HuddlestonNewcastle(405) 387-2264
Rodney WoodruffNewcastle(405) 387-2101
Scott OwensNewcastle(405) 392-4191
Scott StapletonNewcastle(405) 387-2714
Sheree HicksNewcastle(405) 387-3807
Steven SelzlerNewcastle(405) 392-2228
Terry MerrimanNewcastle(405) 392-3530
Thomas HannonNewcastle(405) 392-4791
Todd HollieNewcastle(405) 387-4984
Traci GarrettNewcastle(405) 392-3649