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List of Streets and people in 7014 zip code, Clifton city, New Jersey state

260 streets and people were found in 7014, Clifton

NameStreet namePhone Number
F Toto1 Balsam Ct Clifton(973) 778-2699
Leslie Levine1 East Pkwy Clifton(973) 778-2758
L Derka1 Hall St Clifton(973) 667-9767
S D Marco1 Linden Ave Clifton(973) 472-5576
Pacific Pacific100 Delawanna Ave Clifton(973) 859-2000
J Petrere100 Pebble Brook Dr Clifton(973) 470-5117
Chas Sferrazza102 Pebble Brook Dr Clifton(973) 779-6125
Kaushal Shah102 William St Clifton(973) 778-1930
Mary Torchia109 Rutherford Blvd Clifton(973) 779-4116
M Potosnak11 Wheeler St Clifton(973) 777-6248
L Wagner110 Riverwalk Way Clifton(973) 594-1011
Robert Aymar110 William St Clifton(973) 471-9258
J Ward114 Ward Ave Clifton(973) 471-9405
Maria S Santos115 Rock Creek Dr Clifton(973) 472-2756
Jeremy Lavitt117 Rutherford Blvd Clifton(973) 928-7131
Martin Jacolow118 South Pkwy Clifton(973) 471-3259
Jayesh Patel119 Oak St Clifton(973) 773-2879
Dawn Johnson119 William St Clifton(973) 594-0025
Ana Cedeno12 Hollywood Ave Clifton(973) 473-6821
Giesela Kaiser12 Raymond Pl Clifton(973) 471-8272
S A Woody120 Cambridge Ct Clifton(973) 777-7375
A Santiago123 Allwood Rd Clifton(973) 777-0082
Grace Wong123 Rock Creek Dr Clifton(973) 471-2812
Scott D Baker124 Cambridge Ct Clifton(973) 249-2988
Mihir Brahmbhatt125 Cambridge Ct Clifton(973) 246-7292
Alfred Gilbert125 Rutherford Blvd Clifton(973) 249-7513
Tp Connolly127 River Rd Clifton(973) 574-8620
Jason G Kishbaugh128 Riverwalk Way Clifton(973) 471-7782
Hardat Moti13 Nettie Pl Clifton(973) 471-7592
Charles Tempio130 South Pkwy Clifton(973) 779-3753
Dorca Gonzalez132 Cambridge Ct Clifton(973) 472-1618
Dariusz Oldakowski134 Cherry St Clifton(973) 773-5655
Aban Chavda139 Riverwalk Way Clifton(973) 777-1984
Kenneth Dipietro14 Myron St Clifton(973) 777-7529
Bogdan Michalak14 William St Clifton(973) 772-6164
F C Alfano141 Allwood Rd Clifton(973) 472-5615
M Fernandez147 River Rd Clifton(973) 778-2360
Edward D Ring III15 Ruth Ave Clifton(973) 472-1969
A Palevich150 Cambridge Ct Clifton(973) 779-8773
Joseph Muller150 Rutherford Blvd Clifton(973) 773-7254
A Bellis152 Riverwalk Way Clifton(973) 779-5111
J Kluchinski157 South Pkwy Clifton(973) 778-6674
Isaac Whitefield158 Cambridge Ct Clifton(973) 458-9649
F Sedlock16 Essex St Clifton(973) 661-2415
Vince Pesce163 Riverwalk Way Clifton(973) 777-2644
S Irwin164 Cambridge Ct Clifton(973) 471-6323
K Dilorenzo165 Cambridge Ct Clifton(973) 472-6010
Barbara Breur166 Cambridge Ct Clifton(973) 777-6415
F B Schult171 Cambridge Ct Clifton(973) 777-3578
Nadya Beznogov173 Cambridge Ct Clifton(973) 779-7752
Kuntal Patel173 Riverwalk Way Clifton(973) 777-0489
Jason Querbin175 Riverwalk Way Clifton(973) 777-1742
DO-Yeon Kim177 Riverwalk Way Clifton(973) 591-9980
Tzvi Herman18 Anton St Clifton(973) 246-6145
Marlon Malundo18 Clay St Clifton(973) 320-2404
Benjamin Meyers18 Evergreen Dr Clifton(973) 777-5640
Anthony Diamanti18 Stanchak Ct Clifton(973) 473-7310
Tom Hoang182 Cambridge Ct Clifton(973) 473-2334
Sapan Parikh183 Riverwalk Way Clifton(973) 272-8173
Martha Williams187 Rutherford Blvd Clifton(973) 471-7350
Irv Kreitenberg19 West Pkwy Clifton(973) 773-4610
B Nowik191 Cambridge Ct Clifton(973) 473-4933
Jorge Vargas191 Riverwalk Way Clifton(973) 350-1415
Pamela Glover191 South Pkwy Clifton(973) 773-4140
Donna Bergen195 Cambridge Ct Clifton(973) 472-8123
N Fillimon2 Autumn St Clifton(973) 778-7690
L Dziuba2 Frances St Clifton(973) 779-6876
A L Bednarz203 Rutherford Blvd Clifton(973) 472-6234
Efren Mancenido207 Riverwalk Way Clifton(973) 779-0706
Andrea Luciano21 Johnson St Clifton(973) 249-0838
C Kleiner210 Cambridge Ct Clifton(973) 471-9830
J Kwiatkowski211 Cambridge Ct Clifton(973) 470-2574
D Guzman211 Rutherford Blvd Clifton(973) 473-2754
Eric Rosenberg22 Evergreen Dr Clifton(973) 471-0895
L Frederick22 Evergreen Dr Clifton(973) 778-8014
S Finocchiaro22 Wickers St Clifton(973) 472-7589
D Davis221 Cambridge Ct Clifton(973) 777-6567
I Abramowitz223 Cambridge Ct Clifton(973) 777-6376
Carmen Pizzano227 Cambridge Ct Clifton(973) 778-7499
Serif Akturk228 Riverwalk Way Clifton(973) 777-8622
Gerard Restaino23 Homer St Clifton(973) 472-4788
Joseph Wilson231 Cambridge Ct Clifton(973) 777-5650
Hok M Cheung232 Riverwalk Way Clifton(973) 471-5435
John Caravaglia239 Cambridge Ct Clifton(973) 779-2156
Mehul Patel24 Homer St Clifton(973) 778-6425
Brenda L Harrington24 River Rd Clifton(973) 458-1073
C E Castleburry24 River Rd Clifton(973) 471-5295
Francine Stefanelli24 River Rd Clifton(973) 471-6466
Richard Wojdyla24 River Rd Clifton(973) 473-8481
Steven J White240 Cambridge Ct Clifton(973) 777-3351
Melinda Udvarine241 Delawanna Ave Clifton(973) 928-4601
G Herder25 Johnson St Clifton(973) 472-5321
I Mendez25 Linden Ave Clifton(973) 778-0031
G Sciarrino255 Main Ave Clifton(973) 779-5190
Louis Mercado258 Delawanna Ave Clifton(973) 246-3060
Elayne Laskowski26 Delawanna Ave Clifton(973) 928-3944
Harshida Thakkar26 Johnson St Clifton(973) 594-9366
Josef Schmidt26 Swift Ct Clifton(973) 773-7041
Dilip Mehta26 Wickers St Clifton(973) 473-1629
Jose Andino261 South Pkwy Clifton(973) 773-5091