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List of Streets and people in 7013 zip code, Clifton city, New Jersey state

1610 streets and people were found in 7013, Clifton

NameStreet namePhone Number
Alexis Embiridis1 Hamil Ct Clifton(973) 345-4987
Halina Vail1 Henoch Ave Clifton(973) 278-9430
M Thorne1 South Ct Clifton(973) 773-5691
J Rogers1 Summit Ave Clifton(973) 279-6287
A Oleniak10 Athenia Ave Clifton(973) 779-6227
J L Underhill10 Cathay Rd Clifton(973) 523-2750
Donna R Di10 Di Donna Ct Clifton(973) 777-3919
Raymond A Goetschius10 Doherty Dr Clifton(973) 773-5825
Sandra Marchegiano10 Donnalin Pl Clifton(973) 472-3652
Janet Dalbo10 Livingston St Clifton(973) 345-9163
Matthew Yagins10 Mandeville Ave Clifton(973) 345-1888
D Renta10 Oak Ridge Rd Clifton(973) 471-2216
M Tell10 Rosedale Ave Clifton(973) 473-3273
Matthew Garamone10 Skyview Ter Clifton(973) 742-0513
John Ferrari10 Spring Hill Rd Clifton(973) 471-8318
Otto Weiberth10 Stuyvesant Ct Clifton(973) 357-1272
Dismary Tejada10 Thanksgiving Ln Clifton(973) 472-4972
Citiview Citiview10 Underwood Pl Clifton(973) 685-5137
William Marchioni100 Alfred St Clifton(973) 473-8225
Ernest Huber JR100 Belgrade Ave Clifton(973) 279-2694
Mary Oconnor100 Campbell Ave Clifton(973) 777-0282
B Singer100 Country Ln Clifton(973) 471-1672
James Pampinto100 Edison St Clifton(973) 345-6033
George B Harkness100 Friar Ln Clifton(973) 471-7875
Lech Szorc100 Howard Ave Clifton(973) 815-1493
Matteo Abatangelo100 Mountainview Dr Clifton(973) 279-2626
Christina Elliott100 Scales Plz Clifton(973) 894-3481
Dean Angeloudis100 Scales Plz Clifton(973) 777-3577
John Jackson100 Scales Plz Clifton(973) 595-1485
Joseph Sincavage100 Scales Plz Clifton(973) 473-3795
M Kelly100 Scales Plz Clifton(973) 777-0355
Matuszcz Alexander100 Scales Plz Clifton(973) 778-1160
Sheikh Abdullah100 Scales Plz Clifton(973) 773-1484
Choice Choice1000 Clifton Ave Clifton(973) 928-4004
Thomas M Egan1000 Clifton Ave Clifton(973) 458-9800
Nabil Kassem1000 Clifton Ave(973) 773-1300
Daniel Scher1001 Clifton Ave Clifton(973) 777-5151
Elfenbein L Deblinger1001 Clifton Ave Clifton(973) 773-6050
Leslie Elfenbein1001 Clifton Ave Clifton(973) 773-6050
Ibrahim Haro1005 Clifton Ave Clifton(973) 777-5771
Robert M Gajdos1005 Clifton Ave Clifton(973) 777-2005
Robert M Klein1005 Clifton Ave(973) 773-7400
Tina Chung1005 Clifton Ave(973) 773-2933
Theresa Cosgrove1005 Clifton Ave(973) 365-2273
Richard A Shackil101 Dumont Ave Clifton(973) 881-0616
J Godleski101 Greentree Rd Clifton(973) 472-9266
Ann McStine101 Scales Plz Clifton(973) 458-8351
Benjamin Aumenta101 Scales Plz Clifton(973) 777-1826
Betty Beamon101 Scales Plz Clifton(973) 928-2307
F Thompson101 Scales Plz Clifton(973) 365-2054
Julia Giannone101 Scales Plz Clifton(973) 558-5565
Robert Campbell101 Scales Plz Clifton(973) 472-4617
Ronald Dowd101 Scales Plz Clifton(973) 458-8268
Sharon Iacone101 Scales Plz Clifton(973) 916-9976
Wanda Gonzalez101 Scales Plz Clifton(973) 595-0521
William Hartdegen101 Scales Plz Clifton(973) 777-1335
Zahra Hammoud101 Scales Plz Clifton(973) 777-6075
Vincent A Furia101 Wesley St Clifton(973) 473-2518
William A Freundlich1010 Clifton Ave Clifton(973) 591-0606
Theodore Jasper1010 Clifton Ave(973) 472-8550
William T Eickhoff1011 Clifton Ave(973) 470-0687
Chiro Alternti1011 Clifton Ave(973) 779-4943
Pearl Korenblit1011 Clifton Ave(973) 928-5490
P Berlinski102 Charles St Clifton(973) 777-7035
H J Santen102 Field Rd Clifton(973) 471-4469
Harshad Shah102 Greenlawn Ave Clifton(973) 246-3780
Edwin Kaslander102 Pilgrim Dr Clifton(973) 779-6073
K Meier103 Edison St Clifton(973) 278-9030
M Gore103 Pershing Rd Clifton(973) 773-9004
Jose Caneja103 Sargeant Ave Clifton(973) 471-0215
Steven Forman1030 Clifton Ave Clifton(973) 778-3777
Ann S Mary1030 Clifton Ave(973) 473-7488
Joseph Lipari1030 Clifton Ave(973) 773-8583
Jeffrey N Gordon1033 Clifton Ave Clifton(973) 473-5700
Joanna Zurada1033 Clifton Ave Clifton(973) 777-2066
M Wulfsohn1033 Clifton Ave Clifton(973) 473-5700
Sharon M Li1033 Clifton Ave(973) 473-5700
Jonathan Gold1033 Clifton Ave(973) 777-2066
Pejman Lavian1033 Clifton Ave(973) 470-8377
K R Bruce1033 US Highway 46 Clifton(201) 546-1365
Elizabeth Boyle1033 US Highway 46(973) 779-7979
Michael D Seidner1033 US Highway 46(973) 777-6611
Medicast Medicast1033 US Highway 46(973) 777-8886
Aiman Rifai1033 US Highway 46(973) 594-8500
Thomas Kotulak1035 US Highway 46 Clifton(973) 773-5050
Steven Landau1035 US Highway 46(973) 773-8836
Steven Stadtmauer1035 US Highway 46(973) 778-1771
Joseph E Ralph JR1037 US Highway 46 Clifton(973) 473-4371
Ting Reconsul1037 US Highway 46 Clifton(973) 779-0601
Alexis C Bobila1037 US Highway 46(973) 471-8852
Lawrence G Fridman1037 US Highway 46(973) 779-0833
Jeff E Parisi104 Bender Dr Clifton(973) 742-0507
Monique Winters104 Speer Ave Clifton(973) 365-2382
Dennis J Devlin1046 Van Houten Ave Clifton(973) 471-3359
J Binns105 Holster Rd Clifton(973) 365-0159
Theodore Heiselman105 Howard Ave Clifton(973) 471-3065
Pedro Hidalgo105 Maple Hill Rd Clifton(973) 249-6391
Gene Resnick1050 Clifton Ave Clifton(973) 777-1772
Anthony Giampapa1054 Clifton Ave Clifton(973) 778-3200
E Weglinski106 Monhegan St Clifton(973) 458-0483