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List of Streets and people in 70117 zip code, New Orleans city, Louisiana state

652 streets and people were found in 70117, New Orleans

NameStreet namePhone Number
Barney Burkart1022 Clouet St New Orleans(504) 949-2508
Genevieve Kathmann1029 Independence St New Orleans(504) 947-0469
Lily Alphonse1220 Spain St New Orleans(504) 942-1934
Dean Kageler1238 Saint Roch Ave New Orleans(504) 947-6488
Lelia Green1309 Lamanche St New Orleans(504) 218-7111
Bernadette Jenkins1325 Bartholomew St New Orleans(504) 948-1977
Gladys Rayfield1401 Gallier St New Orleans(504) 948-3708
Gene Honore1409 Port St New Orleans(504) 943-3158
Raymond Ambrose1414 Desire St New Orleans(504) 948-9550
T C Hicks1418 Desire St New Orleans(504) 943-6512
Beverly Holden1418 Saint Roch Ave New Orleans(504) 942-0323
Myrna Cassimere1500 Gallier St New Orleans(504) 945-5901
James Moore1519 Music St New Orleans(504) 943-7672
David Lee JR1625 Mazant St New Orleans(504) 947-4022
Julia Gatlin1705 Lamanche St New Orleans(504) 945-1824
Rosa Bargainier1711 Clouet St New Orleans(504) 949-3385
Deson Youngblood1719 Clouet St New Orleans(504) 942-1387
Phyllis Penn1810 Gallier St New Orleans(504) 945-7735
Audrey M Johnson1819 Port St New Orleans(504) 949-3451
Rosemary Johnson1822 Mandeville St New Orleans(504) 943-0244
Izonia Lee1831 Port St New Orleans(504) 945-1840
Roderick Rick1843 Tennessee St New Orleans(504) 943-7829
Alvin McCaray1900 Flood St New Orleans(504) 943-1446
A Augustus1919 Marigny St New Orleans(504) 942-0942
Mary D Van Buren1944 Charbonnet St New Orleans(504) 947-4844
Doris Williams2130 Piety St New Orleans(504) 945-1882
Joseph Page2311 Desire St New Orleans(504) 949-6528
Billy Gruber2411 Burgundy St New Orleans(504) 942-7698
Mary Smith2420 N Claiborne Ave New Orleans(504) 218-8146
Shirley Robertson2478 N Prieur St New Orleans(504) 940-1872
Audrey Parker2501 N Derbigny St New Orleans(504) 948-9763
Victor Digiorgio2526 Burgundy St New Orleans(504) 948-3285
D Scott2609 Mazant St New Orleans(504) 942-3531
Levonne Stewart2628 N Miro St New Orleans(504) 945-5501
Christopher Kim2829 Burgundy St New Orleans(504) 944-3334
Eddie N King JR2842 Florida Ave New Orleans(504) 947-1358
Nelson Lemieus3147 N Johnson St New Orleans(504) 943-8351
Shirley Banks3320 N Prieur St New Orleans(504) 948-0030
L R Pawlik3500 Saint Claude Ave New Orleans(504) 944-0631
Willie B Hoofkin3719 Saint Claude Ave New Orleans(504) 949-6377
Herbert Gettridge SR5027 N Roman St New Orleans(504) 948-2405
Yvonne Huntley5613 N Rampart St New Orleans(504) 943-1040
Greer Mendy5640 Burgundy St New Orleans(504) 947-4774
Betty Magee607 Lizardi St New Orleans(504) 947-7558
Rose Washington726 Independence St New Orleans(504) 944-5469
G Kimball830 1/2 Elysian Fields Ave New Orleans(504) 944-8988
Clinton Cognevich830 Marigny St New Orleans(504) 945-7131
Anna Washington927 Forstall St New Orleans(504) 948-1552
Julian Hamilton930 Lamanche St New Orleans(504) 947-3194
Mary Richardson6016 Saint Claude Ave New Orleans (504) 224-2976
Leona Falls5025 Royal St New Orleans (504) 267-5201
Barbara Harris700 Flood St New Orleans (504) 272-0005
James Anderson1700 Saint Maurice Ave New Orleans (504) 279-5593
Louise White6115 N Johnson St New Orleans (504) 279-7863
Karen Walker421 Tricou St New Orleans (504) 281-4794
Jason Cave906 Congress St New Orleans (504) 301-0244
Tina Fitzgerald719 Saint Roch Ave New Orleans (504) 301-1439
A J Powell1503 Pauline St New Orleans (504) 301-3677
Rose Tillman2333 Painters St New Orleans (504) 301-4450
Rich Colbert833 Congress St New Orleans (504) 302-1534
Florinda Amador1342 Spain St New Orleans (504) 302-7299
Shirley Harris5319 Burgundy St New Orleans (504) 302-9380
Patrcia Daliet1522 Music St New Orleans (504) 304-0332
Lawrence Martin2017 Clouet St New Orleans (504) 304-0380
Ernest Foundas3219 Burgundy St New Orleans (504) 304-3487
Jimmie Harris1620 Bartholomew St New Orleans (504) 304-4229
Clemencia Calderon2441 N Prieur St New Orleans (504) 304-8268
Maria Liuzza1830 Franklin Ave New Orleans (504) 304-8601
Doretha Kitchens1210 Egania St New Orleans (504) 309-0423
M Dalton811 Gallier St New Orleans (504) 309-4740
Wanda Payne5744 Dauphine St New Orleans (504) 322-2221
Nicholas Foster3327 Dauphine St New Orleans (504) 322-2604
Mae Williams2430 Gallier St New Orleans (504) 322-2992
L Smith5718 Burgundy St New Orleans (504) 324-3879
L Lyons2409 Bartholomew St New Orleans (504) 324-6577
Diane Jones3526 N Claiborne Ave New Orleans (504) 324-8301
Stanley Davis JR1814 Piety St New Orleans (504) 342-2625
Linda Porter631 Independence St New Orleans (504) 872-9901
Kellilee Baptiste1711 France St New Orleans (504) 940-1383
Darlene Ratliff1915 Independence St New Orleans (504) 940-2200
Josie Morris1725 Port St New Orleans (504) 941-5252
Missie M Lewis1827 Montegut St New Orleans (504) 941-5394
Janice Brown2528 N Roman St New Orleans (504) 941-5468
Katie Dillon1530 Arts St New Orleans (504) 942-0745
Bessie Navarre2700 N Prieur St New Orleans (504) 942-0748
Samantha M Caldwell2323 N Derbigny St New Orleans (504) 942-2040
Beatrice Gayden1643 Louisa St New Orleans (504) 942-5251
Dianne Burke1524 Alabo St New Orleans (504) 942-5261
Jabbar Julke3500 Saint Claude Ave New Orleans (504) 943-0036
Barbara Temple5901 N Tonti St New Orleans (504) 943-0405
Chonia H Taylor519 Andry St New Orleans (504) 943-0870
Virginia T Molden1430 Deslonde St New Orleans (504) 943-1399
Rowena Hinds1832 France St New Orleans (504) 943-3059
Willie M Eugene2224 Almonaster Ave New Orleans (504) 943-4509
Norma J Wilson1935 Piety St New Orleans (504) 943-6475
David R Gregor900 Poland Ave New Orleans (504) 943-8566
Yvette Black2425 Congress St New Orleans (504) 943-9133
Linda Bovia5425 Douglas St New Orleans (504) 943-9815
Sabrina Alexander1141 Deslonde St New Orleans (504) 943-9837
Pauline Laplaca4511 Saint Claude Ave New Orleans (504) 944-0325