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List of Streets and people in 68059 zip code, Springfield city, Nebraska state

203 streets and people were found in 68059, Springfield

NameStreet namePhone Number
Paul J Vodicka1001 Spruce St Springfield(402) 253-2504
Charles Swanson102 S 9th St Springfield(402) 253-2889
Sheldon Hawkins1025 N 2nd St Springfield(402) 253-2765
Martha Swanigan105 S 4 St Springfield(402) 253-2354
Kim Ganzel1055 N 3rd St Springfield(402) 253-8016
Richard A Iverson11804 Capehart Rd Springfield(402) 592-0126
Paul Reincke12304 Capehart Rd Springfield(402) 331-2959
Jerry Watson12412 Cottonwood Ln Springfield(402) 253-3151
Stephen H Wells125 N 8th St Springfield(402) 253-2856
Marg Peterson12603 Buffalo Rd Springfield(402) 253-8171
Cecil L Duncan12704 N Shore Dr Springfield(402) 253-2418
Don Woolsey12707 N Shore Dr Springfield(402) 253-2013
David T Roberts12902 Kelly St Springfield(402) 733-5557
Brian Newton12906 Jennifer St Springfield(402) 253-2174
William L Spencer12909 Lake View Dr Springfield(402) 253-8027
Ralph C Glock12912 N Shore Dr Springfield(402) 253-8158
Ken Pribil13001 Capehart Rd Springfield(402) 592-5627
G Partusch13001 N Shore Dr Springfield(402) 253-2642
Richard Eurich13030 S 132nd St Springfield(402) 592-5371
Kelly Kleyman13101 Lake View Dr Springfield(402) 896-0398
Michael Gripp13106 Cottonwood Ln Springfield(402) 289-0321
Keith Krzycki13110 Cottonwood Ln Springfield(402) 253-2146
Scott Dobbs13211 S 132nd St Springfield(402) 253-2153
David Buddenhagen13508 S 127th St Springfield(402) 253-2344
Patricia Ferryman13571 Buffalo Rd Springfield(402) 253-2678
Christina Broekemeier13604 S 129th St Springfield(402) 253-3168
Nancy K Laimans13605 S 127th St Springfield(402) 253-8082
Linda L Williams13606 S 131st St Springfield(402) 253-8885
Kevin Mitchell13702 Platteview Rd Springfield(402) 253-3196
James A McElwain13707 S 127th St Springfield(402) 253-2192
William J Smith13708 S 127th St Springfield(402) 253-2082
Jerome C Kearney13802 S 131st St Springfield(402) 253-8041
Merle E Dyke13902 S 129th St Springfield(402) 253-2160
Nancy V Van Dyke13902 S 129th St Springfield(402) 253-2160
Gerald Torczon14009 Capehart Rd Springfield(402) 253-3129
Brian Cherry14251 Capehart Rd Springfield(402) 253-3032
Marisa Cherry14251 Capehart Rd Springfield(402) 253-3032
W O Williams14908 Pflug Rd Springfield(402) 253-2527
Laura Kimball150 N 7th St Springfield(402) 253-3912
Bill Morrissey15005 Buffalo Rd Springfield(402) 253-8303
A E Hieronymus15201 S 108th St Springfield(402) 592-3286
Robert Iverson15210 Buffalo Rd Springfield(402) 253-2978
Gary Schraeder15303 Pflug Rd Springfield(402) 253-2583
Jim L Amerine15512 Capehart Rd Springfield(402) 253-2969
Art Land15552 S 120th St Springfield(402) 253-8362
Thomas Welsh15604 S 168th St Springfield(402) 253-2995
Trista Welsh15604 S 168th St Springfield(402) 253-2995
Ann Riha15910 S 138th St Springfield(402) 253-8254
Rodney Nielsen15917 S 108th St Springfield(402) 331-1790
H Gakemeier160 N 8th St Springfield(402) 253-2136
Ryan Steel16050 S 120th St Springfield(402) 253-2963
Dale A Nielsen16104 Ramblewood Dr Springfield(402) 253-8162
Jennifer Petersen16115 Buffalo Rd Springfield(402) 253-2040
Duane Peitzmeier16202 Ramblewood Dr Springfield(402) 253-8252
Linda Lutz16202 S 168th St Springfield(402) 253-8225
Gary Krapp16210 Ruff Rd Springfield(402) 253-2710
Russell Glasshoff16303 Ramblewood Dr Springfield(402) 253-8136
Larry R Kaiser16405 S 156th St Springfield(402) 253-8223
N Rix165 N 4 St Springfield(402) 253-8318
Sharon Perdue16609 S 180th St Springfield(402) 253-2974
Daniel Botos170 N 7th St Springfield(402) 253-8088
Steve Cockerill17101 S 132nd St Springfield(402) 253-8262
Harold Knapp17401 Buffalo Rd Springfield(402) 253-2784
James E Snyder17609 S 156th St Springfield(402) 253-2029
Randall A Hicks17610 S 168th St Springfield(402) 253-8285
Don Simonson18012 E Lake Dr Springfield(402) 253-3930
Patricia Packett18607 S 138th St Springfield(402) 253-2593
James E Johnson18608 Buffalo Rd Springfield(402) 253-2606
Dan Riha18805 S 180th St Springfield(402) 253-3041
Larry Pickett18905 S 192nd St Springfield(402) 253-2795
Lori Pickett18905 S 192nd St Springfield(402) 253-2795
Martin Wulf19102 S 156th St Springfield(402) 253-2924
Dan Hobbs19706 S 168th St Springfield(402) 253-2139
Albert Heisner19902 W Highway 31 Springfield(402) 253-2570
Jason Hiatt20080 W Highway 31 Springfield(402) 253-3102
Krista Daly20202 Crestview Dr Springfield(402) 253-2230
Philip Wagner20206 Crestview Dr Springfield(402) 253-3903
Rodney Lechtenberg20307 Burr Oak Cir Springfield(402) 253-2952
Gary Richter20308 W Highway 31 Springfield(402) 253-8938
Dennis Schmidt20502 Wildwood Cir Springfield(402) 253-2575
Debra Povondra20503 Meadow Oaks Dr Springfield(402) 253-8173
K Tatreau20504 Meadow Ridge Dr Springfield(402) 253-2108
Dennis E Zarp20702 Cedar Heights Cir Springfield(402) 253-8181
Valerie Workman20802 Meadow Ridge Cir Springfield(402) 253-2356
Jack Jensen21198 Riha Rd Springfield(402) 253-2691
Jodeen Jensen21198 Riha Rd Springfield(402) 253-2691
Rick Baughman230 N 1 St Springfield(402) 253-2433
Gary A Petereit235 N 1 St Springfield(402) 253-2265
Charles Hammonds260 S 4 St Springfield(402) 253-2833
Andie Ledenbach270 N 3 St Springfield(402) 253-8927
Paul Blackburn290 N 7th St Springfield(402) 253-2338
Deb Swenson295 N 7th St Springfield(402) 253-2801
Ralph L Meister300 S 9th St Springfield(402) 253-8301
Shirley Buskirk305 S 3 St Springfield(402) 253-2483
Patty Wenck320 S 9th St Springfield(402) 253-2127
Dorothy Richards360 Elm St Springfield(402) 253-2339
Edward Seifert420 Hilltop Ave Springfield(402) 253-2792
Kenneth Cloyd421 S 10th Ave Springfield(402) 253-2157
Sandi Webster435 Valley Dr Springfield(402) 253-8277
Robert Armentrout440 N 2nd St Springfield(402) 253-2129