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List of Streets and people in 55012 zip code, Center City city, Minnesota state

124 streets and people were found in 55012, Center City

NameStreet namePhone Number
Mary J Schultz124 Center Ave Center City (651) 257-9235
Fred Hanauer124 N Main St Center City(651) 257-6675
Dave Schaaf125 Mobeck Ave Center City(651) 257-5686
Connie Campbell129 Busch Ave Center City(651) 257-5876
John Campbell129 Busch Ave Center City(651) 257-5876
Glen C Otte13223 340th St Center City(651) 257-3566
Jon Edstrom14471 Furuby Rd Center City(651) 257-5646
Derek Adams14910 310th St Center City (651) 257-5331
James Lovaas14915 Lake Blvd Center City(651) 257-8845
Connie Williams14920 Little Lake Rd Center City(651) 257-3167
Jan Froberg14940 Pleasant Valley Rd Center City(651) 257-2060
Mary Forbes15069 Lake Blvd Center City(651) 213-1130
Dayle Declercq15155 310th St Center City(651) 257-5045
Rodger Nelson15380 368th St Center City (651) 583-2635
Clifford Myers15444 Pleasant Valley Rd Center City(651) 257-5272
Richard C Warndahl15456 Little Lake Rd Center City (651) 257-1399
Patrick Myers15546 Pleasant Valley Rd Center City (651) 257-4772
Stephanie Jameson15558 368th St Center City(651) 583-2232
Scott Johnson15565 Pleasant Valley Rd Center City(651) 257-1809
Stephen Appel15606 Little Lake Rd Center City(651) 257-4045
G A Vokovan15805 350th St Center City (651) 257-0745
Carol Stordahl15908 345th St Center City(651) 257-9315
Rebecca Anderson16040 Maple Ln Center City(651) 583-0525
Dale Bahn16168 308th St Center City(651) 257-2953
Kirk Bluhm16214 345th St Center City(651) 257-8320
David Nelson16350 Furuby Rd Center City(651) 257-5210
Paul Mample16433 Quarry Ct Center City(651) 213-2646
Frank Lindstrom201 Calendar Isle Center City(651) 257-1252
Dawn Hogendorf204 Calendar Isle Center City(651) 257-4431
Rick Hogendorf204 Calendar Isle Center City(651) 257-4431
Charles Fredlund28715 Quinlan Ave Center City(651) 257-1571
Stephanie Larson29212 Park Trl Center City(651) 583-2219
R Baumann306 Pleasant Knls Center City(651) 257-5762
Donald Levasseur30656 Quinlan Ave Center City(651) 257-1895
Lloyd Vetter31279 Oasis Rd Center City(651) 257-4224
Larry E Walker317 Norman Ln Center City(651) 257-5446
Ralph E Kampa31765 Oasis Rd Center City(651) 257-8956
Ronald C Sabinash31796 Oasis Rd Center City(651) 257-2266
Victor Luebke320 Center Ave(651) 257-9040
Beverly A Johnson320 Center Ave Center City (651) 257-2690
Robert Masche32050 Park Trl Center City(651) 257-4467
Jim Malchow32245 Quinlan Ave Center City(651) 257-6298
Peggy Malchow32245 Quinlan Ave Center City(651) 257-6298
Al Ongstad32474 Park Trl Center City(651) 257-3032
Lynne M Hawley32475 Oasis Rd Center City(651) 257-3487
Chris Waddell32850 Park Trl Center City (651) 257-2911
Matthew J Rein33024 Oasis Rd Center City(651) 257-3210
David B Anderson33070 Oasis Rd Center City(651) 257-6109
Louise Davidson33215 Oasis Rd Center City(651) 257-7125
Debbie Rhoads34145 Oasis Rd Center City(651) 257-1658
Matt Searles34145 Oasis Rd Center City(651) 257-1658
Roger M Anderson35215 Park Trl Center City(651) 257-0771
Brad Bennett35688 Patriot Ave Center City (651) 583-0723
Phillip A Nelson37545 Park Trl Center City(651) 583-3422
Dorothy M Johnson37640 Park Trl Center City(651) 583-2217
Sandra Wintz39531 Park Trl Center City(651) 583-2196
Dave Maahs535 Nelson Center City (651) 257-4051
Nancy Anklan536 Nelson Ln Center City(651) 257-7401
Anton R Fast540 Nelson Ln Center City(651) 257-3575
Amy Florin673 Grand Ave Center City(651) 257-5727
Augusto ElumbaCenter City(651) 257-4665
Donald AndersonCenter City(651) 257-9609
Galen PoctaCenter City(651) 257-1905
Gordon GrimmCenter City (651) 257-4644
Jeannie JanzigCenter City(651) 257-2493
Jeff LindoCenter City(651) 583-0898
Joanne EndresCenter City (651) 257-3514
John GauthierCenter City(651) 213-1118
John MuellerCenter City (651) 257-8319
John PetersenCenter City(651) 213-1115
Jolene WilleCenter City (651) 257-4945
Kevin PetersonCenter City(651) 257-5287
Larry HougerCenter City(651) 257-6822
Leo T PiaseckiCenter City(651) 257-6006
Loren ShaleenCenter City(651) 213-0543
Martha WestmanCenter City(651) 257-2075
Mary BakerCenter City (651) 257-0664
Michael LandgraffCenter City(651) 257-3635
Mike NelsonCenter City(651) 213-9930
Ralph W CarlsonCenter City(651) 257-1946
Richard WaldochCenter City (651) 257-9050
Rick CarlsonCenter City(651) 257-2716
Sally NelsonCenter City(651) 257-1230
Steven BakerCenter City(651) 257-0664
Steven D LinneroothCenter City(651) 257-3500
Vicki CanfieldCenter City(651) 257-5963
Wendy ZinsCenter City(651) 257-7011
George N OlsonCenter City(651) 257-8171
Jean RemesCenter City(651) 257-5800
Joanne NelsonCenter City(651) 213-9930
John R PlotzCenter City(651) 257-9358
Mary JordalChisago Lake Townshi(651) 257-9120
Robert Rusch109 Mobeck Ave Center City(651) 213-0523
Duane Wille32880 Oasis Rd Center City(651) 257-1458
Charles Fitzer15417 Pleasant Valley Rd Center City(651) 257-2669
Jennifer CoolidgeCenter City(651) 257-3295
Jodi PearlCenter City(651) 257-3411
Patricia McDermottCenter City(651) 257-3574
Amanda FrischmonCenter City(651) 257-4285
Beth JutilaCenter City(651) 257-4421