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List of Streets and people in 55001 zip code, Afton city, Minnesota state

235 streets and people were found in 55001, Afton

NameStreet namePhone Number
Doug Hlavacek1010 Stagecoach Trl S Afton(651) 436-1585
M E Junker1069 Manning Ave S Afton(651) 436-6746
Mary Floeder1172 Indian Trl S Afton(651) 436-1511
Monty Magilke12060 8th St S Afton(651) 436-6245
Charles J Hipp1217 Indian Trl S Afton(651) 436-7588
Kelly Cusick12225 30th St S Afton(651) 436-2813
Terry Hasse12265 30th St S Afton(651) 436-6563
V Hasse12265 30th St S Afton(651) 436-6563
Clayton George12390 8th Street Ct Afton(651) 436-7673
Neil Clymer12534 40th St S Afton (651) 459-4986
Richard Smasal12540 10th St S Afton(651) 436-2003
James Cayford12595 30th St S Afton(651) 436-2049
Margie Southward12633 50th St S Afton(651) 436-8658
Cameron Johnston12640 22nd St S Afton(651) 436-4272
George Erler12748 3rd St S Afton(651) 436-1335
David Jakupciak12771 15th St S Afton (651) 436-5941
Michael King12845 4th St S Afton(651) 436-8687
Daniel Seftick12903 3rd St S Afton (651) 436-8543
Bill Strub12916 15th St S Afton(651) 436-9942
Mark C Skinner12970 3rd St S Afton (651) 436-7535
Eloise Gelner12974 30th St S Afton(651) 436-1941
Ralph Jobe12991 32nd St S Afton(651) 436-5387
Kenneth Konrad13150 Valley Creek Trl S Afton (651) 436-5728
Scott Lueck13158 15th St S Afton(651) 436-2777
William Bjork1333 Strawberry Hill Rd S Afton (651) 436-1905
Loren O Richert13544 10th St S Afton (651) 436-8148
Darrin Heller13789 30th St S Afton(651) 337-1161
Wade Kretman13853 50th St S Afton(651) 436-2592
Jay L Johnson13885 44th St S Afton(651) 436-1151
Nancy Johnson13885 44th St S Afton(651) 436-1151
Julia Klein13923 W Oakgreen Cir S Afton(651) 436-5663
W Muckala13975 40th St S Afton(651) 436-6328
Kevin Anderson13975 50th St S Afton (651) 436-1224
Anthony Berg13992 44th St S Afton(651) 436-3406
Lisbeth Hale14002 50th St S Afton(651) 436-1399
Michael Kelly14025 44th St S Afton (651) 436-1811
David I Foner14168 44th St S Afton(651) 436-5437
J R Stransky14220 15th St S Afton(651) 436-8502
Jon MacKereth14251 44th St S Afton(651) 436-6428
James Strub14262 E Oakgreen Cir S Afton(651) 337-0391
Kenneth E Dunlap14401 Valley Creek Trl S Afton(651) 436-8306
J M Pahl14445 15th St S Afton (651) 436-7108
Marion Glasbrenner14539 Afton Blvd S Afton(651) 436-7742
Kathy Buchholz14540 15th St S Afton(651) 436-7132
Deborah McShea14560 32nd St S Afton(651) 436-5823
Steph Hopper14580 57th St S Afton(651) 998-1221
Glen Johnson14598 Afton Blvd S Afton(651) 436-7906
Robert Baller14605 41st St S Afton(651) 436-8413
Lester Odegaard14641 Afton Blvd S Afton(651) 436-5609
Teresa Turcotte14655 57th St S Afton(651) 436-7487
Dick Patterson14711 57th St S Afton (651) 436-3470
Ora M Patterson14711 57th St S Afton(651) 436-3470
Gary Trevis14713 55th St S Afton (651) 436-7339
William J Lundquist14721 55th St S Afton(651) 436-7010
Neil J Rademacher14737 57th St S Afton (651) 436-4438
Richard Gross14791 57th St S Afton(651) 436-7521
Justin Johnson14822 Valley Creek Trl S Afton(651) 998-1018
Mark Johnson14830 42nd St S Afton(651) 436-6355
M Schoonover14833 50th St S Afton (651) 436-8065
R Schoonover14833 50th St S Afton(651) 436-8065
Ann Curran14875 Afton Boulevard Ct Afton(651) 436-7385
Daniel J Miller14933 Afton Blvd S Afton (651) 436-6695
Robert H Miller14960 Afton Blvd S Afton(651) 436-5963
Doug Pahl14997 Afton Blvd S Afton(651) 436-3802
Pierre Delago15049 Afton Hills Dr S Afton(651) 436-5769
Kinji A Akagawa15123 50th St S Afton(651) 436-1845
Tara Woodland15222 Afton Blvd S Afton(651) 337-0225
Dianne Christensen15262 Afton Hills Ct S Afton (651) 436-5655
John Mohs15339 Afton Hills Dr S Afton (651) 337-0234
Marty Schmidt15361 11th St S Afton(651) 436-6996
Sandra Woulfe15375 Afton Blvd S Afton(651) 436-5418
Lois Duffy15392 Afton Hills Dr S Afton(651) 337-1500
Marvin H Christmann15398 Afton Hills Dr S Afton(651) 436-5694
Jill Strong15458 Afton Blvd S Afton(651) 436-3385
Donald B Koch15544 45th St S Afton(651) 436-6981
John Wallace15588 45th St S Afton(651) 436-2176
Robert Kaye15600 Afton Hills Dr S Afton(651) 436-2844
Mark Binder15601 36th St S Afton(651) 436-5295
William D Isaacson15616 Upper 34th St S Afton (651) 436-8563
Kurt Krahn15820 37th St S Afton(651) 337-0100
Richard Eisinger15843 45th St S Afton(651) 436-5839
John Ruddy15880 15th St S Afton (651) 436-1030
K Gilleo15892 45th St S Afton (651) 436-5462
J Lifteau16017 15th St S Afton(651) 436-7223
David Nelson16199 50th St S Afton(651) 436-8223
Charlotte Dilorenzo16380 Swede Hill Dr S Afton(651) 436-2878
Betty Quinn1675 Strawberry Hill Rd S Afton(651) 436-8389
Jeff Polacek1678 Stagecoach Trl S Afton(651) 436-2536
Ronald E Danielson1744 Quant Ave S Afton(651) 436-5409
Lori Gahlon1770 Majestic Pines Trl Afton(651) 436-7482
M Rivett191 Croixview Dr S Afton(651) 436-4435
Laura Jensen1970 Stagecoach Trl S Afton (651) 436-6427
Jeffrey Brevig210 Indian Trl S Afton(651) 436-5221
Jean Huelster2132 Stagecoach Trl S Afton (651) 436-1334
John C Boyum2322 Trading Post Trl S Afton(651) 436-7047
Barbara Borgwardt2421 Stagecoach Trl S Afton (651) 436-2205
Christa Bren2590 Trading Post Trl S Afton(651) 436-2145
John E Stamm2770 Trading Post Trl S Afton (651) 436-1347
L A Stephan2771 Trading Post Trl S Afton (651) 436-7775
Hager Dean2903 Nybeck Ave S Afton(651) 337-1782