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List of Streets and people in 5079 zip code, Vershire city, Vermont state

36 streets and people were found in 5079, Vershire

NameStreet namePhone Number
John Lapierre10215 Vt Route 113 Vershire(802) 685-3127
Jessica Southworth1151 Parker Rd Vershire(802) 685-4404
Timo Bradley1413 Vershire Center Rd Vershire(802) 685-4845
Ruben Hook176 Tenney Hl Vershire(802) 685-0020
Ann Churchill191 Moody Hill Rd Vershire(802) 333-4424
Earl A Rogers2476 Parker Rd Vershire(802) 333-9008
Van MacPherson286 Barstow Rd Vershire(802) 333-3648
Heather Powers2938 Vershire Center Rd Vershire(802) 333-3680
Nicholas Bebon340 Eastman Cross Rd Vershire(802) 333-3132
Leslie Black39 North Rd Vershire(802) 685-3491
Laurie Magoon558 Darling Hill Rd Vershire(802) 685-4892
George Griffin5763 Vt Route 113 Vershire(802) 685-3483
Richard Griffin6000 Vt Route 113 Vershire(802) 685-3125
Sid Hammer717 Moody Swamp Rd Vershire(802) 333-9298
Shannon Moody8 Beanville Rd Vershire(802) 333-7144
Susan W Atwood8631 Vt Route 113 Vershire(802) 685-3424
Diane Ward92 Richardson Rd Vershire(802) 685-7919
Kristin Barry996 Vershire Center Rd Vershire(802) 685-3235
Michael MaimoneCarleton Rd Vershire(802) 685-3453
Barry FraserChamberlain Hill Rd Vershire(802) 685-4365
Jas C SeaceChamberlain Hill Rd Vershire(802) 685-3285
Frances LabarrCorinth Rd Vershire(802) 685-3267
Gerry SuichRR 113 Vershire(802) 685-4591
Scott GoodrichRR 113 Vershire(802) 333-9044
Robin NunnVershire Center Rd Vershire(802) 333-3259
T A GriffithVershire(802) 333-4117
Val R MullenNorth Rd Vershire(802) 685-2214
Eleanor Zue6645 Vt Route 113 Vershire(802) 685-3182
Andrea WassermanDarling Hill Rd Vershire(802) 685-3275
Pat Barnes978 Durgin Hill Rd Vershire(802) 685-3445
B Jamieson6428 Vt Route 113 Vershire(802) 685-3823
Howard Parker30 Parker Rd Vershire(802) 685-4470
Wesley M Parker563 Parker Rd Vershire(802) 685-4517
Ariana Davidonis107 Private Road 1 Vershire(802) 685-4541
Elizabeth Horrocks1929 Kingdom Rd Vershire(802) 685-4689
C Peck6787 Vt Route 113 Vershire(802) 685-4861
Andrea Herrington3292 Vershire Center Rd Vershire(802) 333-3690
Carolyn Singer1428 Rowell Rd Vershire(802) 685-7862
Christine RyanPvt Rd 7 Vershire(802) 439-9356
D Mayo5997 Vt Route 113 Vershire(802) 685-0065
Danny Ramsrud1170 Goose Green Rd Vershire(802) 685-3815
Daryle Lons9289 Vt Route 113 Vershire(802) 685-2248
Debbie DavidsonVershire(802) 685-7885
Don E Manning5995 Vt Route 113 Vershire(802) 685-3233
Douglas R Shane3283 Vershire Center Rd Vershire(802) 333-4535
E SilvesterCarleton Rd Vershire(802) 685-3169
G H Mudge1510 Vershire Center Rd Vershire(802) 685-3200
J HamlinVershire(802) 685-3097
Jason Dunnet423 Private Rd Vershire(802) 685-4573
John J Adams7042 Vt Route 113 Vershire(802) 685-4305
Junior Weir9246 Vt Route 113 Vershire(802) 685-7868
K Paronto523 Vershire Center Rd Vershire(802) 685-7896
Kathy Hooke184 North Rd Vershire(802) 685-4353
Ken StellaReed Rd Vershire(802) 685-3166
Kristina Choquette8231 Vt Route 113 Vershire(802) 685-7889
Leif Wakefield156 Private Road 1 Vershire(802) 685-3257
Lynn Roy288 North Rd Vershire(802) 685-3151
M A SmithVershire(802) 685-2055
Mary StellaReed Rd Vershire(802) 685-3166
Nancy Farrar2400 Vershire Center Rd Vershire(802) 333-3668
P BurchMoody Hill Rd Vershire(802) 333-9253
P Collins2100 Vershire Center Rd Vershire(802) 685-9989
Pam Thurston391 Mud Ln Vershire(802) 685-4685
Pamela Blair5027 Vt Route 113 Vershire(802) 685-3155
Richard D JohnsonCopperfield Rd Vershire(802) 333-4528
Roberta PerkinsVershire(802) 333-9431
S Wright376 Vershire Riding School Rd Vershire(802) 685-4634
Sheila J Bedi3979 Vershire Center Rd Vershire(802) 333-4034
Sheri Thurston2489 Vershire Center Rd Vershire(802) 685-3419
Stephen GarrowRR 113 Vershire(802) 685-3141
Stuart Boles198 Durgin Hill Rd Vershire(802) 685-0086
Susanne Gauthier8931 Vt Route 113 Vershire(802) 685-4337
Troy Braley88 Parshley Rd Vershire(802) 685-2050