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List of Streets and people in 43105 zip code, Baltimore city, Ohio state

383 streets and people were found in 43105, Baltimore

NameStreet namePhone Number
Paula Wade101 E Dorchester Dr Baltimore(740) 862-6122
Robert Bair1024 W Kumler St Baltimore(740) 862-8386
Barbara Skeen1041 Pleasantville Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-7020
Jeffery L Morgan JR105 Creekview Dr Baltimore(740) 862-1952
Natalie Chaney10576 Poplar Creek Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-3147
Jeff Austin10608 Snyder Church Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-4103
Michael Dickson108 Holder Rd Ne Baltimore(740) 862-3214
Daniel Thompson109 Circle Dr Baltimore(740) 862-8687
Teri Soliday111 N Park Dr Baltimore(740) 862-6976
Ralph Dearth11138 Snyder Church Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-8873
Charles Cooley112 Circle Dr Baltimore(740) 862-8330
Thomas Valero11245 Stoudertown Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-6704
Josh Harris11250 Heimberger Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-8952
H G Sims1130 Railroad St Baltimore(740) 862-6920
Steve Ford114 Holder Rd Nw Baltimore (740) 400-4047
Jesse Hofmeister11414 Ann Dr Nw Baltimore(740) 862-3087
James Killen11480 Stoudertown Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-6530
Scott Van Ormer11511 Woodbridge Ln Nw Baltimore(740) 862-5536
E E Lee11626 Snyder Church Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-8651
Michael Murray11710 Julie Dr Nw Baltimore(740) 862-6735
Scott Grosh11750 Clark Dr Nw Baltimore(740) 862-8968
David Delong118 N Oak St Baltimore(740) 862-8417
George Henderson11830 Woodbridge Ln Nw Baltimore(740) 862-6047
Doug S Mix11900 Heimberger Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-0620
Suzanne Ketcham11900 Stoudertown Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-0165
Mysti Wilson120 N Company St Baltimore(740) 862-1930
Heidi Nugent121 W Market St Baltimore(740) 862-3218
Micheal Rowely12161 Roesta Ln Nw Baltimore (740) 400-7006
Boyd Kennedy12170 Saylor Rd Nw Baltimore(614) 834-5990
Richard Hawkins12180 Lancaster Kirkersville Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 400-4003
Donna Young12188 Heimberger Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-3095
Bill Kilcoyne12199 Heimberger Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-8609
Derick Mann12330 Roesta Ln Nw Baltimore (740) 400-7039
Lynn French12475 Mauger Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-6100
Christoper Kitsmiller12488 Roesta Ln Nw Baltimore(740) 862-9508
Rebekah Young12560 Saylor Rd Nw Baltimore (740) 400-7392
Gail Farley12561 Saylor Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-8385
George Barringer12595 Saylor Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-8336
Donald Mack12675 Heimberger Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-6935
Tom Snider12755 Heimberger Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-8496
Dusty G Cottrell12847 Heimberger Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-3190
Jill Maldovan12910 Basil Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-9866
David Keller1300 Stemen Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-8970
Richard Young13150 Saylor Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-3033
J Steimel13195 Saylor Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-6370
Grant Neilley13270 Saylor Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-3323
Robert Smith13365 Saylor Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-2068
Ruth Hanley1345A Roley Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-4804
Gary Haney II1360 Bickel Church Rd Ne Baltimore(740) 862-9652
Tim L Raver137 Tremont Dr Baltimore(740) 862-6174
M Moore1406 W Maple St Baltimore(740) 862-9924
Gerald Roach1542 Leonard Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-4698
Amber Bittner1601 W Maple St Baltimore(740) 862-4571
David Chesnut1745 Basil Western Rd Baltimore(740) 862-7041
Timothy Hampson1755 Pleasantville Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 756-7716
Ruth Crutcher1760 W Market St Baltimore(740) 862-4082
Kyle D Fannin1990 Blacklick Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-3050
Edgar Stover200 West St Baltimore(740) 862-8343
Faith Cremeans205 N Wagner Ave Baltimore(740) 862-0725
Thomas T Heistand207 N Wagner Ave Baltimore(740) 862-6926
Jas Underwood212 N Basil St Baltimore(740) 862-8207
Richard Willard226 N Fremont St Baltimore(740) 862-4793
Carl Peck229 N Basil St Baltimore(740) 862-6522
Darrell C Darst235 N Yencer St Baltimore(740) 862-8347
Lowell Barnes2380 Bickel Church Rd Ne Baltimore(740) 467-0970
Larry A Jensen2390 Stemen Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-6128
William Brobst SR2400 Stemen Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-3131
Rodney Russell2545 Pleasantville Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 756-7630
Dawn Jones2651 Baltimore Somerset Rd Ne Baltimore(740) 862-4258
James Haughn27 Holder Rd Ne Baltimore(740) 862-8957
James Bickel2705 Blacklick Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-8552
Richard Pierce2725 Musser Rd Ne Baltimore (740) 468-9455
Jeff A Bowers2740 Slone Dr Nw Baltimore(740) 862-2740
Kevin K Kemmerer2745 Musser Rd Ne Baltimore(740) 468-3448
Roger Walton2795 Musser Rd Ne Baltimore(740) 468-3483
Joan Williams2855 Musser Rd Ne Baltimore (740) 468-2120
Mallory Hite2870 Musser Rd Ne Baltimore (740) 468-9846
Scott Williamson299 S Walnut St Baltimore(740) 862-6693
John M Potts308 W Elmwood Ave Baltimore(740) 862-6729
Jason Wollenberg311 E Monroe St Baltimore(740) 862-0341
Kenneth Mohler313 W Market St Baltimore(740) 862-8723
Roger S Christman3151 Blacklick Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-8130
Stephen A Graber3317 Stemen Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-3526
B L Munsey351 W Fairview Ave Baltimore(740) 862-2321
Louraine Kiger351 W Fairview Ave Baltimore(740) 862-8704
Terry Turley3530 Reynoldsburg Baltimore Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-9683
Douglas E Paxton380 Bickel Church Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-2230
John Hutton3800 Bish Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-8209
John Ruckman385 W Elmwood Ave Baltimore(740) 862-4791
Ralph Jackson394 W Fairview Ave Baltimore(740) 862-4098
Thomas A Kose3968 Basil Western Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-4878
C K Thomas41 Leonard Rd Ne Baltimore(740) 862-2272
Timothy Witte418 S Main St Baltimore(740) 862-8559
C D Stoltz4390 Stemen Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-4743
Mark Huntwork4410 Reynoldsburg Baltimore Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-6728
Rick Kirk4550 Reynoldsburg Baltimore Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-9214
I A Ledakis4600 Bickel Church Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-9196
Tom Keller4709 Blacklick Eastern Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-8154
Robert C Evans4715 Blacklick Eastern Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-6621
Roger Haack4723 Blacklick Eastern Rd Nw Baltimore(740) 862-5219