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List of Streets and people in 40037 zip code, Loretto city, Kentucky state

162 streets and people were found in 40037, Loretto

NameStreet namePhone Number
Susie Lyvers1055 Rubin Smith Rd Loretto(502) 349-0106
William Whitehouse110 Spencer Hamilton Rd Loretto(270) 865-3100
Carlos Hamilton1175 Rodney Clark Rd Loretto(270) 865-4792
Gene Spalding1255 Spencer Hamilton Rd Loretto(270) 865-2842
John Donnelly1340 Spencer Hamilton Rd Loretto(270) 865-3282
Mike Thompson1405 Holy Cross Rd Loretto(270) 865-3702
Nellie M Mattingly145 Gabes Ln Loretto(270) 865-5961
Jamie Thompson1485 Stringtown Rd Loretto(270) 865-3284
Mike Thompson1485 Stringtown Rd Loretto(270) 865-3284
Donnie Nalley15 Miles Ave Loretto(270) 865-2005
B Miles150 Countryview Est Loretto(270) 865-2245
Patricia Bowman1535 N Saint Francis Rd Loretto(270) 865-3402
Katherine Hayden165 Wimsatt Rd Loretto(270) 865-2232
Jude Hamilton1685 Spencer Hamilton Rd Loretto(270) 865-6141
Tricia Edelen1710 Holy Cross Rd Loretto(270) 865-3917
J L Porter1799 Frogtown Rd Loretto(270) 865-3101
Barbara J Mullenhour1918 N Saint Francis Rd Loretto(270) 865-4608
Greg Elder1965 Highway 52 Loretto(270) 865-5507
Nick Smith2010 Makers Mark Rd Loretto(859) 336-3639
Janet Osborne208 Peterson Rd Loretto(270) 865-6027
Gary Mudd215 Countryview Est Loretto(270) 865-5400
George Hupman2155 Holy Cross Rd Loretto(270) 865-4010
Alvah Greenwell2205 Frogtown Rd Loretto(270) 865-4026
Nicole Greenwell2205 Frogtown Rd Loretto(270) 865-4026
George Hupman2375 Holy Cross Rd Loretto(270) 865-5451
Jan Gootee240 Countryview Est Loretto(270) 865-2086
Chad Mattingley2425 Stringtown Rd Loretto(270) 865-6015
Mike Mattingly2485 Stringtown Rd Loretto(270) 865-6037
Sandy Peterson250 County Line Rd Loretto(270) 865-2076
Nora V Mattingly255 County Line Rd Loretto(502) 549-8855
Marcia Yates255 Hughes Ln Loretto(270) 865-2301
Ricky Newton275 Manton Rd Loretto(270) 865-4979
Patricia H Barnes275 N Saint Francis Rd Loretto(270) 865-2224
Annabell Thomas275 Nerinx Rd Loretto(270) 865-4841
Joseph P Brady275 Paul Brady Rd Loretto(270) 865-2639
Donnie Gootee285 Spencer Hamilton Rd Loretto(270) 865-3991
Brian Miles3330 Frogtown Rd Loretto(270) 865-3404
Beth Nalley3371 Frogtown Rd Loretto(270) 865-3084
Keith Edelen338 George Edelen Rd Loretto(270) 865-2703
Tracy Wheatley3399 Frogtown Rd Loretto(270) 865-5511
William C Gootee340 Countryview Est Loretto(270) 865-2109
Basil Lyon3680 Highway 52 Loretto(270) 865-2031
Ronnie Medley3705 Holy Cross Rd Loretto(502) 348-8122
Tammy Miller400 Gabes Ln Loretto(270) 865-2119
Brad Fogle4025 Holy Cross Rd Loretto(502) 349-1802
Amy Newton4099 Frogtown Rd Loretto(270) 865-2047
Debra Hill4105 Highway 52 Loretto(270) 865-6702
Shawna Mattingly418 Paul Mudd Rd Loretto(270) 865-3701
Rhonda Willett4200 Holy Cross Rd Loretto(502) 348-4368
Gerald Fogle4620 Holy Cross Rd Loretto(502) 348-8289
John Hagan465 Countryview Est Loretto(270) 865-2169
Mike Kelty490 Makers Mark Rd Loretto(859) 336-0019
Pearl Marcy500 Gabes Ln Loretto(270) 865-4301
Rob A Mattingly510 Rodney Clark Rd Loretto(270) 865-5505
Travis Edelen570 George Edelen Rd Loretto(270) 865-5708
Joseph E Clark585 Rubin Smith Rd Loretto(502) 349-6078
Louise Newton6780 Holy Cross Rd Loretto(502) 348-8840
Mary M Hutchins75 County Line Rd Loretto(502) 549-3792
Rena Bratley760 Rubin Smith Rd Loretto(502) 348-9468
Tanya Cantrill775 Manton Rd Loretto(270) 865-3079
Stanley W Bartley7852 Loretto Rd Loretto(502) 348-1765
Pam Westerman7970 Highway 52 Loretto(270) 865-4735
Jeanie Mattingly8010 Highway 52 Loretto(270) 865-2035
Allice Wheatley8082 Loretto Rd Loretto(270) 865-5968
Todd Downs815 Spencer Hamilton Rd Loretto(270) 865-2070
Elain Mattingly8160 Loretto Rd Loretto(270) 865-4522
Richard D Gardner820 N Saint Francis Rd Loretto(270) 865-2334
Charles Meredith825 Monick Branch Rd Loretto(502) 348-2308
John Hill8295 Loretto Rd Loretto(270) 865-6431
Ramona Lawson8395 Loretto Rd Loretto(270) 865-2002
Jacklyn Smith8455 Loretto Rd Loretto(270) 865-6592
Chas Cecil8765 Highway 52 Loretto(270) 865-6003
Ray Yates8915 Loretto Rd Loretto(270) 865-6662
Theresa Detherage895 Holy Cross Rd Loretto(270) 865-2144
Cindy Burgos8950 Loretto Rd Loretto(270) 865-3705
Bruce Pittman90 Brahm Rd Loretto(270) 865-2213
Greg Mattingly9030 Highway 52 Loretto(270) 865-6890
Clifton R Wright9130 Loretto Rd Loretto(270) 865-4651
Terry Fogle9200 Highway 52 Loretto(270) 865-4303
Marvin Culver9255 Loretto Rd Loretto(270) 865-3924
Melissa Lyvers970 Hagans School House Rd Loretto(502) 350-3166
Dean BrunerCountry View Ests Loretto(270) 865-2506
J R MattinglyHighway 49 Loretto(270) 865-4342
Carol KokocinskiHighway 52 Loretto(270) 865-2175
Frances F EssexHighway 52 Loretto(270) 865-5431
Steve BeavenHighway 52 Loretto(270) 865-6511
Charles J NewtonLoretto(270) 865-3612
Janet NewtonLoretto(270) 865-3033
John D MattinglyLoretto(270) 865-5562
John HaganLoretto(502) 348-6851
Judy OsbourneLoretto(270) 865-6613
Kim ThompsonLoretto(270) 865-2416
N MattinglyLoretto(270) 865-3120
Tommy GreenLoretto(502) 348-8117
James YatesLoretto(270) 865-3681
Joseph FowlerLoretto(270) 865-4121
Martha C RogersLoretto(270) 865-9669
Sharon BradshawLoretto(270) 865-3516
Joseph S WilliamsonRR 1 Loretto(270) 865-6771
Dee D HamiltonRR 1 Loretto(270) 865-4703