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List of Streets and people in 38774 zip code, Shelby city, Mississippi state

59 streets and people were found in 38774, Shelby

NameStreet namePhone Number
D D Wilkins1002 Alabama St Shelby(662) 398-5175
Tommy Humphrey12 Balducci Rd Shelby(662) 398-7249
Terry Turner1211 Kennedy St Shelby(662) 398-7144
Vernondale Coleman1214 Kennedy St Shelby(662) 398-7211
Geraldine Sission1215 Douglas St Shelby(662) 398-9349
Matlean Hoskins1303 Church St Shelby(662) 398-7446
Balsouria Nathan1309-1/2 Jeffrey St Shelby(662) 398-9523
Julio Sanchez16 Sanchez Rd Shelby(662) 398-7200
Hicks Trustin III320 N Dianne St Shelby(662) 398-5211
Ernest Johnson404 16th Section Rd Shelby(662) 398-7444
Richard M Coleman502 Delta Ave Shelby(662) 398-7288
Jon Swartzfager503 Dianne St Shelby(662) 398-5814
Ruby Ward803 Mississippi St Shelby(662) 398-5047
Henry Ward803 Mississippi St Shelby(662) 398-5047
Lee Burke804 Louisiana St Shelby(662) 398-7188
Monica Reynolds905 Douglas St Shelby(662) 398-7159
Sam MangialardiHighway 61 S Shelby(662) 398-7458
Trueville BlackHines Rd Shelby(662) 398-7497
James HarrisShelby(662) 398-9479
Angela ReynoldsShelby(662) 398-5626
Elise BradleyShelby(662) 398-9847
Lily WilliamsShelby(662) 398-7898
J A Ming333 Highway 32 Shelby(662) 398-5246
Tommy Malatesta383 16th Section Rd Shelby(662) 398-5903
Patricia A Moton1217 Kennedy St Shelby(662) 398-7225
Preston Billings500 3rd Ave Shelby(662) 398-7228
Shirley Maxie142 Shelby Deeson Rd Shelby(662) 398-7246
Jim Baker1202 Douglas St Shelby(662) 398-7419
Jim Black JRHines Rd Shelby(662) 398-7452
Albert PongettiHighway 32 Shelby(662) 398-7534
Mattie L Chatman1213 Bufford St Shelby(662) 398-7616
Marilyn M Starks508 Delta Ave Shelby(662) 398-7671
Erma Lawson904 Louisiana St Shelby(662) 398-7859
Vivian Taylor505 H E Marshall Blvd Shelby(662) 398-7873
Miranda Williams1314 1/2 Blue Cane Rd Shelby(662) 398-9459
Minne WilliamsShelby(662) 398-9601
Mae Ball603 Shelby Dr Shelby(662) 398-5315
Hattie M Bronner1200 Douglas St Shelby(662) 398-7224
Julia Humphrey12 Balducci Rd Shelby(662) 398-7249
Birdie Horn1401 Lake St Shelby(662) 398-7445
Bertha Marion908 Hearn Ave Shelby(662) 398-7549
Jessie M Smith802 Hay St Shelby(662) 398-7725
M LeeShelby(662) 398-7937
Fora Tanner1003 Booker Ave Shelby(662) 398-9858
Emma Tell1406 Camponovo St Shelby(662) 398-7477
Ernestine Thompson1201 Douglas St Shelby(662) 398-7483
Robert TarsiHighway 32 Shelby(662) 398-7581
Angela D Jones805 Mississippi St Shelby(662) 398-9564
Bobbie J DorseyShelby(662) 398-5076
Willie Blocker903 Mississippi St Shelby(662) 398-5145
Dorothy Coleman1605 Camponovo St Shelby(662) 398-5205
Joe Craig203 Hollingsworth St Shelby(662) 398-5444
Spoiler SeatonShelby(662) 398-5858
Terri MangialardiHighway 61 S Shelby(662) 398-7222
Marie Moore1519 Camponovo St Shelby(662) 398-7474
Katie Morton1428 Lake St Shelby(662) 398-7536
Herbye A Smith20 Balducci Rd Shelby(662) 398-7592
Annie M Grady1105 Camponovo St Shelby(662) 398-7854
Mary Davis304 Sidney Cv Shelby(662) 398-9904
A Kinsey316 Sidney Cv Shelby(662) 398-7686
Alma Williams1516 Lauderdale St Shelby(662) 398-7566
Barbara Scott1100 Roosevelt St Shelby(662) 398-9001
Charles Davis803 Bruce Ave Shelby(662) 398-7508
Curtis Hooper720 Charlie St Shelby(662) 398-7611
Deftard Johnson1301 Church St Shelby(662) 398-9765
Dorothy Jackson1526 Lake St Shelby(662) 398-7048
Everett Seaton1000 Hearn Ave Shelby(662) 398-5858
Georgett Bolden1616 Camponovo St Shelby(662) 398-7122
Georgia Greyer1304 Forest St Shelby(662) 398-7554
Georgia Jackson1004 Hearn Ave Shelby(662) 398-9395
Jacqueline Moore906 Mississippi St Shelby(662) 398-9115
Jacquelyn Allen500 Argone Ave Shelby(662) 398-7366
James McLaurin801 Hearn Ave Shelby(662) 775-5000
Josephine IdleburghShelby(662) 398-7756
Joyce Robinson1006 Alabama St Shelby(662) 398-9888
Karen Moore1524 Camponovo St Shelby(662) 398-7905
Kenny Christmas802 Louisiana St Shelby(662) 398-7989
L JenkinsShelby(662) 398-9222
Lee Carter1301 Church St Shelby(662) 398-7728
Leroy Roland55 Balducci Rd Shelby(662) 398-5616
Lester Pittman1206 Dr Mlk Dr Shelby(662) 775-5002
Leuveriva Foster509 Hearn Ave Shelby(662) 398-9483
Marie Shortier15 16th Section Rd Shelby(662) 398-9785
Markithey Black1301 Church St Shelby(662) 775-5015
Matteel W Brown1405 Jeffery St Shelby(662) 398-7257
Melvin Davis404 Second Ave Shelby(662) 398-9087
Pattrice Weathersby1305 Lake St Shelby(662) 398-7669
Polly McCline1300 Jeffrey St Shelby(662) 398-7087
Richard JohnsonShelby(662) 398-9618
Robert Dudley1205 Bufford St Shelby(662) 398-9732
Robert Robinson604 Shelby Dr Shelby(662) 775-5006
Rosie Stancle801 1/2 Hearn Ave Shelby(662) 398-7580
Ruby Scott806 N Hay St Shelby(662) 398-5934
Ruthie Hooper720 Charlie St Shelby(662) 398-7611
Sandra Walker1207 Bufford St Shelby(662) 775-5008
Shiquita Douglas1612 S Jeffery St Shelby(662) 775-5003
Tolernisa Butler407 1st Ave Shelby(662) 398-5372
Vernell Q Johnson1108 Church St Shelby(662) 398-7455
Viola Powell1107 Roosevelt St Shelby(662) 398-7067
Warren L Bailey JRShelby(662) 398-7103