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List of Streets and people in 38753 zip code, Inverness city, Mississippi state

70 streets and people were found in 38753, Inverness

NameStreet namePhone Number
Anderson George JR1002 Old Hwy 49 S Inverness(662) 265-5004
Rosie M Price1135 Moore St Inverness(662) 265-0655
Christie Marshall1201 Montgomery Dr Inverness(662) 265-5559
Catherine Walker1207 Oak St Inverness(662) 265-0816
Robert Y Wright III1235 Montgomery Dr Inverness(662) 265-5305
Eddie Hoskin221 Southside Rd Inverness(662) 265-0034
Ralph Pearce254 US Highway 49 W Inverness(662) 265-5150
Nacarra Hall282 Brumfield Plantation Rd Inverness(662) 265-0447
Elizabeth King29 Pete King Ln Inverness(662) 265-5235
Grady Winstead3760 Four Mile Rd Inverness(662) 265-5034
John Chandler412 Pat Ave Inverness(662) 265-6146
Debra Highbaugh419 Chandler St Inverness(662) 265-6013
Edwin L Parker501 Fourth St Inverness(662) 265-5212
Will Beckham503 Fourth St Inverness(662) 265-5518
R M Logan505 Second St Inverness(662) 265-5095
Lasonya Murphy603 Franklin Ave Inverness(662) 830-1026
Aythel Kimbriel610 Virginia Cir Inverness(662) 265-5317
C M Massey699 Waco Rd Inverness(662) 265-0593
Charles S Sullivan700 Third St Inverness(662) 265-5209
Gilbert Loper717 Waco Rd Inverness(662) 265-5815
Clide Reynold906 Oak St Inverness(662) 265-6101
Debbie M GriffinInverness(662) 830-1281
Kimbriel Brown813 Marjane St Inverness(662) 265-5024
Cora L Smith1004 First St Inverness(662) 265-5114
Dolores Bibb914 E Grand Ave Inverness(662) 265-5134
Sidney Windham210 US Highway 49 W Inverness(662) 265-5156
Betty Danna800 Marjane St Inverness(662) 265-5199
Beth Evans909 Davis St Inverness(662) 265-5349
Lee Paxton1009 3 St Inverness(662) 265-5523
R L Maxwell1203 Pond Ave Inverness(662) 265-5737
Charles W Smith604 Lamar Ave Inverness(662) 265-5785
Bill Kennedy13 Kennedy Rd Inverness(662) 265-5932
Lanny Kennedy13 Kennedy Rd Inverness(662) 265-5932
W E B Tinnin176 W Caile Rd Inverness(662) 265-5959
Doris Hall36 Compress Rd Inverness(662) 265-6081
Nathan C Harris704 Marjane St Inverness(662) 265-0096
Herbert Smith55 Highway 3 Inverness(662) 265-0265
Ramona Hampton1205 Moore St Inverness(662) 265-5002
Norman Aycock707 Marjane St Inverness(662) 265-5105
Lucille Coleman423 Chandler St Inverness(662) 265-5111
Diane McMinn199 Waco Rd Inverness(662) 265-5382
Terry K Maxwell1200 Montgomery Dr Inverness(662) 265-5440
Brad Maloney2 Kennedy Rd Inverness(662) 265-5492
Johnny B Reed JR801 4 St Inverness(662) 265-5527
Anita G Mohamed1109 Second St Inverness(662) 265-5709
Charles E Smith801 Marjane St Inverness(662) 265-5767
Palmer Fletcher3810 Four Mile Rd Inverness(662) 265-5923
Bobby Paxton211 Waco Rd Inverness(662) 265-5950
Anita Tarver905 Lamar Ave Inverness(662) 830-1024
Billy Sudduth703 Fifth St Inverness(662) 265-5087
Dorine Hodges412 Little Milton Ave Inverness(662) 265-5154
Mollye Lester804 Lamar Ave Inverness(662) 265-5284
Jack M Harris1112 Montgomery Dr Inverness(662) 265-5754
Tiffany SibleyInverness(662) 830-1315
Logan Simmons1227 Montgomery Dr Inverness(662) 830-1588
Ethel RussellInverness(662) 830-1033
Lance Baria1005 US Highway 49 W Inverness(662) 265-0097
Adam Snell99 Duncan Rd Inverness(662) 265-0582
Sandra Stowers466 Three Mile Lake Rd Inverness(662) 265-5131
Neda M Anderson507 Fourth St Inverness(662) 265-5172
Thomas Horne1100 Montgomery Dr Inverness(662) 265-5207
Edna Jackson145 Pratt Place Rd Inverness(662) 265-5234
William W Parker1113 Montgomery Dr Inverness(662) 265-5457
Cecil Coleman705 Marjane St Inverness(662) 265-5476
B A Shoemaker1008 Lamar Ave Inverness(662) 265-5525
Roger Anthony49 Grace Rd Inverness(662) 265-5561
Alberta Johnson8 Jasmine Ln Inverness(662) 265-6138
Kristina Artman1222 Montgomery Dr Inverness(662) 830-1063
P M Walker754 Waco Rd Inverness(662) 830-1592
Tommy DurrettInverness(662) 830-1849
Addie Cole407 Pat Ave Inverness(662) 265-5053
Alice BevillInverness(662) 830-1650
Amy Arrington201A Pratt Place Rd Inverness(662) 265-5010
Barbara Sherriod608 Davis St Inverness(662) 265-5467
Ben McGeeInverness(662) 830-1984
Bill Lester804 Lamar Ave Inverness(662) 265-5284
Billy Brewer115 Woodburn Rd Inverness(662) 887-5884
Brian Anderson550 Three Mile Lake Rd Inverness(662) 265-5218
Brian Holmes418 Little Milton Ave Inverness(662) 265-0016
Brittanie Scott610 Davis Ave Inverness(662) 830-5000
C LyonsInverness(662) 830-1029
Carey Donahue1211 Montgomery Dr Inverness(662) 830-1555
Cedrick Jackson46 Compress Rd Inverness(662) 830-1212
Clarissa Hall1101 Moore St Inverness(662) 265-0156
Diana Robinson419 Pat Ave Inverness(662) 830-1993
Eddie Chance411 Pat Ave Inverness(662) 265-5966
Edrick HallInverness(662) 830-1210
Ethel Pearson1101 Moore St Inverness(662) 830-1752
Eunice Simmons409 Little Milton Ave Inverness(662) 830-1207
Garry Woodruff56 Bowles Rd Inverness(662) 265-5925
George E Baird JR1105 Third St Inverness(662) 265-5794
Glenn Grover803 5 St Inverness(662) 265-5760
Gracie Sibley609 Davis St Inverness(662) 265-0147
Grover Glenn803 Fifth St Inverness(662) 265-5760
H Hendricks805 Davis St Inverness(662) 265-5109
James R Hughes1221 Montgomery Dr Inverness(662) 265-5090
Janice Jeffers62 Highway 49 Inverness(662) 265-5238
Jim Baird84 George Baird Rd Inverness(662) 265-5031
Johnny L Willis407 Chandler St Inverness(662) 830-1816
Laura Webb515 Pecan St Inverness(662) 265-6178