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List of Streets and people in 38655 zip code, Oxford city, Mississippi state

1762 streets and people were found in 38655, Oxford

NameStreet namePhone Number
E K McCullough JR1 County Road 3086 Oxford(662) 236-6648
Betty Pearson10 County Road 165 Oxford(662) 236-4009
Susan H Smith10 Highland Pl Oxford(662) 234-5648
M Williams10 Private Road 3075 Oxford(662) 234-4726
Beatrice Jones100 Azalea Dr Oxford(662) 513-6464
Lois H Stevens100 Azalea Dr Oxford(662) 513-4935
Marilyn Smith100 County Road 405 Oxford(662) 234-2253
John Dunbar100 Davidson Ln Oxford(662) 234-2534
Kirby Crawford100 Leggett Ln Oxford(662) 234-4393
Roy N Moore1000 Whispering Valley Cv Oxford(662) 236-4529
Chris Anderson1001 Crawford Cir Oxford(662) 281-0859
Sandra Summers1001 Whispering Valley Cv Oxford(662) 513-9964
C J Ross1002 Brooksberry Cv Oxford(662) 238-2679
Delicia Price1006 Booker Rd Oxford(662) 638-3000
Mennie H Townsend1007 Suncrest St Oxford(662) 234-9313
Kenneth Coghlan1009 Hayes Ave Oxford(662) 236-7806
Allen W Glisson JR101 Lakeway Dr Oxford(662) 234-3275
Reva Arnold1012 Highway 6 W Oxford(662) 236-3134
Ann Gauvin1013 Whitetail Dr Oxford(662) 281-5862
Kimberly Johnson1015 Suncrest St Oxford(662) 232-8708
Sue Webb102 Country Club Rd Oxford(662) 513-0493
John A McGuire102 Saint Andrews Rd Oxford(662) 513-0486
Dianne Whitfield103 Pinecrest Dr Oxford(662) 234-2523
Stacey Rose1039A Highway 6 W Oxford(662) 234-7096
Pat Hopson104 Carrage Cv Oxford(662) 236-5788
Christian Stewart104 Highway 30 E Oxford(662) 236-3144
Shari Hodges104 Meadowview Dr Oxford(662) 236-2358
Tony Wilson105 Cedar Hill Dr Oxford(662) 234-8696
William Spencer105 Rd Rayner Rd Oxford(662) 234-0184
Clifford Holley105 Sandy Cv Oxford(662) 236-1006
Charlotte Mann105 Windstone Dr Oxford(662) 513-5394
Rosemary McLandon106 Vail Dr Oxford(662) 259-2047
Clayton Sawin107 County Road 178 Oxford(662) 513-0871
Linda Allgood107 County Road 213 Oxford(662) 236-2400
Sandra Thompson107 Peyton Cir Oxford(662) 236-2422
William Carson1075 Augusta Dr Oxford(662) 281-1905
Irene Henegar108 County Road 213 Oxford(662) 236-3270
Lynn Murchison108 Douglas Dr Oxford(662) 234-4935
Mike Gray108 Grayson St Oxford(662) 234-8379
Robert Nix109 Cross Creek Dr Oxford(662) 234-0282
Gerald Pugh109 Westminster Dr Oxford(662) 234-3407
Sara Pugh109 Westminster Dr Oxford(662) 234-3407
Donald Jones1097 Augusta Dr Oxford(662) 234-1347
Donnagary Lane11 County Road 410 Oxford(662) 513-0037
Gary Lane11 County Road 410 Oxford(662) 513-0037
D Smith11 County Road 441 Oxford(662) 234-4453
Cleatus Harwell11 County Road 444 Oxford(662) 234-5477
John Swain11 County Road 469 Oxford(662) 236-4547
William H Hitt11 Dell Dr Oxford(662) 236-6814
Scott Bishop110 County Road 252 Oxford(662) 234-2177
Braxton Comer110 County Road 303 Oxford(662) 513-4054
Bridget Hilliard110 Laurel Cv Oxford(662) 259-2041
Brenda F White110 Shelbi Pl Oxford(662) 513-9900
Michael Cunningham110 Skyline Dr Oxford(662) 259-2369
Judith Cole110 Stone Rd Oxford(662) 234-3986
Charles D Jackson11003 Covington Way Oxford(662) 238-7852
Ralph M Dean1106 Grant Cir Oxford(662) 234-6893
Lila Herren112 County Road 217 Oxford(662) 234-5856
James Parrett112 Garden Terrace Dr Oxford(662) 259-2301
Tim Flake112 Meadowview Dr Oxford(662) 234-5397
Jimmy Treloar1120 Highway 328 Oxford(662) 234-6585
James R Jackson113 County Road 233 Oxford(662) 234-9491
David Sabin113 Greystone Blvd Oxford(662) 259-2797
Melanie Addington115 Eagle Point Loop Oxford(662) 236-9593
Tammy Sparks115 Highway 30 E Oxford(662) 234-4190
Lillie Brown1156 E Wellsgate Dr Oxford(662) 281-0047
Ken Cyree117 Eastwind Dr Oxford(662) 513-6508
Heather Davison118 Lakeway Dr Oxford(662) 234-0675
Barry Whitehouse1183 Highway 334 Oxford(662) 234-6344
Marty Roberts119 County Road 415 Oxford(662) 234-5689
Ronald Byrd12 County Road 170 Oxford(662) 236-1800
Shawn Telford12001 Water Ridge Dr Oxford(662) 234-2313
Seongbong Jo1202 Old Lake Cv Oxford(662) 513-4941
Roy W Vails1206 Azalea Cv Oxford(662) 234-9752
James Jordan1207 Horne Rd Oxford(662) 259-2254
Linda Moor1209 Ivy Rd Oxford(662) 259-2568
Wendy Goldberg121 Cypress Cir Oxford(662) 513-0175
Kelly Scott121 Meadowview Dr Oxford(662) 513-0363
Mary B Lewis1211 Chickasaw Rd Oxford(662) 234-5177
John C Parker121A County Road 202 Oxford(662) 234-6387
Ray Skelton122 County Road 271 Oxford(662) 236-4748
Bernie Smith1225 Beanland Dr Oxford(662) 234-8035
Beverly Small124 Chinkapin Loop Oxford(662) 259-2209
Sonya House12485 Highway 346 Oxford(662) 488-0338
Janet Prather127 Cedar Hill Dr Oxford(662) 236-7700
Wayne Prather127 Cedar Hill Dr Oxford(662) 236-7700
Gerald Bond127 County Road 181 Oxford(662) 234-0950
Wanda Rosenville128 Cr 159 Oxford(662) 236-2263
Elizabeth Monteith129 Sivley St Oxford(662) 236-3728
Mac Monteith129 Sivley St Oxford(662) 236-3728
E B Gray130 Highway 30 E Oxford(662) 234-3654
Carlean Kimmons1301 Belk Blvd Oxford(662) 234-3419
J C Clark1302 Gardenia Cv Oxford(662) 236-6308
Jpy Clark1302 Gardenia Cv Oxford(662) 236-6308
Asok Dasamahapatra1304 Elliott Dr Oxford(662) 236-5878
George Daniel1304 Elliott Dr Oxford(662) 513-6050
Don Kessinger1306 Pelican Loop Oxford(662) 234-6263
Marco Cavaglia131 Eagle Point Loop Oxford(662) 281-0684
Annie Burkhead131 Highway 334 Oxford(662) 236-1912
Kathy K Willard134 Thacker Loop Oxford(662) 234-0077