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List of Streets and people in 35130 zip code, Quinton city, Alabama state

173 streets and people were found in 35130, Quinton

NameStreet namePhone Number
Marjorie Dortch101 Riverwood Lodge Rd Quinton(205) 436-5054
Shirley Freeman113 Johnson Rd Quinton(205) 674-5607
Willie E Towns125 Oakahalla St Quinton(205) 648-2748
Charles Borella1377 Burnwell Rd Quinton(205) 648-9600
Melvin H Brasfield15 Brasfield Dr Quinton(205) 674-5080
Leroy Arnold150 Baggett Camp Rd Quinton(205) 674-3811
Reba Crawford150 Crawford Nix Hl Quinton(205) 648-8583
Rebecca Davison155 Willow Fork Dr Quinton(205) 674-8074
Mike Boaz1592 Beaver Point Rd Quinton(205) 436-7778
Jack Leseur160 Beaver Pond Trl Quinton(205) 648-6555
Mary Parker164 Parker St Quinton(205) 648-9460
John R Alexander17016 Highway 269 Quinton(205) 674-8360
Dennis Chiari1771 River Oaks Dr Quinton(205) 648-2309
Jennifer Thomas1793 River Oaks Dr Quinton(205) 648-3275
Carol Warren18296 Highway 269 Quinton(205) 674-6110
Billy W Reid1837 Glover Rd Quinton(205) 648-0205
Red Stewart1855 Old Cook Ford Rd Quinton(205) 436-7749
John Pate1879 Kd Byrd Station Rd Quinton(205) 648-8185
Michael Cole2047 Kd Byrd Station Rd Quinton(205) 648-0861
Jack Green2139 Cook Ford Rd Quinton(205) 436-3491
Sarah Sumner2140 Doliska Rd Quinton(205) 648-3364
Stacey Lowery2171 Kd Byrd Station Rd Quinton(205) 648-5088
Clifton C Jones218 Henry Baggett Slough Quinton(205) 674-1481
L M Glaze2209 Cook Ford Rd Quinton(205) 436-4217
Crystal Parkin2222 Doliska Rd Quinton(205) 648-6298
Juanita Butler2280 Waterview Trl Quinton(205) 436-4254
Jerry W Elkins235 Slopecrest Dr Quinton(205) 674-8054
Kimberly Waldrop2384 Cook Ford Rd Quinton(205) 436-5216
Fay Wilson264 Dog Wood Ln Quinton(205) 674-7113
Margaret Chadwick266 Twilly Loop Quinton(205) 648-6962
Betty Swan270 River Dr Quinton(205) 674-3439
Bryan Smith28 Parker St Quinton(205) 648-0031
Micheal Robinson2886 Sharon Blvd Quinton(205) 648-0119
Patricia Rednour31 Black Camp Rd Quinton(205) 648-5903
Susan Cleghorn340 Slopecrest Dr Quinton(205) 674-0738
Janice Kimbrough3522 Kilpatrick Rd Quinton(205) 674-6588
Larry Berryhill353 River Bend Ln Quinton(205) 436-4816
Homer Cooper360 Old Dora Flat Creek Rd Quinton(205) 648-9650
John T Alford3811 Alexander Rd Quinton(205) 674-3149
Wade Nicholas JR3838 Alexander Rd Quinton(205) 674-8072
Duane Salter3966 Alexander Rd Quinton(205) 674-6340
James A Lovell4257 Alexander Rd Quinton(205) 674-0670
Charles Stearns4415 Cumby Rd Quinton(205) 674-6313
Gary Cooper442 Twilly Loop Quinton(205) 648-6617
Jerry Weems4439 Alexander Rd Quinton(205) 674-6362
Ricky Wood4453 Alexander Rd Quinton(205) 674-3205
Billy J Johnson4702 Honeysuckle Rd West Jefferson(205) 674-7496
Oliver Williams4987 Freewill Rd West Jefferson(205) 674-9545
James T Allred51 Allred Rd Quinton(205) 648-9086
Deborah Powell6440 Flat Top Rd Quinton(205) 674-8506
Jonathan Peterson6572 W Jefferson Rd Quinton(205) 674-1913
Margie Price658 Old Dora Flat Creek Rd Quinton(205) 648-7521
Jackie Davidson661 Underwood Ferry Rd Quinton(205) 674-3568
Mickey Morris6764 W Jefferson Rd West Jefferson(205) 390-9414
Samuel R Latham JR7010 Vanderver Rd Quinton(205) 674-8038
Sandra Dollar71 Morgan Rd Quinton(205) 648-8971
Robert Ammons7141 Cumby Greer Rd Quinton(205) 674-7582
G L Reid7205 Brasfield Loop Quinton(205) 674-2499
Roy Reid7217 Brasfield Loop Quinton(205) 674-2942
Helen Freeman724 Stillwell Rd Quinton(205) 648-8841
Sara Thomas7249 Brasfield Loop Quinton(205) 674-7905
Jeff Watson7568 Quinton Rd Quinton(205) 648-6631
Denise Stevens7715 Flat Top Rd Quinton(205) 674-0859
Robert Chance7721 Quinton Rd Quinton(205) 648-9720
Bm White7789 Sharon Blvd Quinton(205) 648-6324
Fh White7789 Sharon Blvd Quinton(205) 648-6324
Pauline Horton796 Riverview Rd Quinton(205) 648-3712
Jack Eastis811 Bluff Creek Club Rd Quinton(205) 436-3950
Lisa Bolack863 Rainwood Lodge Rd Quinton(205) 674-2447
Fred Kiker96 Washington Fish Camp Ct Quinton(205) 648-7031
Fairn FreemanFlat Creek Rd Quinton(205) 648-5127
Milton OdomMcCarty Town Rd Quinton(205) 436-3102
Dennis O'neal ChiltonQuinton(205) 674-3860
Hap ParkerQuinton(205) 436-3916
William R MinorRainwood Lodge Ests Quinton(205) 674-9938
Jeff LindseyRiverwood Club Rd Quinton(205) 436-4435
Gaines HydeTwilley Town Rd Quinton(205) 648-6096
Eddie J PrudenWest Jefferson(205) 674-5402
Gary HillWest Jefferson(205) 674-0723
John Bailey96 Smith St Quinton(205) 255-6011
Harry Cason JR3803 Lacy Rd Quinton(205) 277-9663
Ollis C BaileyQuinton(205) 436-3131
Willie Shirley JR1391 Flem Vines Rd Quinton(205) 436-3546
Thomas Hubbard9821 Simpson Ave Quinton(205) 436-4709
Flynn A Hawkins412 Riverwood Lodge Rd Quinton(205) 436-4841
Arlon Ballenger108 Water Ln Quinton(205) 436-5372
Judy Hester296 Twilly Loop Quinton(205) 648-2484
John Jackson50 Shady Grove Rd Quinton(205) 648-2776
Smoot Hosey JR226 Smoot St Quinton(205) 648-3596
Albert Vines2049 Glover Rd Quinton(205) 648-5178
Wayne Harbison2062 Doliska Rd Quinton(205) 648-6644
Larry B Taylor165 Church St Quinton(205) 648-9109
Amy Anderson7716 Quinton Rd Quinton(205) 648-0912
James D Miller1851 River Oaks Dr Quinton(205) 648-1546
Don Benefield1501 Doliska Rd Quinton(205) 648-1732
Melinda Lamb208 Tugboat Ln Quinton(205) 648-2389
Surrunnie GardnerBurnwell Rd Quinton(205) 648-2961
Wayne Burns1937 Doliska Rd Quinton(205) 648-3023
Micheal Jones40 Red Rd Quinton(205) 648-4417
Gloria Tuggle336 Crawford Nix Hl Quinton(205) 648-4733