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List of Streets and people in 35042 zip code, Centreville city, Alabama state

291 streets and people were found in 35042, Centreville

NameStreet namePhone Number
Shelby Mitchell101 Shop St Centreville(205) 926-5756
Tricia Oliver1055 Walnut St Centreville(205) 926-9372
W V Brown109 Lewis St Centreville(205) 926-7856
Timothy Cochran11 Randall Dr Centreville(205) 926-5425
Vickie Payne110 Airport St Centreville(205) 926-7902
Chrystal Tindell117 Averette Dr Centreville(205) 926-6533
John Downs124 Cruise Ave Centreville(205) 926-7778
M S Thompson124 Wilson Rd Centreville(205) 926-7713
W L Pratt JR127 Magnolia Cir Centreville(205) 926-4784
Beverly Stewart1281 Abercrombie Rd Centreville(205) 926-5278
John Nichols133 4th Ave N Centreville(205) 926-7748
Bobby Lovelady133 Holly Ln Centreville(205) 926-7408
Scott Smith134 Splawn Dr Centreville(205) 926-4349
Lois S Skaggs135 4th Ave S Centreville(205) 926-1721
Jamie Holladay141 Forest Cir Centreville(205) 926-5399
Shane Darden141 Oak St Centreville(205) 926-6420
Bobby Pratt1445 Walnut St Centreville(205) 926-4338
Edward Rains145 Cahawba Dr Centreville(205) 926-4121
Nelson Lucas1496 Six Mile Run Centreville(205) 926-7296
Gene Caddis1529 W Eoline Rd Centreville(205) 926-5325
Rick Gonzalez1609 Tuckers Pass Centreville(205) 926-7845
Maragret Wallace1638 S Scottsville Rd Centreville(205) 926-2694
Roxanne Jones167 Hobson Dr Centreville(205) 926-7273
Karen Young1744 Walnut St Centreville(205) 926-7614
V Stringfellow176 Fawn Ln Centreville(205) 926-4746
Faye Brooks177 Maple St Centreville(205) 926-6698
M S Wallace1783 S Scottsville Rd Centreville(205) 926-1937
Shirley Bowen1787 Eoline Rd Centreville(205) 926-4463
Donald C Hutchins18 Crumpton Ave Centreville(205) 926-9474
Teresa Thrasher1915 S Scottsville Rd Centreville(205) 926-5960
Frances Moses201 Vick St Sandy Ln Centreville(205) 926-7554
D Freeman2062 University Way Centreville(205) 926-6117
Al Woodruff209 1st Ave N Centreville(205) 926-6923
Aaron Hood210 Goodwin Ave Centreville(205) 225-0004
Harvey Rowland2138 Montevallo Rd Centreville(205) 926-9889
Lonnie Holliday III2164 Walnut St Centreville(205) 926-1908
Jesse Kinard222 2nd Ave N Centreville(205) 926-4293
Alton Hicks230 Reaves St Centreville(205) 926-3154
Summer Leach231 Cahawba Dr Centreville(205) 225-0400
Tracy Griffin234 Cahawba Dr Centreville(205) 926-5476
Angie Greer2347 Montgomery Hwy Centreville(205) 926-6937
Charles E McCaleb246 Forest Cir Centreville(205) 926-9632
Angela B Fancher2524 Ingate Rd Centreville(205) 926-5848
Michael R Nichols255 River Dr Centreville(205) 926-9444
Mark Hathcock26 University Way Centreville(205) 926-9813
D Duncan2615 Montgomery Hwy Centreville(205) 926-5894
Phyllis Watkins266 2nd Ave N Centreville(205) 926-7732
Melissa Dial266 Deerhaven Cir Centreville(205) 926-5806
Eugene Lawley2684 Pine Tree Rd Centreville(205) 926-9494
Don Caldwell2928 University Way Centreville(205) 926-9470
Hazel McDonald2936 University Way Centreville(205) 926-9418
Tony Kyzer299 Timberlane Dr Centreville(205) 926-3918
S Glen304 Nicholson Ave Centreville(205) 926-5514
Alvaro Fabian312 Montgomery Hwy Centreville(205) 926-1837
Claude Nichols321 River Dr Centreville(205) 926-4573
Dolores S Hubbard327 2nd Ave N Centreville(205) 926-7530
James E Lavender328 Birmingham Rd Centreville(205) 926-4741
Vicki Foster329 Race Track Rd Centreville(205) 926-6466
R M Caffee3731 Deer Creek Rd Centreville(205) 926-7437
Marilyn Murphy3750 University Way Centreville(205) 926-7710
Gracie Bibby3838 Deer Creek Rd Centreville(205) 225-0412
Russell Ott418 Nicholson Ave Centreville(205) 926-9772
Dana Wallace47 Nicholson Ave Centreville(205) 926-4773
Charles Stacy472 Nicholson Ave Centreville(205) 926-6473
Buddy Young477 Old Jackson Rd Centreville(205) 926-7862
Dawn Rowland49 Deerhaven Cir Centreville(205) 225-0475
Eugene Cook4987 Deer Creek Rd Centreville(205) 926-1738
Bettye J Champion529 Dry Hollow Rd E Centreville(205) 225-0302
Yolanda Rhines566 Aldine St Centreville(205) 926-6296
Nettie F Pratt57 Steele St Centreville(205) 926-6046
Dennis Young588 Old Jackson Rd Centreville(205) 926-7817
Carol Bright59 Pleasant Hill Rd Centreville(205) 926-5717
Ruby Price61 Ashley Ln Centreville(205) 926-5766
Pauline Gill66 Robert Ave Centreville(205) 926-7174
William McAfee825 Timberlane Dr Centreville(205) 926-3795
Michael Horton897 Walnut St Centreville(205) 926-9694
Polly Litton93 Litton Ave Centreville(205) 926-5785
Eunice Rutledge974 Mill St Centreville(205) 926-5745
Stanly Burris99 Goodwin Ave Centreville(205) 225-0125
Roy MartinAbercrombie Centreville(205) 926-7569
Barbara CottinghamAldine St Centreville(205) 926-4248
H L MorrisonAntioch Centreville(205) 926-7234
Sandra McMillanAntioch Rd Centreville(205) 926-5451
Jerry C AndersonBear Creek Rd Centreville(205) 926-7747
Linda BelcherBelcher Rd Centreville(205) 926-7111
Jimmy HolifieldBrand St Centreville(205) 926-6419
B CochranCentreville(205) 926-4213
Bobby BrooksCentreville(205) 926-6108
D CochranCentreville(205) 926-4213
Donald TerryCentreville(205) 926-9906
Elliott MurphyCentreville(205) 926-4073
Eva M StacyCentreville(205) 926-5990
Everette N CookCentreville(205) 926-9234
F CashCentreville(205) 926-7558
Harold K CottinghamCentreville(205) 926-7015
I WilkersonCentreville(205) 926-9330
J R OwensCentreville(205) 926-4300
J W ChambersCentreville(205) 926-9574
John SuttleCentreville(205) 926-4947
S MillerCentreville(205) 926-1966