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List of Streets and people in 32179 zip code, Ocklawaha city, Florida state

356 streets and people were found in 32179, Ocklawaha

NameStreet namePhone Number
Carol Oliver10390 SE 130th Pl Ocklawaha(352) 288-3159
D W Atchison10390 SE 131st Ln Ocklawaha(352) 288-3531
Martha E Oliver10423 SE 131st Ln Ocklawaha(352) 288-1246
Milton Wood10470 SE 160th Court Rd Ocklawaha(352) 288-4889
Anthony Prochot10495 SE 130th Ln Ocklawaha(352) 288-2169
Vanessa King10500 SE Highway 464C Ocklawaha(352) 288-0919
Rebecca Rodgers10531 SE 141st Avenue Rd Ocklawaha(352) 288-3877
George Olin10605 SE 142nd Avenue Rd Ocklawaha(352) 288-0124
Duster Willis10610 SE 130th Ln Ocklawaha(352) 288-4386
W L Patten10650 SE 160th Court Rd Ocklawaha(352) 288-1990
Sandy Tucker10655 SE 130th Pl Ocklawaha(352) 288-4108
Bill Thompson10655 SE 188th Ct Ocklawaha(352) 288-4153
Leonard Lanzillotti10721 SE 131st Pl Ocklawaha(352) 288-0702
Stanley Hensley10725 SE 130th Pl Ocklawaha(352) 288-0537
Krishnawattie Ramsaroop10805 SE Highway 464C Ocklawaha(352) 288-4760
Alice H Gunter10820 SE 128th Place Rd Ocklawaha(352) 288-2489
Wendy Martinez10820 SE 185th Ct Ocklawaha(352) 288-4950
Dan Glasure10835 SE Highway 464C Ocklawaha(352) 288-0989
Laurie Fournier10871 SE 131st Pl Ocklawaha(352) 288-8808
A Slone10881 SE 131st Pl Ocklawaha(352) 288-2132
Jessica Mallory10896 SE 131st Ln Ocklawaha(352) 510-0131
Diana Shears10940 SE 131st Pl Ocklawaha(352) 288-2720
R Bloir11110 SE 132nd Pl Ocklawaha(352) 288-0952
Doug Turner11241 SE Highway 464C Ocklawaha(352) 288-2953
Tami Turner11241 SE Highway 464C Ocklawaha(352) 288-2953
Bob Blinkhorn11329 SE Highway 464C Ocklawaha(352) 288-3431
Lucy Webb11350 SE 188th Ave Ocklawaha(352) 288-2066
James Hoffman11374 SE 189th Ct Ocklawaha(352) 288-4581
David Thomas11441 Highway(352) 288-3038
Jacqueline Moody11485 SE 187th Ter Ocklawaha(352) 288-9357
G Valli11533 SE 128th Place Rd Ocklawaha(352) 288-4848
J R Brooks11545 SE 129th Ln Ocklawaha(352) 288-3985
Robert Rodriguez11556 SE Highway 464 Ocklawaha(352) 288-5509
Otis Johnson11589 SE 141st Ter Ocklawaha(352) 288-4244
Alicia Mayle11590 SE 129th Ln Ocklawaha(352) 510-0038
Joanne Pisarek11641 SE 128th Place Rd Ocklawaha(352) 288-8237
R S Symonds11645 SE 161st Ct Ocklawaha(352) 288-4479
Theresa Spinning11660 SE 129th Ln Ocklawaha(352) 288-8192
Gregory Pardo11660 SE 129th Pl Ocklawaha(352) 288-0994
Jere L Firth JR11665 SE 129th Pl Ocklawaha(352) 288-3198
Ola Dawson11695 SE 141st Ter Ocklawaha(352) 288-2543
L Gowers11720 SE 129th Pl Ocklawaha(352) 288-0995
James Fockler11730 SE 132nd Street Rd Ocklawaha(352) 288-8788
Roberta Manns11778 SE 136th Ct Ocklawaha(352) 288-3241
Blanca H Maymi11822 SE 123rd Ave Ocklawaha(352) 288-3755
Laurie W Yonge SR11844 SE 128th Place Rd Ocklawaha(352) 288-6563
Rick Kindt11845 SE 161st Ct Ocklawaha(352) 288-1911
D Hart11850 SE 161st Ct Ocklawaha(352) 288-9616
Enrique Cuevas11890 SE 123rd Ave Ocklawaha(352) 288-3521
Alice Dozier11940 E Highway 25 Ocklawaha(352) 288-2336
Russell Sands11970 E Highway 25 Ocklawaha(352) 288-3203
Cecilia Truesdale11972 SE 128th Place Rd Ocklawaha(352) 499-0058
Deborah Delabar12055 SE 135th Ave Ocklawaha(352) 310-9032
Betty Bailey12088 SE Highway 464 Ocklawaha(352) 288-9179
Robert Barry12119 SE 139th Ave Ocklawaha(352) 288-6156
Robert Staab12131 SE 129th Ct Ocklawaha(352) 288-0032
R R Reed12210 E Highway 25 Ocklawaha(352) 288-6785
Edward Boger12230 SE 142nd Ave Ocklawaha(352) 288-1654
John Sharpe12270 E Highway 25 Ocklawaha(352) 288-8694
David Moore12339 SE Maricamp Rd Ocklawaha(352) 288-1677
Anthony J Demarco12360 SE 138th Ave Ocklawaha(352) 288-0184
Charles Womer12400 SE 126th Ct Ocklawaha(352) 288-2869
Brenda Geyman12440 SE 142nd Ct Ocklawaha(352) 288-0948
Jones Casey12480 SE 136th Ter Ocklawaha(352) 288-4810
Donald Clinton12499 E Highway 25 Ocklawaha(352) 288-0152
Gay Camp12512 SE 139th Ct Ocklawaha(352) 288-0844
Karen Bruha12634 SE Maricamp Rd Ocklawaha(352) 288-1550
George Coppola12780 SE 143rd Ct Ocklawaha(352) 288-0862
Mark Overs12798 SE 122nd Pl Ocklawaha(352) 288-1189
John A Trudell12855 SE 122nd Pl Ocklawaha(352) 288-8930
Joseph M Monroe12935 SE 118th Pl Ocklawaha(352) 288-5695
J Langley12940 SE 122nd Pl Ocklawaha(352) 288-4976
Willard Skidmore12950 SE 120th St Ocklawaha(352) 288-1006
Darlene Heffren12988 SE 120th St Ocklawaha(352) 288-1267
Judy K Clinch13049 SE 105th Ct Ocklawaha(352) 288-4475
John W Miller13056 SE 102nd Ter Ocklawaha(352) 288-7364
Barry J Williams13120 SE 120th St Ocklawaha(352) 288-0941
Judy Litt13122 E Highway 25 Ocklawaha(352) 288-5058
L Gaouette13165 SE 105th Ct Ocklawaha(352) 288-0228
Sylvia McCall13190 SE 110th Ct Ocklawaha(352) 288-3428
Dennis Sawka13275 SE 107th Ter Ocklawaha(352) 288-0640
Patty McCarthy13330 SE 106th Ter Ocklawaha(352) 288-3301
Sandra McMeekin13361 SE 106th Ct Ocklawaha(352) 288-1034
Randy Hebert13376 SE 124 Pl Ocklawaha(352) 288-3009
Susan Hebert13376 SE 124 Pl Ocklawaha(352) 288-3009
Karen Burske13420 SE 122nd Pl Ocklawaha(352) 288-3294
C A Piasecny13469 SE 124th St Ocklawaha(352) 288-2893
Kay Ford13628 S Highway(352) 288-3673
Lindsey Saunders13640 SE 108th Court Rd Ocklawaha(352) 288-1798
E R McLeod13701 SE 119th Place Rd Ocklawaha(352) 288-2345
Charles Hall13725 S Highway 25 Ocklawaha(352) 288-0911
Rachael Howard13825 S Highway 25 Ocklawaha(352) 288-4518
Kurt D Woelfel13960 SE 124th St Ocklawaha(352) 288-1082
Sylvia Edwards14323 SE 128th St Ocklawaha(352) 288-2999
Richard Norton14455 E Highway 25 Ocklawaha(352) 499-0011
Linda O'brien14580 SE 139 Pl Ocklawaha(352) 288-9828
Richard Johnson14598 SE 47th Loop Ocklawaha(352) 625-3344
Audrey Huey15120 SE 103rd Street Rd Ocklawaha(352) 288-9204
Jeanne Mixon15131 SE 99th Pl Ocklawaha(352) 288-4653
Stephanie Aylor15201 SE 99th Pl Ocklawaha(352) 288-4861