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List of Streets and people in 32132 zip code, Edgewater city, Florida state

166 streets and people were found in 32132, Edgewater

NameStreet namePhone Number
Jerome Kulesia1005 Flying M Ct Edgewater(386) 423-1849
Jon Bodien1032 Ruth Dr Edgewater(386) 427-6801
Barbara E Garrett108 Monson Dr Edgewater(386) 427-7093
Carlos Ardila108 Sutton Pl Edgewater(386) 424-0357
Clifford Capelle11 Rio Del Indio Dr Edgewater(386) 423-6266
Ed Plotner1102 12th St Edgewater(386) 426-1397
Carol Kowatch1111 15th St Edgewater(386) 428-3767
Pearl Jewell113 E Knapp Ave Edgewater(386) 427-4150
William T Cole113 Hotel St Edgewater(386) 423-5630
P Sperry118 Bigelow Dr Edgewater(386) 423-0786
D S Dill119 E Park Ave Edgewater(386) 427-5839
David Thurston1209 Bond St Edgewater(386) 423-3508
Frances V Olds122 E Marion Ave Edgewater(386) 428-4230
Rudolph Almeida1314 Queen Palm Dr Edgewater(386) 427-4643
Wayne Schwanke1330 Orange Tree Dr Edgewater(386) 427-5671
Mary Beaudoin139 Shangri La Cir Edgewater(386) 423-7946
W K Robinson1413 S Riverside Dr Edgewater(386) 428-4706
Willie Whitley1415 Willow Oak Dr Edgewater(386) 423-3421
Astin Vitkauskas1421 Needle Palm Dr Edgewater(386) 427-3931
Patrick Kelly145 Oak Ridge Ave Edgewater(386) 402-8258
Louis P Degregorio JR1504 Royal Palm Dr Edgewater(386) 424-0386
Douglas Cole1507 Mango Tree Dr Edgewater(386) 427-7440
M A Ziegenfus1507 Monroe Dr Edgewater(386) 428-3805
Greg Fox1512 Travelers Palm Dr Edgewater(386) 427-2721
Glenn Henrichs1525 Tanner Cir Edgewater(386) 428-5018
Timothy Scarborough1529 Orange Tree Dr Edgewater(386) 428-1400
Joseph Collins1571 Tanner Cir Edgewater(386) 402-4504
D C Marshall1621 Orange Tree Dr Edgewater(386) 428-5446
F W Muller17 Wildwood Dr Edgewater(386) 423-4866
Vernal Mitchell1710 Dayton St Edgewater(386) 427-0511
C Durkos1712 Orange Tree Dr Edgewater(386) 423-7230
Larry D Barnes1716 Orange Tree Dr Edgewater(386) 426-2472
J C Fahnestock1721 Persimmon Cir Edgewater(386) 424-9668
Wilfred Pelletier1801 Kumquat Dr Edgewater(386) 424-0680
James R Hall1803 Juniper Dr Edgewater(386) 428-0254
Robert Smith1804 India Palm Dr Edgewater(386) 409-8693
Delores Ciuca1811 Date Palm Dr Edgewater(386) 428-4041
Wanda Cloutier1820 Travelers Palm Dr Edgewater(386) 428-0080
Paul Crouch1823 Queen Palm Dr Edgewater(386) 428-5638
Joseph Zincone2003 12th St Edgewater(386) 423-3191
June Scott210 Mango Tree Dr Edgewater(386) 426-8440
Dave Heyburn2105 12th St Edgewater(386) 426-0565
Beth Smith212 Hubbell St Edgewater(386) 426-5167
Diane Swindle212 Shangri La Cir Edgewater(386) 428-6611
Thomas Witter223 Flagler Ave Edgewater(386) 428-5667
Barbara Hamilton232 N Ridgewood Ave Edgewater(386) 402-8477
Rodney Deyoung24 Camino Real Dr Edgewater(386) 426-8179
Walter Vilk25 Las Palmas Dr Edgewater(386) 428-8898
Terry A Tilford305 Joyce St Edgewater(386) 423-7625
Julius M Morodan3064 Ragis Rd Edgewater(386) 427-1467
Peter Vecchio3101 Memphis Ter Edgewater(386) 428-1748
Judith Matis319 Paradise Ln Edgewater(386) 423-5032
Linda Futch322 Canal Rd Edgewater(386) 427-4061
Suzanne Colver326 Hart Ave Edgewater(386) 402-8068
Steven Simmons408 Hart Ave Edgewater(386) 427-2777
John W Cory427 Perdita Ave Edgewater(386) 427-6862
Gerald Wagner49 Camino Real Ct Edgewater(386) 409-7281
E K Schweizer511 N Riverside Dr Edgewater(386) 424-0185
Martin Booth525 Coral Trace Blvd Edgewater(386) 402-8034
Jean Murdock6 Camino Real Ct Edgewater(386) 423-9351
Don Randolph807 Flagler Ave Edgewater(386) 428-5675
David Litten818 Star Reef Ln Edgewater(386) 402-8369
Royce Philbrook9 Camino Real Dr Edgewater(386) 423-7427
Edward Ferris921 New York St Edgewater(386) 427-6448
K Travis924 Flagler Ave Edgewater(386) 427-4065
L K Keister1772 Persimmon Cir Edgewater(386) 424-1786
Margaret Ellis118 Mockingbird Ln Edgewater(386) 426-1304
Hannah Forrest120 Riverview Dr Edgewater(386) 426-1327
Donna Nixon1728 Willow Oak Dr Edgewater(386) 426-2621
J Slye1311 Travelers Palm Dr Edgewater(386) 426-5442
Frederick Mason1106 15th St Edgewater(386) 426-6355
George F Wirsch122 Oak Ridge Ave Edgewater(386) 427-0770
Eleanor Sims1626 Royal Palm Dr Edgewater(386) 427-1338
Lois Boyle309 Paradise Ln Edgewater(386) 427-1374
Lois Simmons110 Monson Dr Edgewater(386) 427-1886
A Sherman307 Adele St Edgewater(386) 427-4017
Olin Kennedy1703 Kumquat Dr Edgewater(386) 427-4172
Joseph Almodovar1807 Pine Tree Dr Edgewater(386) 427-5505
Shirley Chambers112 W Pine Bluff St Edgewater(386) 427-5585
Earnest Littell1797 Persimmon Cir Edgewater(386) 427-8844
Frances Liller1515 Travelers Palm Dr Edgewater(386) 428-1515
Sharon Wager118 E Yelkca Ter Edgewater(386) 428-1543
Edith Prochaska110 Hotel St Edgewater(386) 428-1564
Charles Jessup1529 Victory Palm Dr Edgewater(386) 428-3085
Stephen Choma1510 Royal Palm Dr Edgewater(386) 428-4240
Muriel T Romano309 Wildwood Dr Edgewater(386) 428-4685
Dolores Garber313 Paradise Ln Edgewater(386) 428-8272
Marie PeiselPalm Coast(386) 445-9037
Linda Small1629 Willow Oak Dr Edgewater(386) 478-0446
John Grundy1522 S Riverside Dr Edgewater(386) 663-7317
Robin McGregor118 Mockingbird Ln Edgewater(386) 663-8019
Michael Day1523 Juniper Dr Edgewater(386) 402-4012
Don Strickland43 Las Palmas Dr Edgewater(386) 402-4058
Susan Patterson114 Sutton Pl Edgewater(386) 402-4076
Carla Casolara-Ortiz676 Coral Trace Blvd Edgewater(386) 402-4257
John Pruchnik1 Las Palmas Dr Edgewater(386) 402-4813
William F Fulwider1112 12th St Edgewater(386) 409-7322
Patricia Standing236 Hubbell St Edgewater(386) 409-8005
Catherine Phillips61 Las Palmas Dr Edgewater(386) 423-0426
Joseph Martinos105 Woodley Ave Edgewater(386) 423-2134