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List of Streets and people in 30054 zip code, Oxford city, Georgia state

359 streets and people were found in 30054, Oxford

NameStreet namePhone Number
James E Towler JR10 Northwood Oak Dr Oxford(678) 342-9494
A R McAdoo100 Whipporwill Dr Oxford(770) 385-6582
Ivone Alvarez101 E MacEdonia Church Rd Oxford(678) 625-8817
Alan Bradley105 Whipporwill Dr Oxford(770) 385-3293
J E Sams JR1082 Cook Rd Oxford(770) 385-3247
Jimmy Nolley109 Airport Ct Oxford(678) 342-4470
Mozell Smith10991 City Pond Rd Oxford(770) 786-9629
Kathryn L Hogan1110 Hull St Oxford(770) 786-2778
William Murdy1111 Wesley St Oxford(770) 385-6922
Michael Traylor11123 City Pond Rd Oxford(770) 786-1003
Irene Jackson112 Sockwell Rd Oxford(770) 385-0271
Benjamin Wiley1188 Duncan Rd Oxford(678) 625-8562
Debbie Durance1195 Ashland Farm Rd Oxford(678) 625-7165
Alton K Bruce11980 Highway 142 Oxford(770) 385-6277
Willie M Poole11980 Highway 142 Oxford(770) 787-4192
Larry T Whitman120 E Forest Way Oxford(678) 625-9002
Keith Richardson120 Wesleyan Way Oxford(678) 342-2647
Karen Wiley1208 Duncan Rd Oxford(770) 784-1199
R E Pryor1210 W MacEdonia Church Rd Oxford(678) 342-3376
Patrice Waguespack125 Ellis Rd Oxford(770) 787-9033
Pam Wilson1290 Olympic Dr Oxford(678) 342-0587
Pamela Barnes135 Starr Dial Rd Oxford(770) 787-2150
Danny Ellis1366 Gum Creek Rd Oxford(770) 784-7398
Ellie Andrews150 Marbrook Trce Oxford(770) 787-8798
Timothy Truman150 Whitehead Rd Sw Oxford(770) 385-6577
Julie Bean155 Northwood Creek Way Oxford(770) 385-1905
Georgi Brown155 Wesleyan Way Oxford(770) 385-8783
Wilma Scott165 Magnolia Dr Oxford(770) 786-9336
Charles D Robinson170 Highlands Forest Ln Oxford(678) 625-0772
Marinne E Jones170 River Birch Dr Oxford(678) 342-2490
James Robinson175 Tabor Forest Dr Oxford(678) 625-7650
Clinton Cannon190 Cannon Farm Rd Sw Oxford(770) 787-6924
Jeff Sheffield20 Northwood Creek Way Oxford(770) 385-9510
Jason Hyde200 Marbrook Trce Oxford(678) 658-6166
Tracy Hardin205 Tabor Forest Dr Oxford(770) 786-2175
Donald Bryant21 W Lake Dr Oxford(770) 786-1068
M Gibson210 Tabor Forest Dr Oxford(678) 342-7399
Vickie Stevenson2131 Highway 81 Oxford(770) 787-9934
Lucille Watson215 Marble Dr Oxford(770) 787-8637
Jerry Childers220 Carole Dr Oxford(678) 658-7069
Mary Carter220 E Clark St Oxford(770) 786-6234
Royce Holton2287 McKayla Ct Oxford(770) 385-7163
Debra Vanderbunt2326 Highway 81 Oxford(678) 658-6327
Randall Powell235 Townley Rd Oxford(770) 385-5118
Pat Vaughn2451 Red Oak Bnd Oxford(770) 787-4496
Henry Younker2471 Mount Zion Rd Oxford(770) 786-0937
Warren Kirkus25 Academy Ct Oxford(678) 342-4079
Aimee Norton25 Tabor Forest Dr Oxford(770) 385-5753
Mamie Smith25 W Keel St Oxford(770) 786-1325
Adel Underwood2500 Bryant Rd Oxford(770) 787-1635
David Barnes253 Sidney Lanier Dr Oxford(770) 786-2173
Linda Anthony255 E MacEdonia Church Rd Oxford(770) 385-9496
Kenneth Ralston260 Carole Dr Oxford(678) 658-6666
Matthew Martin270 Townley Rd Oxford(770) 786-9047
Evelyn Ovitt290 Tabor Forest Dr Oxford(770) 784-0215
Gerald Zielenske30 Green Valley Dr Oxford(678) 625-9377
Lucile H Lloyd30 Guinn Dr Oxford(678) 625-0390
M S Oliver30 Holsenbeck Dr Oxford(770) 385-9597
Janet C Clark314 W Bonnell St Oxford(770) 786-4818
Benny Cowart320 Stone Lea Trce Oxford(770) 788-2799
Randall Parks380 Cannon Farm Rd Sw Oxford(770) 787-0279
C Oworu391 Bald Rock Rd Oxford(678) 658-7447
Edward J Pirtle40 Gardenia Ct Oxford(770) 788-1892
George B Brown40 Holsenbeck Dr Oxford(770) 787-9221
Betty Sharpe40 Northwood Springs Dr Oxford(770) 385-5793
Harold Ewing400 Ellington Rd Oxford(770) 784-9268
Charles E Rhodes JR405 Duncan Rd Oxford(770) 787-8373
Paul Senn408 Cornish Mountain Rd Oxford(770) 787-3512
Margie Sheets4446 Gauntt Rd Se Oxford(770) 788-7439
John Brooks45 Clear Spring Ln Oxford(770) 786-3789
Haywood A Owens45 Highlands Ln Oxford(770) 787-4207
Cynthia Fontenot45 Mockingbird Ln Oxford(678) 658-6657
Brandy Anglin45 Spring Ct Oxford(770) 787-4733
Robert Waters45 Towers Rd Oxford(770) 786-5838
Teresa Cobb456 Oxford Rd Oxford(770) 786-6856
Shirley Aycock475 Moore Rd Oxford(770) 787-1332
Leetra Bogues50 Ashford Dr Oxford(678) 342-4119
Cindy Bronwlee50 Stone Rd Oxford(678) 342-6833
M Davidson5002 Lower Jersey Rd Se Oxford(770) 385-7137
David W Jones501 Emory St Oxford(770) 788-1699
Kimberly M Sullivan504 Moore St Oxford(770) 788-9581
Linda Elkins505 Emory St Oxford(770) 385-2990
Cari Stone510 Byrd Rd Oxford(678) 658-7676
William R Wade5209 Hightower Trl Se Oxford(770) 786-0402
Nancy Stover5340 Fletcher Dr Sw Oxford(770) 728-9153
Lilly C Wiley5348 Wapakonata Trl Sw Oxford(770) 786-5245
Michelle Chaudhuri55 Guinn Dr Oxford(678) 712-9340
Richard L Russell5524 Highway 138 Sw Oxford(770) 786-4057
Teddy Thompson5708 Hillview Dr Sw Oxford(770) 385-9350
Dana Hall574 Edwards Rd Oxford(770) 787-5816
J L Higgins591 W MacEdonia Church Rd Oxford(770) 786-2836
Robert Kitchens60 Magnolia Dr Oxford(770) 786-6664
Chris Braswell60 Oak Forest Dr Oxford(678) 625-4146
W J Shellhouse60 Upland Trl Oxford(770) 788-1588
John B Stamps610 W MacEdonia Church Rd Oxford(770) 787-1875
Richard Chambers629 Shepherds Xing Oxford(770) 385-0775
D E Sheffield65 Black Rock Ct Oxford(678) 342-6517
Shannon Sneed688 Duncan Rd Oxford(770) 788-0225
Brandon Cole70 Whipporwill Dr Oxford(770) 385-5459
Jerome Mathis75 Hickory Hill Dr Oxford(770) 787-7839