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List of Streets and people in 2871 zip code, Portsmouth city, Rhode Island state

1733 streets and people were found in 2871, Portsmouth

NameStreet namePhone Number
Paul Fisher1 3rd St Portsmouth(401) 683-3554
Charles Morgan1 E Main Rd Portsmouth(401) 846-5029
J Lingner1 Lagoon Rd Portsmouth(401) 683-6380
Reginald Patota1 Lagoon Rd Portsmouth(401) 683-3880
Michael Ripa1 North Dr Portsmouth(401) 293-0756
Kelly Flaherty1 Tower Dr Portsmouth(401) 293-5412
Maleeka Kravitz10 4th St Portsmouth(401) 293-0301
Brian Massarotti10 Cul De Sac Way Portsmouth(401) 683-7587
Kristel Massarotti10 Cul De Sac Way Portsmouth(401) 683-7587
Elizabeth Almeida10 Fox Run Portsmouth(401) 683-7664
L Rousseau10 Ravine Rd Portsmouth(401) 683-3827
Mary Purcell10 Sherwood Rd Portsmouth(401) 683-3593
Christine Bednarz100 Almeida Ter Portsmouth(401) 846-1502
Anthony Ventura100 Benjamin Dr Portsmouth(401) 683-3516
Rosalyn Brigham100 Devin Dr Portsmouth(401) 683-4422
Laurie Ruttenberg100 Hedly St Portsmouth(401) 293-0064
Gabriel Cabral100 Holliston Ave Portsmouth(401) 683-0757
Paul B Crabb100 King Charles Dr Portsmouth(401) 682-1829
Frank Faria100 Point Rd Portsmouth(401) 683-1097
John Kelchner100 Robin Rd Portsmouth(401) 683-9745
Philip Osborne101 Ferry Landing Cir Portsmouth(401) 293-5214
Ray Berberick1016 E Main Rd Portsmouth(401) 682-2007
Richard Lemish102 Glen Rd Portsmouth(401) 683-1018
William Brown102 Greenfield Ave Portsmouth(401) 683-9949
David Clark102 Linda Ave Portsmouth(401) 683-1194
Michael Mello102 Water St Portsmouth(401) 683-6682
Jack Childs1025 Anthony Rd Portsmouth(401) 683-9721
David W Smith103 Windward Dr Portsmouth(401) 683-5879
Kathryn Welles1040 Middle Rd Portsmouth(401) 293-0894
J F Smith1046 W Main Rd Portsmouth(401) 293-0923
Philip Virgadamo105 Ferry Landing Cir Portsmouth(401) 293-5233
Louis Lopresto105 Mill Ln Portsmouth(401) 683-9877
W C Tuggle105 Roger Williams Ct Portsmouth(401) 683-1848
A Campbell106 Cedar Ave Portsmouth(401) 293-0852
A Hull106 Cedar Ave Portsmouth(401) 293-0852
George Butler106 Oakland Farm Rd Portsmouth(401) 841-5464
R Bisang107 Cromwell Dr Portsmouth(401) 293-5483
Nancy Dluhy108 Emmanuel Dr Portsmouth(401) 683-2145
Wilkey Duncan JR108 Middle Rd Portsmouth(401) 683-9180
Jessica Hancock109 Cottage Ave Portsmouth(401) 683-2768
Marilyn Gifford109 Henry Danis Ct Portsmouth(401) 683-7696
Gary Eggeman109 Malee Ter Portsmouth(401) 849-5438
Agnes Silvia1094 E Main Rd Portsmouth(401) 683-3399
Matt Deangelis11 Cindy Ln Portsmouth(401) 683-0530
John Zeller11 King Charles Dr(401) 682-1600
Heather Wilson11 Lawrence Ter Portsmouth(401) 683-2050
Rebecca Lennahan11 Maniton Dr Portsmouth(401) 682-1317
Robert Suplido JR11 North Dr Portsmouth(401) 293-5645
David Murphy11 Warrens Way Portsmouth(401) 683-2403
Douglas Kenney110 Hedly St Portsmouth(401) 683-1339
Allison Kiely110 Prospect Farm Rd Portsmouth(401) 683-0684
M Victor110 Wapping Rd Portsmouth(401) 847-1774
Michele Foster111 Glen Rd Portsmouth(401) 683-6844
Michael Delemos111 Lilac Ln Portsmouth(401) 683-6399
Patti Dragicevich111 Pear St Portsmouth(401) 683-2770
Donald Ibbotson111 Seaconnet Blvd Portsmouth(401) 683-1459
Stephen Medeiros112 Easton Ave Portsmouth(401) 683-3362
D Pavao112 Henry Danis Ct Portsmouth(401) 683-0763
Stephen Rosasco112 Locust Ave Portsmouth(401) 683-6337
William G Rogers113 Viking Dr Portsmouth(401) 683-9604
David Perlingiero1134 W Main Rd Portsmouth(401) 293-0976
G Bussiere114 Cromwell Dr Portsmouth(401) 683-6556
Stephen Tart114 Valhalla Dr Portsmouth(401) 683-0756
James Oliveira115 Emmanuel Dr Portsmouth(401) 683-4091
K Brockway115 Holman St Portsmouth(401) 683-3021
David Wheeler115 Prospect Ln Portsmouth(401) 293-0655
Kristin Wheeler115 Prospect Ln Portsmouth(401) 293-0655
Robert Gross115 Young Dr Portsmouth(401) 619-1926
Evelyn M Ellis116 Cliff Ave Portsmouth(401) 683-3848
Gilbert Craig116 W Main Rd Portsmouth(401) 683-4737
D Jarvis1176 Middle Rd Portsmouth(401) 683-9171
Judy Krupa118 Heritage Dr Portsmouth(401) 293-0313
Kevin Krupa118 Heritage Dr Portsmouth(401) 293-0313
Kim Hall118 Wampanoag Dr Portsmouth(401) 683-7485
Arthur Rego1189 E Main Rd Portsmouth(401) 683-1910
Mohsen Soltani119 Mussel Bed Shoal Rd Portsmouth(401) 683-4371
Pat Magill119 Pear St Portsmouth(401) 683-7698
David Hunter12 Ann Ave Portsmouth(401) 683-2023
Kimberly Riley12 Ann Ave Portsmouth(401) 293-0147
Charles Kalogeras12 Corys Ct Portsmouth(401) 683-2986
K Bateman12 Donna Dr Portsmouth(401) 683-3140
Harry H Grimm12 Fox Run Portsmouth(401) 683-5832
Filomena Tougas12 Kensington Ave Portsmouth(401) 683-3171
Armand St Laurent12 Liberty St Portsmouth(401) 683-1411
Thomas W Walsh120 Carnegie Harbor Dr Portsmouth(401) 293-5889
Kristen Verdeaux120 Foxboro Ave Portsmouth(401) 682-1556
Richmond Raulli120 Raymond Dr Portsmouth(401) 683-1247
Brenda Bailey120 Soares Dr Portsmouth(401) 682-1638
Peter Muir121 Foxboro Ave Portsmouth(401) 683-3951
Peterson L Doire121 Greystone Ter Portsmouth(401) 293-0246
David C Sanderson121 Holliston Ave Portsmouth(401) 683-1838
Kelly Gersen123 Lilac Ln Portsmouth(401) 293-0525
Richard Tully123 Power St Portsmouth(401) 293-0653
Barbara Eyster123 Raymond Dr Portsmouth(401) 682-1509
Leshia Ivy1237 E Main Rd Portsmouth(401) 293-0656
James Royer124 Heidi Dr Portsmouth(401) 683-1332
John Rice124 Storm King Dr Portsmouth(401) 847-8434
David Bredemeier1249 Anthony Rd Portsmouth(401) 683-3799
Charles Silvia125 Bramans Ln Portsmouth(401) 847-5366
Connie Plumb125 Ferry Landing Cir Portsmouth(401) 293-0421