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List of Streets and people in 2822 zip code, Exeter city, Rhode Island state

478 streets and people were found in 2822, Exeter

NameStreet namePhone Number
James R Hallene1 James Pl Exeter(401) 294-7598
Ginny Mancini1 Mancini Pl Exeter(401) 294-2140
Littlefield Nichols JR1 South County Trl Exeter(401) 294-9115
J Marchetti10 Pinoak Dr Exeter(401) 295-7220
Terry Reis10 Rod Rd Exeter(401) 295-0678
Kristen Packer10 Tarbox Dr Exeter(401) 294-9224
Katherine McSoley10 Timber Ln Exeter(401) 667-7353
A M Manes100 Mill Pond Rd Exeter(401) 294-3862
B Clarke100 Widow Sweets Rd Exeter(401) 295-9180
Deborah Rodrigues1016 Ten Rod Rd Exeter(401) 295-0844
Domingos Rodrigues1016 Ten Rod Rd Exeter(401) 295-0844
Jennifer Patrusezich104 Scenic Way Exeter(401) 667-0537
Raymond Costigan105 Tripps Corner Rd Exeter(401) 295-0716
Kerri Marcyan106 Scenic Way Exeter(401) 294-9080
Carl Bowen106 Sodom Trl Exeter(401) 295-7004
Matthew Bellisle1070 Ten Rod Rd Exeter(401) 294-0080
Robert Silva109 Mail Rd Exeter(401) 294-0168
Thomas Plante11 Eric John Ct Exeter(401) 294-1222
D Fetherston11 Quail Hollow Dr Exeter(401) 295-2358
Gregory Allen SR11 Raymond Potter Ln Exeter(401) 294-3618
Isaac Ginis11 Windrose Cir Exeter(401) 295-4894
Margaret Fonseca110 Pinecrest Dr Exeter(401) 294-4249
Ruth Farrell113 Whispering Pine Way Exeter(401) 667-2725
Brian Sullivan115 Mill Pond Rd Exeter(401) 295-7978
William A Hopkins115 Ridge Dr Exeter(401) 294-2077
Paula Flori116 Falcon Ridge Dr Exeter(401) 295-1441
James Angi116 Locust Valley Rd Exeter(401) 295-1629
Heather-Rose Mattias119 Austin Farm Rd Exeter(401) 385-9924
Susan Brand12 Birch Dr Exeter(401) 392-1262
Ron Mancyak12 Queens Fort Ln Exeter(401) 294-6321
Thos Boyd120 Beechwood Hill Trl Exeter(401) 294-2593
Patricia Tennett122 Whispering Pine Way Exeter(401) 294-9420
Joseph E Stubbs III124 East Shore Dr Exeter(401) 397-2506
Russell Reis1246 Ten Rod Rd Exeter(401) 295-0678
Ken Johnson125 Austin Farm Rd Exeter(401) 385-9556
Arthur Brayman125 Black Plain Rd Exeter(401) 397-3611
Christine Padula129 Liberty Rd Exeter(401) 295-4866
Fred Galli129 Sunderland Rd Exeter(401) 667-0226
Arlene Phillips129 Whispering Pine Way Exeter(401) 667-7422
I C Sheldon129B New London Tpke Exeter(401) 397-6837
Monna L Morgan13 Birch Dr Exeter(401) 397-6415
Arthur Hillery III13 Partridge Dr Exeter(401) 295-7887
Ray Pezza130 Liberty Church Rd Exeter(401) 295-5787
M Matano132 New Rd Exeter(401) 294-4627
Nyssa Clift133 West Shore Dr Exeter(401) 385-3368
Lori Tortolano135 New Rd Exeter(401) 295-9195
Carleigh Gordon135 Skunk Hill Rd Exeter(401) 539-2250
Joseph W Conroy135 Stony Ln Exeter(401) 294-6471
Sharon Lean136 Beechwood Hill Trl Exeter(401) 295-8402
Gloria San Antonio137 Widow Sweets Rd Exeter(401) 294-3108
Deborah Hobson139 Purgatory Rd Exeter(401) 295-8362
John Zaborski139 West Shore Dr Exeter(401) 385-9237
Chad Spencer14 Beechwood Hill Trl Exeter(401) 667-2723
Terry Stringer14 Eric John Ct Exeter(401) 294-6225
Michael Bullock14 Rose Dr Exeter(401) 295-0334
Nicole Ferri142 Widow Sweets Rd Exeter(401) 294-3494
Francis P Digregorio143 Hallville Rd Exeter(401) 295-0778
Stanley Klotz143 Purgatory Rd Exeter(401) 295-0514
Anne M Westervelt145 Old Voluntown Rd Exeter(401) 539-0071
Terry Doyle145 Sheffield Hill Rd Exeter(401) 295-2485
D Robitaille149 Black Plain Rd Exeter(401) 397-2279
Kristen Bennett15 Scenic Way Exeter(401) 667-0669
Kathleen Laferriere151 Hallville Rd Exeter(401) 294-1055
L Mirza151 Ten Rod Rd Exeter(401) 294-3055
J Willis1542 Ten Rod Rd Exeter(401) 397-6049
R Williams155 Black Plain Rd Exeter(401) 392-3596
Alan Kornstein155 Ridge Dr Exeter(401) 294-7797
Cynthia Infussi155 Yawgoo Valley Rd Exeter(401) 295-0169
Kenneth Weydig155 Yawgoo Valley Rd Exeter(401) 294-3018
Gerald Keane155A Skunk Hill Rd Exeter(401) 539-4085
Henry L Palmer JR1571 Ten Rod Rd Exeter(401) 397-7106
Bethany McGill158 West Shore Dr Exeter(401) 397-9638
John Cwiek16 Levitt Ln Exeter(401) 294-7091
George R Thayer1653 Ten Rod Rd Exeter(401) 397-7712
Paul McFadden166 Liberty Rd Exeter(401) 294-6351
Ronald Racine166 Ridge Dr Exeter(401) 667-7575
Maria McGuinness167 Black Plain Rd Exeter(401) 397-6432
John Medeiros169 Sheffield Hill Rd Exeter(401) 294-9387
Thos J McDonough17 Levitt Ln Exeter(401) 295-5424
Marvin Pelser17 Locust Valley Rd Exeter(401) 294-9272
Bethany Lakeway17 Pinecrest Dr Exeter(401) 294-6835
Gregory Gent17 Sodom Trl Exeter(401) 667-2768
Charles Littlefield170 Austin Farm Rd Exeter(401) 392-0189
Virginia Miller1721 Ten Rod Rd Exeter(401) 397-7907
Ruth Colwill174 Hallville Rd Exeter(401) 295-3188
David Hathaway175 Tripps Corner Rd Exeter(401) 267-1011
S Boyer1771 Ten Rod Rd Exeter(401) 539-2766
Thomas Le Blanc1773 Ten Rod Rd Exeter(401) 539-1053
Marjorie Coutu180 Austin Farm Rd Exeter(401) 397-7431
Henry Barclay180 Narrow Ln Exeter(401) 294-3766
Jos F Lombardi181 New Rd Exeter(401) 295-1132
Vivian Ball181 Purgatory Rd Exeter(401) 295-7859
Kim Savastano182 Hallville Rd Exeter(401) 294-9833
L J Barber184 Tripps Corner Rd Exeter(401) 294-3190
Anne Rothenberg19 Dolly Pond Rd Exeter(401) 294-9946
Irwin A Vilardofsky19 Evergreen Dr Exeter(401) 295-0185
G Ferron19 Sweet Laurel Ln Exeter(401) 295-9965
James D Robinson190 East Shore Dr Exeter(401) 397-5467
J Simas191 East Shore Dr Exeter(401) 397-5403
Ruth Gordon191 Ten Rod Rd Exeter(401) 295-5863