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List of Streets and people in 2816 zip code, Coventry city, Rhode Island state

2694 streets and people were found in 2816, Coventry

NameStreet namePhone Number
Neil Gagnon1 Arnold Rd Coventry(401) 823-4158
L Houle1 Autumn Ridge Rd Coventry(401) 397-2784
Sheila Harrington1 Beaton St Coventry(401) 823-0224
Stacey Brookshire1 Brookfield Rd Coventry(401) 615-3557
Evo Deus1 Callahan Way Coventry(401) 828-5451
B Delifino1 Clarke Rd Coventry(401) 615-0638
Joseph J Spagnolo1 Colewood Cir Coventry(401) 397-7049
Michael Peterkin1 Cynthia Dr Coventry(401) 822-2536
Alfred Lafazia1 Driftwood Dr Coventry(401) 826-0866
Patrick Connelly1 Eleanor Dr Coventry(401) 821-0870
Sean Oleary1 Grant Dr Coventry(401) 821-4630
Vincent Fava1 Hancock Dr Coventry(401) 822-4115
Tom Whalen1 Hide Away Coventry(401) 825-7726
Jeanne Durand1 Island Dr Coventry(401) 823-8456
J Quinn1 Joyce St Coventry(401) 828-1867
Genevieve Guy1 Kathy Ave Coventry(401) 821-1270
Helene Liner1 Kingfisher Dr Coventry(401) 823-8639
Phil Kershaw1 Laforge Dr Coventry(401) 822-2379
J Moore1 Lane F Coventry(401) 823-5446
Austin Cooney1 Laurie Ave Coventry(401) 826-3592
Margaret Case1 Lemis St Coventry(401) 822-0321
Robert M Case1 Lemis St Coventry(401) 822-0321
Randy Barber1 Longfellow Dr Coventry(401) 822-1915
Dana Deverna1 Marion Dr Coventry(401) 615-3725
Christophe Thomas1 Nichole Ln Coventry(401) 397-1009
Robin Thomas1 Nichole Ln Coventry(401) 397-1009
Jacob Blais1 Notre Dame St Coventry(401) 822-0240
Matthew Masciarotte1 Partridge Dr Coventry(401) 822-1896
Joseph E Turgeon1 Pettine St Coventry(401) 828-4009
Robert Dick1 Reno Ct Coventry(401) 823-3339
Howard Greene1 River Ave Coventry(401) 821-2482
Kim Capwell1 Sheltra Ave Coventry(401) 823-4147
Barbara Gowdey1 Sunset Ave Coventry(401) 821-0569
Coreena Maloney1 Wesleyan Ave Coventry(401) 615-8467
Roberto Flores1 Whittier Dr Coventry(401) 828-1387
Eugene Nielson1 Wilshire Way Coventry(401) 821-5163
Del Lawrence SR1 Windy Hill Ln Coventry(401) 385-9882
Anthony Confreda1 Wisteria Dr Coventry(401) 828-1422
Eileen Asselin10 Allison Ave Coventry(401) 397-6026
Thomas Mulligan10 Arrowwood Dr Coventry(401) 385-9425
Tammy Clark10 Battey Ave Coventry(401) 615-2342
Sherrie Lavoie10 Black Walnut Dr Coventry(401) 821-0636
William Scanlon10 Brentwood Dr Coventry(401) 821-3769
James Petrarca10 Butternut Dr Coventry(401) 828-8608
Bruce G Bainton10 Centre St Coventry(401) 821-4427
Robert Greene10 Cypress Rd Coventry(401) 828-7628
William H Sheldon10 Dawn Ln Coventry(401) 821-4552
T Skuce10 Francis St Coventry(401) 615-5618
Bernard Walls10 Garfield Dr Coventry(401) 822-3222
A F Di Meglio10 Ginger Trl Coventry(401) 823-5799
Ann Jensen10 Lane 6 Coventry(401) 397-8599
Michael Grenier10 Lawnwood Rd Coventry(401) 823-7092
Bill Sylvia10 Mountain Laurel Dr Coventry(401) 615-7152
Robert Scappini10 Orchid Trl Coventry(401) 823-5719
Raymond F Skorski10 Pine Acres Blvd Coventry(401) 828-5069
Anna F O'loughlin10 Sheffield Ave Coventry(401) 821-9052
James Walters SR10 Sycamore Dr Coventry(401) 397-6648
Frank Caparco10 Tero Dr Coventry(401) 823-3766
Jen Cataldo10 Wilshire Way Coventry(401) 821-2122
James Adams10 Wisteria Dr Coventry(401) 821-3413
Eleanor Darezzo10 Woodland Ave Coventry(401) 828-3520
James Woolley10 Woodland Ave Coventry(401) 821-0703
Margaret Woolley10 Woodland Ave Coventry(401) 821-0703
Dolores Battey10 Woodland Dr Coventry(401) 828-5730
J Dimartino10 Woodland Dr Coventry(401) 821-2502
Jeanette Davis10 Woodland Dr Coventry(401) 821-1841
Virginia Andreason10 Woodland Dr Coventry(401) 821-0940
Virginia Kelly10 Woodland Dr Coventry(401) 828-3839
James Ionata10 Woodmist Cir Coventry(401) 822-3339
Amanda King100 Franklin Rd Coventry(401) 397-5917
J Gladding100 Goldfinch Dr Coventry(401) 615-3445
Nikia Hawkins100 Goldfinch Dr Coventry(401) 826-0318
Bernadette Simpkins100 Woodland Dr Coventry(401) 826-0690
Katherine Trank100 Woodland Dr Coventry(401) 828-0019
Mary Poulos100 Woodland Dr Coventry(401) 822-0427
Sandra Hart100 Woodland Dr Coventry(401) 615-0559
K McGunagle1001 Hammet Rd Coventry(401) 392-8405
Peter Rossi101 Blackrock Rd Coventry(401) 821-1365
Robert D Cotnoir101 Columbia Ave Coventry(401) 828-4253
Jeffrey Mann101 Fairway Dr Coventry(401) 615-9837
Christine Lantagne101 Johnson Blvd Coventry(401) 615-2469
Anthony Masseur JR101 Mohawk St Coventry(401) 822-0112
E Livsey101 Wood Cove Dr Coventry(401) 823-6044
G Bousquet1015 Tiogue Ave Coventry(401) 615-8443
Mark Caddick1017 Tiogue Ave Coventry(401) 822-3946
C Leclerc102 Fairway Dr Coventry(401) 823-1397
Marc Hamelin1025 Fish Hill Rd Coventry(401) 397-5417
Harold Clark JR103 MacArthur Blvd Coventry(401) 828-2893
Mabel Rooney103 Station St Coventry(401) 821-7195
P Hoffman104 E Shore Dr Coventry(401) 828-5334
Cheryl Foss104 Reservoir Rd Coventry(401) 826-1732
Keith Foss104 Reservoir Rd Coventry(401) 826-1732
Richard Rossi104 Sherwood Valley Ln Coventry(401) 385-3556
Joseph Monteiro105 Bramble Bush Rd Coventry(401) 397-8171
C Fourquet105 Hammet Rd Coventry(401) 397-3181
Michelle Nason1051 Hill Farm Rd Coventry(401) 397-6213
Rita Burnham1052 Main St Coventry(401) 821-3147
Norman J Fontaine106 Princeton Ave Coventry(401) 828-5153
Wayne Hawkins106 Read Ave Coventry(401) 821-7728
Arthur L Anderson1065 Harkney Hill Rd Coventry(401) 397-3127