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List of Streets and people in 27263 zip code, Archdale city, North Carolina state

635 streets and people were found in 27263, Archdale

NameStreet namePhone Number
Kelly McDuffie1006 Bradford Ln Archdale(336) 434-7624
Carl Gleason1008 Dogwood Ln Archdale(336) 434-6547
Jeffrey Millis1008 Springwood Ln Archdale(336) 434-5877
Alton R Stone1009 Springwood Ln Archdale(336) 434-6229
Terry Jones101 Brookhollow Ln Archdale(336) 431-4845
Sandi Linville101 Deerfield Pl Archdale(336) 434-0206
Scott Nicholson101 Kingsfield Ct Archdale(336) 431-0598
Boyce S Owenby102 Beard Ave Archdale(336) 434-5285
John Sides102 Clydesdale Dr Archdale(336) 431-2937
Charles R Cronham1021 Springwood Ln Archdale(336) 431-8753
Patrick Figgatt1029 Bradford Ln Archdale(336) 434-1487
Darryl Brown103 Anna Ct Archdale(336) 434-6433
Clay Johnson103 Brookhollow Ln Archdale(336) 431-4358
James McClure103 Spruce Wood Ct Archdale(336) 307-3391
Greg Ring1039 Pegram Ave High Point(336) 861-6272
Darlen Pittman104 Aldridge Ln Archdale(336) 431-9778
James A Whittington JR104 Beard Ave Archdale(336) 434-5560
Rick Allen104 Belgian Dr Archdale(336) 307-4317
Susan Allman104 Clydesdale Dr Archdale(336) 434-2026
L B Rose104 Kingsfield Forest Dr Archdale(336) 434-6642
C W Lucas10435 S Main St Archdale(336) 431-2976
Joanne Gardner105 Armstrong Ct Archdale(336) 434-4848
Abed Hassan105 Baileys Way Archdale(336) 431-1338
J W Faircloth105 Brookhollow Ln Archdale(336) 431-5278
R D Proctor JR105 Gracie Ct Archdale(336) 434-7435
Gary W Brock105 Quakerwood Dr Archdale(336) 434-4234
Hina Fayaz105 Renola Dr Archdale(336) 431-9826
Matthew Smith105 Spruce Wood Ct Archdale(336) 905-7663
E T Cruthis105 Trey Ln Archdale(336) 434-1017
Dawn Molnar105 Walnut Grove Rd Archdale(336) 431-2249
John M Collie1052 Nc Highway 62 W High Point(336) 431-8845
Cheryl Poole106 Belgian Dr Archdale(336) 431-4444
Maurice E Huskey JR106 Brighton Village Ln Archdale(336) 434-9826
T F Parrish106 Lockhart St Archdale(336) 431-3202
Patti Triplett106 Shean Dr Archdale(336) 434-7262
Michael Wood106 Thomas St(336) 431-4775
Natalie Vermitsky107 Brighton Village Ln High Point(336) 434-3993
Arnold Kimball108 Armstrong Ct Archdale(336) 434-1486
Barry L Knight108 Lindsay Dr Archdale(336) 434-4042
Janet L Fletcher109 Meredith Dr Archdale(336) 434-9618
D W Moore110 Belgian Dr Archdale(336) 431-2227
Lena Smith110 Lonita St Archdale(336) 431-7805
George Triplett1102 Dogwood Ln Archdale(336) 434-4889
John Curtis1102 Sagewood Ln Archdale(336) 431-1922
G A Leonard1105 Dogwood Ln Archdale(336) 431-5750
Gladys Suggs1107 Byron Ln Archdale(336) 434-2418
James Lanier111 Kersey Dr Archdale(336) 431-3249
Patricia S Wood111 Kingsfield Forest Dr Archdale(336) 431-4459
Babette Lee111 Quakerwood Dr Archdale(336) 861-4860
Matthew Jackson1110 Dogwood Ln Archdale(336) 434-1004
Billy R Scism SR112 Craig Dr Archdale(336) 434-2347
Edward Hopkinson JR112 Daniel Paul Dr Archdale(336) 431-1196
George Davis112 N Hall St High Point(336) 431-4060
William S Luckey112 Quakerwood Dr Archdale(336) 431-1390
C R Allred1125 Nc Highway 62 W High Point(336) 431-4314
Lucinda Dipilato113 Aldridge Ln Archdale(336) 431-2092
Thomas W Barnes113 Dove Meadows Dr Archdale(336) 434-2528
Buford A Goff113 Quakerwood Dr Archdale(336) 431-1926
Jim Bowen114 Linda Dr Archdale(336) 431-6087
Cletus Frye114 Plummer Dr Archdale(336) 434-3540
Frank Draughn117 Shean Dr Archdale(336) 434-0202
Tammy Sykes119 Northeast Dr Archdale(336) 431-6859
Ninhing Szeto120 Hope Valley Dr Archdale(336) 434-4267
Dennis Clodfelter1200 Westbrook Ct Archdale(336) 431-6388
Sandra Sigmon1206 Westbrook Ct Archdale(336) 431-3485
D C Trotter121 Brookhollow Ln Archdale(336) 431-1865
Arlyn S Himes1210 Westbrook Ct Archdale(336) 861-6597
Larry Edmonds122 Rand Blvd Archdale(336) 434-5132
Joseph Blackburn1223 Rogar St High Point(336) 431-9635
Anthony Buck124 Dove Meadows Dr Archdale(336) 431-0926
Grace Witcher1243B Bowen Dr Archdale(336) 431-8756
Sarah S McCarthey125 Plummer Dr Archdale(336) 431-7345
L Smith127 Gate St High Point(336) 431-0106
Donald Crafton127 Hope Valley Dr Archdale(336) 431-4896
Timothy B Auman127 W White Dr Archdale(336) 861-6178
Terry L Duncan128 Apollo Cir Archdale(336) 431-1447
Stephen Moore1303 Chesapeake Ln Archdale(336) 431-1480
Linda G Varner1309 Bradford Ln Archdale(336) 431-9819
J L Culler131 Englewood Dr Archdale(336) 434-6208
Karla Hiatt1313 Nc Highway 62 W Archdale(336) 431-8190
James F Penny135 Apollo Cir Archdale(336) 431-7941
Ron Abee137 Apollo Cir Archdale(336) 431-4247
C J Cox1410 Cox Ave High Point(336) 431-1600
Nathan C Carter1448 Jackson Lake Rd High Point(336) 431-6711
Hewitt Wavel1501 Hughes Ct High Point(336) 431-3647
Margaret Y Honeycutt1502 Bradford Ln Archdale(336) 434-3021
Roger Nance1556 Kersey Valley Rd Archdale(336) 431-2288
Grayson King156 Apollo Cir Archdale(336) 434-2308
George Grant III1566 Kersey Valley Rd Archdale(336) 431-1988
Michael Idol160 Apollo Cir Archdale(336) 431-4052
Dennis Baggett162 Apollo Cir Archdale(336) 431-8865
Paul Wrenn1627 Jackson Lake Rd High Point(336) 434-4995
Clarence Marshall1629 Haney Way High Point(336) 431-7344
B B Simmons1714 Baker Rd High Point(336) 431-5084
Fred W Reavis1763 Nc Highway 62 W High Point(336) 434-1601
Lemuel D Dildine1826 Walton St High Point(336) 886-4246
Bruce Vaughn1884 Sechrest Cir High Point(336) 431-0509
Nita Vaughn1884 Sechrest Cir High Point(336) 431-0509
R B Picklesimer200 Northeast Dr Archdale(336) 434-9498
Shawn Smith201 Blair Ct Archdale(336) 431-9857