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List of Streets and people in 27233 zip code, Climax city, North Carolina state

60 streets and people were found in 27233, Climax

NameStreet namePhone Number
D S Hudson1535 Nc Highway 62 E Climax(336) 674-6513
Leo Kirkman2165 Forest Haven Dr Climax(336) 498-3327
Misty Keller2942 Providence Church Rd Climax(336) 685-5379
Richard A Crabtree3223 Providence Church Rd Climax(336) 685-9454
Sandy Barclay3457 Greeson Country Rd Climax(336) 685-4518
David Peele3472 Wayne White Rd Climax(336) 685-9502
Jerry Harris3622 Bernie Rd Climax(336) 674-3598
Bobby Saferight4052 New Salem Rd Climax(336) 685-5286
Tommy Hinshaw4080 New Salem Rd Climax(336) 685-0453
A W Odum4141 Hackett Ln Climax(336) 685-9192
William D Coble JR4160 Jess Hackett Rd Climax(336) 685-4509
Glen Coley4206 Jess Hackett Rd Climax(336) 685-9741
Jay Landers4328 Rader Dr Climax(336) 674-7367
Brian Andrews4516 Racine Rd Climax(336) 495-1266
S D Thorpe4734 Mack Lineberry Rd Climax(336) 498-3204
Douglas R Hensley4737 Racine Rd Climax(336) 498-4556
James A Williams4739 Sylvan Oaks Rd Climax(336) 498-4783
Dick Wrenn4941 Cade Rd Climax(336) 674-2945
J S Dingus5106 Circle T Trl Climax(336) 676-9816
Nathan Collins6106 Appomattox Rd Climax(336) 676-0115
Laurene Waddell6153 Pepperidge Way Climax(336) 685-0702
Doris Kimrey6434 Mowery Rd Climax(336) 674-2767
L B Smith6514 Monnett Rd Climax(336) 674-9216
Jerry Duncan6603 Company Mill Rd Climax(336) 674-2213
George W Wilhite6774 Monnett Rd Climax(336) 674-6684
Chester Turner7316 Company Mill Rd Climax(336) 674-0008
Carolyn Alverson7317 Company Mill Rd Climax(336) 674-0253
William Willis8833 Nc Highway 22 N Climax(336) 685-4857
James Heathcock5847 Johnston Ct Climax(336) 233-2033
Sharon James3274 Wayne White Rd Climax(336) 233-2016
Rudi Stockinger4501 Racine Rd Climax(336) 498-4500
Page Turbeville4763 Mack Lineberry Rd Climax(336) 498-8511
Azucena Rodriguez7317 Ledbetter Rd Climax(336) 455-9740
Heather Caudle1414 Elks Forest Dr Climax(336) 638-4945
B Davis6552 Monnett Rd Climax(336) 674-0277
Hank Corbett6803 Charnel Ln Climax(336) 674-2327
Buddy Reddick3547 Old Climax Rd Climax(336) 674-2376
Bobbie Boone6522 Monnett Rd Climax(336) 674-2770
Tracy Moser4322 Rader Dr Climax(336) 674-3501
Keith Presnell6568 Monnett Rd Climax(336) 674-3530
Nina B Lamb6314 Monnett Rd Climax(336) 674-5753
Tony R Bowman6580 Monnett Rd Climax(336) 674-5760
S K Neece6357 Company Mill Rd Climax(336) 674-5910
Roy E Gaines JR5914 Appomattox Rd Climax(336) 674-6417
Beth D Robinson7206 Mason Rd Climax(336) 674-8620
Jerry Dagenhart7140 Charnel Ln Climax(336) 676-7308
Neal Thomas2724 New Salem Rd Climax(336) 685-0126
Megan Routh8764 Nc Highway 22 N Climax(336) 685-0893
J F MinorClimax(336) 685-4228
Charles B Flowers2954 Monda Rd Climax(336) 685-4550
Adam Mitchell3389 Wayne White Rd Climax(336) 685-4960
Andrew V Hill3495 Maplewood Ln Climax(336) 685-4970
K Kennedy2698 Providence Church Rd Climax(336) 685-5187
Donna Anthony2767 Briaroak Dr Climax(336) 685-7019
Joel Carter2564 Red Cross Ct N Climax(336) 685-9144
Dianne Hodges3457 Maplewood Ln Climax(336) 685-9584
Kevin Gunter8267 Nc Highway 22 N Climax(336) 685-9822
Lindon C Brown3853 Lilliewood Ln Climax(336) 824-4831
Jason Haithcock2986 Emerald Farm Rd Climax(336) 824-7735
R C Reece5811 Johnston Ct Climax(336) 233-2043
Aide Vazquez4010 Plum Tree Rd Climax(336) 824-4683
Alan Cox5669 Mack Lineberry Rd Climax(336) 685-0335
Andy Whitaker3975 Jess Hackett Rd Climax(336) 685-4570
Aubrey Henry5815 Liberty Rd Climax(336) 674-9284
B D Griffin3260 Brownwood Dr Climax(336) 685-5114
B Zeller6527 Mowery Rd Climax(336) 674-0511
Betty Reece5811 Johnston Ct Climax(336) 233-2043
Brian Ritch2935 Benny Lineberry Rd Climax(336) 685-0651
Bud Rowe2961 Monda Rd Climax(336) 685-9286
C E Shives6482 Nc Highway 22 N Climax(336) 685-4536
Carlton Johnson2639 Briaroak Dr Climax(336) 685-5724
Charles M Drake3976 Jess Hackett Rd Climax(336) 824-2999
Craig Wright4233 Crooked Creek Rd Climax(336) 685-5925
D Draper3600 Old Climax Rd Climax(336) 674-9996
Daniel Taylor2763 Briaroak Dr Climax(336) 685-5503
Danny Welborn3356 Benny Lineberry Rd Climax(336) 685-9511
David Thackerson7301 Rader Ct Climax(336) 674-8121
David W Robb7153 Bethlehem Church Rd Climax(336) 674-2705
Donald Oliver7152 Charnel Ln Climax(336) 676-8738
Donnie R Gibson6016 Nc Highway 22 Climax(336) 674-1119
Dora Alfonso1400 Elks Forest Dr Climax(336) 674-7140
Dorothy Volle6308 Dusten Rd Climax(336) 674-0267
Douglas Curtis1123 Nc Highway 62 E Climax(336) 674-2352
Fred D Riggins JR6704 Charnel Ln Climax(336) 674-0937
Garland Dillard3559 Greeson Country Rd Climax(336) 685-4804
George Taylor4701 Stan Rd Climax(336) 674-5825
George Whitaker3226 Randolph Church Rd Climax(336) 685-4473
Gilbert Suggs6622 Hunting Lodge Rd Climax(336) 685-4161
Gina M Oates6642 Dusten Rd Climax(336) 676-1915
Greg Spurlin4644 Sylvan Oaks Rd Climax(336) 495-1317
Gurney Bowman6409 Monnett Rd Climax(336) 674-0430
Howard D Capps3702 Julian St Climax(336) 685-0241
Iris C Almond4288 Plum Tree Rd Climax(336) 824-4242
J F Chamelin7207 Mason Rd Climax(336) 674-0766
J L Clifton5789 Johnston Ct Climax(336) 685-0727
J R Moore5801 Johnston Ct Climax(336) 685-4895
James Scotton4335 Rader Dr Climax(336) 674-0487
Jeanette Fields7157 Charnel Ln Climax(336) 674-2382
Jeff Briggs5017 Circle T Trl Climax(336) 676-8372
Jerry Allred3359 Benny Lineberry Rd Climax(336) 685-4689