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List of Streets and people in 27050 zip code, Tobaccoville city, North Carolina state

119 streets and people were found in 27050, Tobaccoville

NameStreet namePhone Number
Harvey G Meadows105 Little Brook Dr Tobaccoville(336) 983-3021
Kim Baker2965 Rhonswood Dr Tobaccoville(336) 969-4913
Joe Chapman2980 Spainhour Mill Rd Tobaccoville(336) 983-9276
Donnie Kirkman3273 Serenity Ridge Ln Tobaccoville(336) 983-3759
Robert Harton3515 Richardson Ave Tobaccoville(336) 983-9868
Gary W Worrell3750 Worrell Dr Tobaccoville(336) 983-9511
Mark Bacon4086 Village Trace Dr Tobaccoville(336) 924-3933
Kurtis L Hemrick4290 Reid Rd Tobaccoville(336) 983-0139
J Farish4415 River Bluff Farms Rd Tobaccoville(336) 924-9987
Steven Atwood4594 Tobaccoville Rd Tobaccoville(336) 983-0069
Sara Byerly5304 River Bluff Farms Rd Tobaccoville(336) 922-4142
Michael Dehart5305 Oswego Ct Tobaccoville(336) 983-6194
Audrey Kazer5314 Crown Point Dr Tobaccoville(336) 983-8947
Brenda McClain5480 Tobaccoville Rd Tobaccoville(336) 985-0188
Harold V Owens5880 Tobaccoville Rd Tobaccoville(336) 924-2643
Shipps Washington6275 Tobaccoville Rd Tobaccoville(336) 924-6723
J L Thompson6311 Doral Dr Tobaccoville(336) 922-1039
Maverick Kendrick6489 Lawson Ln Tobaccoville(336) 983-7286
Billy O Talbert6606 Kreeger Farm Rd Tobaccoville(336) 983-5067
Michael W Brown6611 Doral Dr Tobaccoville(336) 983-3186
Robert G Long6691 Martin Ferry Rd Tobaccoville(336) 983-3281
T F Humprey6760 Shadyside Ln Tobaccoville(336) 983-2951
Mack Johnson7111 Donnaha Rd Tobaccoville(336) 983-9874
Winnie F Speas7130 Ridge Rd Tobaccoville(336) 983-9219
Katie Hale7190 Fisher Rd Tobaccoville(336) 983-5085
B Faith7508 Greenchase Ct Tobaccoville(336) 983-9944
Joel Rogers7561 Greenmeadow Dr Tobaccoville(336) 985-0766
John Blackburn7670 Stonewell Ln Tobaccoville(336) 983-9795
Hensel Hall8096 Donnaha Rd Tobaccoville(336) 983-0297
Charles Lemasters8401 Stanwix Dr Tobaccoville(336) 985-5331
Thomas Talbert8455 Stroupe Farm Rd Tobaccoville(336) 969-9098
Monica Bartle9450 Moore Rd Tobaccoville(336) 985-5535
Danny C CoxSpainhour Mill Rd Tobaccoville(336) 983-9559
H F Pfaff JRTobaccoville(336) 924-4880
Doug MooreRierson Rd Tobaccoville (336) 983-2248
David SalladayTobaccoville (336) 983-2815
Cary M Bostic9015 Meadowbrook Dr Tobaccoville (336) 983-3075
David Stanley5204 Tobaccoville Rd Tobaccoville (336) 983-3219
Heida JohnstonRolling Hill Dr Tobaccoville (336) 983-3864
Doris Nice4680 Tobaccoville Rd Tobaccoville (336) 983-4922
Raeford Spainhour9636 Jefferson Church Rd Tobaccoville (336) 983-5296
Stephanie Clenney6391 Payne Rd Tobaccoville (336) 983-5368
Benny Jeffords8840 Meadowbrook Dr Tobaccoville (336) 983-5880
Etta M Pettit4860 Spainhour Mill Rd Tobaccoville (336) 983-5882
Sarah Doby4735 Rockwell Place Dr Tobaccoville (336) 983-6023
Richard Butner4011 Rolling Hill Dr Tobaccoville (336) 983-6061
Pauline T KigerMeadowbrook Dr Tobaccoville (336) 983-6077
Gary Clifton4285 Spainhour Mill Rd Tobaccoville (336) 983-7319
Sandra H Cornelius9000 Rierson Rd Tobaccoville (336) 983-7662
Linda K Dawson6549 Doral Dr Tobaccoville (336) 983-8705
Robert H Phillips JR160 Little Brook Dr Tobaccoville (336) 983-8887
Sharon Lane4104 Lane Farm Rd Tobaccoville (336) 983-9687
Thomas Desena5730 Tobaccoville Rd Tobaccoville (336) 985-0199
Daniel Glynn1160 River Bluff Trl Tobaccoville (336) 985-2665
Tamara Dorsett7992 Snyder Farm Rd Tobaccoville (336) 985-3617
Greg L Spainhour5055 Spainhour Mill Rd Tobaccoville (336) 985-4619
Wanda Boyles4307 Spainhour Mill Rd Tobaccoville (336) 985-5309
Harold Mabe4083 Village Trace Dr Tobaccoville (336) 985-6002
Jeff Speaks4195 Spainhour Mill Rd Tobaccoville (336) 985-6220
K L Long4151 Bowens Rd Tobaccoville(336) 922-1173
Jack Rhodes6151 Doral Dr Tobaccoville(336) 922-3684
Wes Miller4158 Bowens Rd Tobaccoville(336) 922-5725
James G McGee6333 Doral Dr Tobaccoville(336) 922-7355
Warren G Spaugh6416 Doral Dr Tobaccoville(336) 924-2476
John A Priest6600 Littlefield Dr Tobaccoville(336) 924-6020
James L Reece2900 Rhonswood Dr Tobaccoville(336) 969-2166
David Lewis2914 Rhonswood Dr Tobaccoville(336) 969-4429
M D Shaffer3040 Reynwest Ct Tobaccoville(336) 969-4657
David M Alderman3497 Spainhour Mill Rd Tobaccoville(336) 983-0640
Dwight E Long4295 Kenleigh Forest Rd Tobaccoville(336) 983-2291
B R Cleary7815 Ridge Rd Tobaccoville(336) 983-2496
Clyde E Hauser9024 Rierson Rd Tobaccoville(336) 983-3544
W C Hemrick4591 Tobaccoville Rd Tobaccoville(336) 983-3640
Dennis M Dulen3503 Richardson Ave Tobaccoville(336) 983-3778
Tony V Bowen3271 Newsome Farm Rd Tobaccoville(336) 983-3812
Woody Sipek6485 Fisher Rd Tobaccoville(336) 983-4242
Melanie Martin5291 Crown Point Dr Tobaccoville(336) 983-4244
Teresa Moore9556 Creek Farm Rd Tobaccoville(336) 983-5341
Andrew Jessup3375 Serenity Ridge Ln Tobaccoville(336) 983-5612
Dalida Bucknall150 Rockwell Place Ct Tobaccoville(336) 983-6100
Ruby C Miller4210 Spainhour Mill Rd Tobaccoville(336) 983-8112
Karen Chapman2980 Spainhour Mill Rd Tobaccoville(336) 983-9276
Brandon Warren2176 Rierson Rd Tobaccoville(336) 985-0576
Steven Bennett3495 Tobaccoville Rd Tobaccoville(336) 985-3243
Cynthia M Stanley5309 Crown Point Dr Tobaccoville(336) 985-3628
W JonesTobaccoville(336) 985-4982
Randy Meacham1120 River Bluff Trl Tobaccoville(336) 985-5010
Carol Aylor4900 Tobaccoville Rd Tobaccoville(336) 985-5774
Jonathan Williams7955 Snyder Farm Rd Tobaccoville(336) 985-6114
Jonathan L Poplin4618 Tobaccoville Rd Tobaccoville(336) 985-6325
Leslie Hinson2912 Rhonswood Dr Tobaccoville(336) 642-4440
Tom Kincaid6280 Tobaccoville Rd Tobaccoville(336) 922-1123
Thomas W Shore4000 Bowens Rd Tobaccoville(336) 924-1455
Dawn S Douglas4790 Briggs Rd Tobaccoville(336) 924-5149
T H Kirkman6860 Rolling View Dr Tobaccoville(336) 924-5319
James E Cannon7210 Raccoon Rd Tobaccoville(336) 924-5781
P C Sidden4184 Bowens Rd Tobaccoville(336) 924-9202
E B Field9950 Moore Rd Tobaccoville(336) 983-0142
Dennis Swaim6645 Bethnia-Tobaccoville Rd Tobaccoville(336) 983-0345
Les W CollinsTrinity Church Rd Tobaccoville(336) 983-0402