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List of Streets and people in 27023 zip code, Lewisville city, North Carolina state

441 streets and people were found in 27023, Lewisville

NameStreet namePhone Number
John W Jeune1004 Conrad Rd Lewisville(336) 945-4164
Mark Cordell101 Ballyhoo Dr Lewisville(336) 946-1029
Graham Darden101 Blarney Ln Lewisville(336) 945-2663
Dixie Ross1027 Feldspar Ln Lewisville(336) 293-8820
Mitchell Reece1040 Kelwyn Ln Lewisville(336) 293-6663
Crystal Lewis105 Sedgewick Ridge Ct Lewisville(336) 945-6884
John Mercer1071 Feldspar Ln Lewisville(336) 602-2436
Jean Southard1091 Feldspar Ln Lewisville(336) 293-7769
R Southern1097 Sequoia Dr Lewisville(336) 945-4559
Steve Blaylock1105 Fallbrook Ln Lewisville(336) 293-7336
Jamie Tomlinson111 Eaglewood Dr Lewisville(336) 945-6682
Donna Tucker11555 Double Spring Rd Lewisville(336) 946-0410
P S Dalton1175 Lewisville Clemmons Rd Lewisville(336) 766-4492
Ross Honeycutt1198 Sequoia Dr Lewisville(336) 945-9472
Ronald L Parks1206 Meadow Chase Dr Lewisville(336) 945-6745
Carrie Williams1213 Brookway West Dr Lewisville(336) 945-3088
Jack Locicero1213 Brookway West Dr Lewisville(336) 946-2526
Jeffrey Needham127 Oak Leaf Ln Lewisville(336) 946-2552
Lynn Memoli130 Nanzetta Way Lewisville(336) 945-9057
L D Lavack1316 Thriftwood Trl Lewisville(336) 945-4114
Harold Johnson150 Cedarbrook Ct Lewisville(336) 945-6044
Michael Johnson154 Covington Pl Lewisville(336) 946-1008
Kevin Southern1821 Barnstable Rd Lewisville(336) 946-0355
Carl B Tussey1830 Barnstable Rd Lewisville(336) 945-9505
Charles D Peters1850 Pinehurst Dr Lewisville(336) 946-2835
Roger Williams192A Sonata Dr Lewisville(336) 945-0403
Joe W Butcher205 Belnette Dr Lewisville(336) 945-3491
S Hill2110 Hauser Rd Lewisville(336) 945-0156
Clifton Sheffield III213 Lakeway Dr Lewisville(336) 946-2490
Charles Trivette2141 Williams Rd Lewisville(336) 945-3300
Joyce Crane217 Lakeway Dr Lewisville(336) 945-4494
Timothy May2221 Ashley Lake Dr Lewisville(336) 945-3719
Robert J Pelc230 Lakeway Dr Lewisville(336) 945-5922
Brian McNeill235 Fox Ridge Cir Lewisville(336) 945-2345
K Gondring2433 Sattsgate Dr Lewisville(336) 945-9810
Jerry Southard245 Brookfarm Trl Lewisville(336) 945-5498
Rebecca Norman250 Conrad Cir Lewisville(336) 946-1517
Irma Muller255 Conrad Cir Lewisville(336) 945-2063
Kristoffer D Stewart270 Summerglen Dr Lewisville(336) 945-6808
Gene R Hackney300 Conrad Rd Lewisville(336) 945-9667
Michael Graves3018 Panther Ridge Ln Lewisville(336) 946-2498
Michael Collins308 Heatherford Dr Lewisville(336) 945-4903
J R Scales310 Fox Ridge Cir Lewisville(336) 945-6387
Michael L Barr3111 Panther Ridge Ln Lewisville(336) 945-6562
James A Britt312 Wyntfield Dr Lewisville(336) 945-3828
R K Stimson317 Ryan Patrick Ln Lewisville(336) 945-4974
Heather Riddick317 Wyntfield Dr Lewisville(336) 945-6300
Michael Hobby327 Riverwood Dr Lewisville(336) 946-2448
Jocelyn Whitley357 Slater Rd Lewisville(336) 946-1438
Larry Morris360 Westeba Rd Lewisville(336) 945-9529
John L Nelson395 Saddlebrook Cir Lewisville(336) 945-4381
Tiffany Reece420 Fairhaven Rd Lewisville(336) 945-9087
Mary Armitage432 Roller Mill Dr Lewisville(336) 945-9393
Jeff Adams440 Fairhaven Rd Lewisville(336) 945-6783
Amy North5197 Riverwest Rd Lewisville(336) 946-0824
Julie Knorr5281 Hidden Stream Dr Lewisville(336) 945-6226
Robert E Hudgins535 Pepperidge Rd Lewisville(336) 945-3888
James Tobin535 Spring Farm Ct Lewisville(336) 946-0514
J S Isgett540 Ketner Rd Lewisville(336) 945-5482
Paul Donohoe5708 Shallowford Rd Lewisville(336) 946-5085
A J Vitullo5800 Kinney Rd Lewisville(336) 766-2077
Rex D Jennings605 Westleigh Dr Lewisville(336) 945-9252
John G Shore621 Westleigh Dr Lewisville(336) 945-7829
Maria O Thompson625 Eden Rock Rd Lewisville(336) 945-4566
Douglas N Sealey7040 Franklin Rd Lewisville(336) 945-2750
Denise Hickman7081 Damon Dr Lewisville(336) 766-0444
Roger Haverlock7081 Damon Dr Lewisville(336) 766-0490
Alex Eksir7087 Damon Dr Lewisville(336) 245-8888
Cameron Meador7087 Damon Dr Lewisville(336) 766-8028
Dean W Hall713 Lewisville Clemmons Rd Lewisville(336) 945-2242
Eddie L Boles7133 Marshall Rd Lewisville(336) 945-3390
J A Bowers7175 Marshall Rd Lewisville(336) 945-5437
Ron Lawrence720 Garden Terrace Ln Lewisville(336) 945-6196
Melanie Weatherman7255 Marshall Rd Lewisville(704) 945-4738
Darin Needham7351 Yadkinville Rd Lewisville(336) 946-1224
Tom Laponte7363 Ridgecrest Trl Lewisville(336) 946-5137
W M Whitman7500 Franklin Rd Lewisville(336) 945-3405
Robert H Smith7550 Rondex Ln Lewisville(336) 945-2714
Noel L Dunn7590 Brookfield Dr Lewisville(336) 945-9522
J N Hicks7632 Warren Park Dr Lewisville(336) 945-0862
Irvin Franklin7679 Grapevine Rd Lewisville(336) 945-3450
Stephen Thompson7690 Sedgewick Ridge Rd Lewisville(336) 946-2190
Rebecca Kemerling7714 Seasons Hollow Rd Lewisville(336) 946-5078
Joyce Dilembo7733 Grapevine Rd Lewisville(336) 945-9528
Stevw Smith7812 Fair Bluff Dr Lewisville(336) 945-2230
Vernon Daugherty JR7827 Grapevine Rd Lewisville(336) 945-2236
Jack S Guthrie785 Dalton Rd Lewisville(336) 945-4569
Betty Brooks7924 Shallowford Rd Lewisville(336) 945-6518
Randy McKnight7945 Curtina Ln Lewisville(336) 945-3226
Hugh Dowdy800 Holly Hedge Dr Lewisville(336) 945-5248
Bill Doub8325 Twin Oaks Lake Dr Lewisville(336) 946-0213
Mickey Marlowe8373 Tuscany Dr Lewisville(336) 946-1140
Philip Averett8389 Tuscany Dr Lewisville(336) 946-1155
Tony Smith8509 Brook Meadow Ln Lewisville(336) 945-4441
V M Williams8551 Shallowford Rd Lewisville(336) 945-6647
Steven Warden8622 Concord Church Rd Lewisville(336) 946-2852
Marion Conrad8625 Shallowford Rd Lewisville(336) 945-5956
Susan McBride8680 Shallowford Rd Lewisville(336) 946-0855
Elaine Hardacker8829 Belhaven Ct Lewisville(336) 945-7975
J Coale8851 Kings Tree Rd Lewisville(336) 946-0595