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List of Streets and people in 27013 zip code, Cleveland city, North Carolina state

429 streets and people were found in 27013, Cleveland

NameStreet namePhone Number
Cynthia Wittum101 E Foard St Cleveland(704) 278-7035
Johnny Cuthbertson101 Old Mimosa St Cleveland(704) 278-2091
Visco L Jones1015 Phifer Rd Cleveland(704) 278-0753
Dana M Edwards1020 Childers Rd Cleveland(704) 278-2269
Melissa Howard1023 Shinnville Rd Cleveland(704) 663-5254
William S Ellis1030 Baker Mill Rd Cleveland(704) 278-0774
Steven Yates104 Chasse Ct Cleveland(704) 278-3759
Hugh Wilkins1045 Willibee Cir Cleveland(704) 278-0507
Robert Burns105 Alexander Dr Cleveland(704) 278-0892
Joseph Bosch105 W Foard St Cleveland(704) 278-1248
Howard Elliott1055 Childers Rd Cleveland(704) 278-0938
Stephen Dixon106 Dean Rd Cleveland(704) 278-9646
Pamela Carpenter106 S Depot St Cleveland(704) 326-5119
Thomas B McSwain106 School St Cleveland(704) 278-2394
John Harrison1062 Lucas Ln Cleveland(704) 326-5038
Samuel Boorse107 Bucks Run Ct Cleveland(704) 528-6363
James Knox107 Jones St Cleveland(704) 278-9937
A W Myers1070 Phifer Rd Cleveland(704) 278-0974
Nancy Myers1070 Phifer Rd Cleveland(704) 278-0974
A M Danner1075 Foster Rd Cleveland(704) 278-0245
Joseph Fontana1075 Phifer Rd Cleveland(704) 278-3254
Ronald Pope108 Bucks Run Ct Cleveland(704) 528-2532
Jim Haire10815 Cool Springs Rd Cleveland(704) 278-2541
Jerry Hogan1085 Redmon Rd Cleveland(704) 278-3473
Rachel L Knox109 Jones St Cleveland(704) 278-2789
Ronald Johnson109 Smith St Cleveland(704) 278-3545
Penny Bailey1109 Lucas Ln Cleveland(704) 278-2764
Richard Hansen111 Chasse Ct Cleveland(704) 278-3148
James Johnson1112 Ostwalt Amity Rd Cleveland(704) 528-6977
Gail McClain11125 Statesville Blvd Cleveland(704) 278-1194
Billy Plyler112 Goneaway Ln Cleveland(704) 528-8002
Ronald L White113 Hendren Ln Cleveland(704) 278-4301
Susan Campbell1140 Shinnville Rd Cleveland(704) 662-0187
Ramon Davies115 Davies Cir Cleveland(704) 278-2360
Todd Martin115 W Main St Cleveland(704) 278-3764
Terry B Collins11540 Cool Springs Rd Cleveland(704) 278-9168
Philip Bradey116 Dixieland Dr Cleveland(704) 528-5966
Craig C Myers116 Winterberry Pl Cleveland(704) 278-4694
Barbara Geislman117 Deer Valley Dr Cleveland(704) 528-9802
Cecil Harwell1175 Rankin Rd Cleveland(704) 278-4297
David Correll1185 Woodleaf Barber Rd Cleveland(704) 278-2329
H F Winford119 S Brevard St Cleveland(704) 278-2067
Mary J O'toole120 W Main St Cleveland(704) 278-0264
Herman McIntyre120 Westfield Dr Cleveland(704) 278-4889
Tommie L Dillard121 Old Christy Ln Cleveland(704) 528-5637
Roland Estep122 Winding Arbor Cir Cleveland(704) 528-0846
Bob Lazina1255 Childers Rd Cleveland(704) 278-0009
Ricky Alverson127 Wilkins Way Cleveland(704) 528-2052
Gloria Correll1285 Woodleaf Barber Rd Cleveland(704) 278-2753
Christina McCourt130 Trailing Pine Ln Cleveland(704) 278-0059
Dana Sutphin133 Darden Dr Cleveland(704) 278-2022
Barbara Allison13329 Statesville Blvd Cleveland(704) 326-5002
Roger Overcash1335 Shinnville Rd Cleveland(704) 528-2529
Carlos Rivera1342 Shinnville Rd Cleveland(704) 528-9621
Jennings B Nelson JR135 Mountain Rd Cleveland(704) 278-2123
Randy Burton135 Westfield Dr Cleveland(704) 278-9186
William Cuthbertson137 Abington Ln Cleveland(704) 278-3654
Troy Fink1380 3rd Creek Church Rd Cleveland(704) 278-3626
William Thompson13835 Statesville Blvd Cleveland(704) 278-9487
Grace Sutphin139 Darden Dr Cleveland(704) 278-4404
William F Hagerman139 White Ridge Ln Cleveland(704) 528-5622
Carol Briggs1395 Hobson Rd Cleveland(704) 278-3638
Donnie Morrison140 Augusta Dr Cleveland(704) 278-9602
Rhonda Beaver140 Pop Beaver Trl Cleveland(704) 528-2260
Troyer Roman14090 Cool Springs Rd Cleveland(704) 278-3667
Leon Clem141 Clover Ridge Ct Cleveland(704) 278-9019
Mary Nance14260 Cool Springs Rd Cleveland(704) 278-4805
Brian Scott1440 Bear Poplar Rd Cleveland(704) 278-3083
Richard W Shaver14426 Statesville Blvd Cleveland(704) 278-4433
Justin Graham145 Augusta Dr Cleveland(704) 278-9009
Evelyn R Lawrence145 Hollifield Ct Cleveland(704) 278-1441
William Price146 White Ridge Ln Cleveland(704) 528-6762
Bob McIntyre14725 Cool Springs Rd Cleveland(704) 278-4767
Stephan Johnson1480 Shinnville Rd Cleveland(704) 528-2668
Karen Brown1481 Shinnville Rd Cleveland(704) 528-8071
Bruce Gray150 Thomas Ln Cleveland(704) 278-2591
Carol Davis-Brown15165 Cool Springs Rd Cleveland(704) 278-2045
Brett Durham1530 Mount Tabor Church Rd Cleveland(704) 278-9762
Margaret Gover154 Rowan Rd Cleveland(704) 528-3202
Tammy Dixon154 Winding Arbor Cir Cleveland(704) 528-9261
Karen Monje15475 Cool Springs Rd Cleveland(704) 278-9221
Joyce Ketchie155 Thomas Ln Cleveland(704) 278-3467
C C Mahala1553 Ostwalt Amity Rd Cleveland(704) 528-9101
Junius F Christy1561 Ostwalt Amity Rd Cleveland(704) 528-9961
Randy Howard157 Cotton Wood Rd Cleveland(704) 528-4208
Tonya Torrence159 Deer Valley Dr Cleveland(704) 528-8338
Hubert Kyles15960 Cool Springs Rd Cleveland(704) 278-4895
Linda Kyles15960 Cool Springs Rd Cleveland(704) 278-4895
Bob Scales160 E Page Hager Rd Cleveland(704) 872-3469
Dale Bumgarder160 Thomas Ln Cleveland(704) 278-1996
Whit Gibson1609 Triplett Rd Cleveland(704) 528-3212
Debra Gusler161 Keller Farm Rd Cleveland(704) 278-2554
Kenneth Lankford16220 Cool Springs Rd Cleveland(704) 278-4061
John Davis165 Sonoma Dr Cleveland(704) 528-5602
Gregory Murdock167 Nacho Ln Cleveland(704) 528-4010
James Ramsue16755 Dooley Rd Cleveland(704) 278-2679
Matthew Phelps170 Beehive Dr Cleveland(704) 278-4629
Dewey Anderson17140 Dooley Rd Cleveland(704) 278-4260
Justin Raymer17155 Dooley Rd Cleveland(704) 278-1230
Luann S Campbell17240 Dooley Rd Cleveland(704) 278-2468