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List of Streets and people in 27012 zip code, Clemmons city, North Carolina state

511 streets and people were found in 27012, Clemmons

NameStreet namePhone Number
Charles B McCann3695 N Lakeshore Dr Clemmons(336) 766-7624
Charles E Crosby SR1801 Harper Spring Dr Clemmons(336) 778-0188
Charles E Weed6100 Arden Dr Clemmons(336) 766-2177
Charles L Howie574 Drumheller Rd Clemmons(336) 766-5635
Charles Plunkett139 Roquemore Rd Clemmons(336) 720-9779
Charles Roser3410 Fairpoint Dr Clemmons(336) 766-8681
Charles Wagoner1505 Lakefield Dr Clemmons(336) 766-6568
Charles Young291 Twin Brook Dr Clemmons(336) 764-9453
Charlie Venable7613 Riverview Knoll Ct Clemmons(336) 766-8984
Charlotte Hollingsworth1965 Landover Dr Clemmons(336) 766-2240
Chevol Davis1813 Spring Path Trl Clemmons(336) 778-0918
Chris Antolino1760 Spring Path Trl Clemmons(336) 778-1477
Chris Choplin7165 Kenbridge Dr Clemmons(336) 712-0682
Chris Evans6692 Valleyoak Dr Clemmons(336) 766-2194
Chris Hayward3610 Stancliff Rd Clemmons(336) 712-4250
Chris Reed7598 Hampton Rd Clemmons(336) 778-0875
Christine Stanfield7601 Riverview Knoll Ct Clemmons(336) 778-1449
Christopher J Lentz4211 Sandhurst Dr Clemmons(336) 602-2466
Christopher Nostitz8600 Styers Ferry Rd Clemmons(336) 945-2118
Clara Brown8095 Lasater Rd Clemmons(336) 712-1456
Clark Chilton4340 Clarksburg Rd Clemmons(336) 293-8410
Craig Rogers6658 Lake Dale Way Clemmons(336) 766-8180
Cynthia Connery5577 Marty Ln Clemmons(336) 766-3442
Cynthia Yambrovich7121 Greystone Village Ct Clemmons(336) 766-0156
D B Riser1200 Brook Acres Trl Clemmons(336) 945-9345
D CollinsClemmons(336) 766-6000
D Dosek199 Roquemore Rd Clemmons(336) 766-6133
D K Sechrist7710 Whitehorse Dr Clemmons(336) 766-6131
D O Southern3725 Clemmons Rd Clemmons(336) 766-8626
D W Mumy3471 Tanglebrook Trl Clemmons(336) 766-9382
Dale Ayers3633 Edgemoor Ct Clemmons(336) 778-0080
Dale Miller5016 Scotland Ct Clemmons(336) 766-2193
Dan Melton115 Bickerstaff Rd Clemmons(336) 778-1760
Daniel Baker4001 Whirlaway Ct Clemmons(336) 766-7448
Daniel Buffaloe6204 Highland Brook Dr Clemmons(336) 712-0914
Daniel Kavanaugh1744 Harper Spring Dr Clemmons(336) 712-0341
Daniel McKnight5335 Mapleton St Clemmons(336) 712-0607
Daniel Picard1546 Langdon Village Dr Clemmons(336) 766-9167
Daniel Tolbert JR2164 Waterford Village Dr Clemmons(336) 712-1564
Danielle Guidry224 Twin Creeks Rd Clemmons(336) 764-0951
Darren Burke4620 Carriagebrook Ct Clemmons(336) 766-2092
David Beaty2012 Ashburn Ln Clemmons(336) 766-7515
David C Davis1028 Keswick Ln Clemmons(336) 778-1980
David Cheek5889 Styers Ferry Rd Clemmons(336) 766-7575
David Debald6205 Arden Cir Clemmons(336) 712-1513
David Peterson1905 Dunmore Ln Clemmons(336) 778-0684
David Robertson4510 Moratock Ln Clemmons(336) 778-1792
David S Plyler6710 Lake Dale Way Clemmons(336) 766-4066
David Talbert8994 N Nc Hwy 150 Clemmons(336) 764-8400
Dean WallJames Rd Clemmons(336) 766-5805
Deb Fidali4220 Stoney Brook Rd Clemmons(336) 712-0336
Debbie Peterson800 Leonard Courtyard Blvd Clemmons(336) 775-5080
Debra Nelson140 Almont Forest Dr Clemmons(336) 712-9547
Denise Johnson171 Fern Cliff Ln Clemmons(336) 764-3426
Denise Lapre140 Valleyoak Ct Clemmons(336) 712-9974
Dennis Boyce3517 Innisfail Ct Clemmons(336) 766-8354
Dennis Ramsey990 Boyer Dr Clemmons(336) 778-1277
Dianne Ferrarin345 Craver Pointe Dr Clemmons(336) 778-2143
Dick Rowe7601 Beech Tree Ct Clemmons(336) 766-0992
Don Dixon8134 Hawkins Rd Clemmons(336) 766-6603
Don Lawrence3743 Clemmons Rd Clemmons(336) 766-8944
Donald Cameron7927 Abelia Way Clemmons(336) 766-6882
Donald Cass7049 Harperglen Rd Clemmons(336) 766-9069
Donald E Parker2969 Frye Bridge Rd Clemmons(336) 764-1636
Donald Ehlers155 Whitmore Cove Ct Clemmons(336) 712-0129
Donald R Steele6131 Winview Heights St Clemmons(336) 766-6246
Donna Bailey4485 Gatlin Knoll Ln Clemmons(336) 766-9239
Donna Merriman4814 Barjmuth Trl Clemmons(336) 766-7984
Donna Redd125 Twinwood Rd Clemmons(336) 764-8853
Doug Craver388 Scott Farm Rd Clemmons(336) 764-2352
Doug Washburn6640 Valleyoak Dr Clemmons(336) 201-6763
Doug Whelan7053 Orchard Path Dr Clemmons(336) 712-0126
Douglas Ford2537 Innisfail Ln Clemmons(336) 766-0743
Douglas Johnson7004 Ashburn Cir Clemmons(336) 766-4794
Douglas McLaughlin105 Clarksburg Ct Clemmons(336) 766-4918
Douglas Teague5232 Bridge Pointe Dr Clemmons(336) 766-8564
Douglas W Gore1756 Curraghmore Rd Clemmons(336) 778-1414
Drew Dixon1930 Dunmore Ln Clemmons(336) 712-1322
Duc La Huy1912 Waterford Village Dr Clemmons(336) 712-2931
Durwood Pack2517 Innisfail Ln Clemmons(336) 766-3239
E A Neal6911 Kenbridge Dr Clemmons(336) 766-6912
E Hildebrand281 Ada Ln Clemmons(336) 764-8343
Ed Fisher5330 Sterling Forest Dr Clemmons(336) 712-9404
Ed Gmuca5319 Mapleton St Clemmons(336) 778-1817
Ed Marshall705 Styers Ferry Trl Clemmons(336) 766-4083
Ed Williams156 Raymond Ct Clemmons(336) 764-3575
Edward G Morris3000 Sandy Ln Clemmons(336) 945-4652
Edward Hall843 Nifong Rd Clemmons(336) 764-1331
Edward Ruckman6965 Idols Rd Clemmons(336) 766-2862
Edward Smart6037 Stone Bluff Dr Clemmons(336) 766-1711
Elaine Gainer238 Raspberry Ridge Dr Clemmons(336) 201-3838
Elisabeth Rudy7976 Peak Rd Clemmons(336) 766-1871
Elise Gmuca5319 Mapleton St Clemmons(336) 778-1817
Ellen Barnes8121 Glengarriff Rd Clemmons(336) 712-0249
Ellis Meekins JR166 Fryes Creek Ln Clemmons(336) 764-8632
Elsie Haynes575 Joe Hege Rd Clemmons(336) 764-2888
Emeka OrajakaClemmons(336) 293-6258
Emily Epling3250 Middlebrook Dr Clemmons(336) 712-2873
Eric Cagle6733 Elm Hill Dr Clemmons(336) 766-8265
Eva Cruse4180 Briar Creek Rd Clemmons(336) 766-8653