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List of Streets and people in 27012 zip code, Clemmons city, North Carolina state

511 streets and people were found in 27012, Clemmons

NameStreet namePhone Number
Cannon E Harper8979 Lasater Rd Clemmons(336) 766-4470
M K Bland6115 Arden Dr Clemmons(336) 766-4486
Marie Doty4130 Hampton Rd Clemmons(336) 766-4652
Gary Lyons2671 Knob Hill Dr Clemmons(336) 766-4873
Linda Robertson6742 Forest Oak Dr Clemmons(336) 766-4894
Bob Marshall606 Ravenhill Ct Clemmons(336) 766-5118
Perita Cooper2578 Brook Stone Dr Clemmons(336) 766-5251
Micheal Vallier8017 Kilcash Ct Clemmons(336) 766-5317
Lynn Harkness6170 Quinn St Clemmons(336) 766-5386
Ken Britt183 Winfield St Clemmons(336) 766-5573
Patricia Sykes3637 Forsythia Trl Clemmons(336) 766-5642
Rickie L Myers9200 Center Grove Church Rd Clemmons(336) 766-5771
H J Bower JR7525 Eppingwood Ct Clemmons(336) 766-5883
Lynn Kennedy6763 Castleton Dr Clemmons(336) 766-5901
Roger D Plemmons3505 Lakefield Ct Clemmons(336) 766-5941
Gary Koppenheffer4330 La Vale Ct Clemmons(336) 766-6005
Larry Novotny7043 Bridgewood Rd Clemmons(336) 766-6224
Ginger Bodenheimer4223 Sandhurst Dr Clemmons(336) 766-6301
Jackie J Elliott2465 Sedalia Dr Clemmons(336) 766-6363
John Madison4925 Country Ridge Rd Clemmons(336) 766-6413
Joseph Rajacich8045 Lasater Rd Clemmons(336) 766-6430
Joan Williard3510 Burnley Dr Clemmons(336) 766-6644
Frank H Samuelson6641 Belfield Ct Clemmons(336) 766-6693
D G Massengill6761 Linwood Dr Clemmons(336) 766-6814
Howard Stentz5256 Bridge Pointe Dr Clemmons(336) 766-6944
John D Haire JR3613 Tanglebrook Trl Clemmons(336) 766-7192
R K Williams400 Thornbury Ct Clemmons(336) 766-7255
Archie Inman4255 Clarksburg Rd Clemmons(336) 766-7259
Richard C Foster6927 Hampton Rd Clemmons(336) 766-7274
Ken Ingram3835 Ranchwood Dr Clemmons(336) 766-7351
Kenneth Dameron8016 Riverview Dr Clemmons(336) 766-7379
Vinod Maduthambadikka103 Willow Trace Cir Clemmons(336) 766-7534
John C Sink1705 Calvary View Ln Clemmons(336) 766-7571
Kent Davis5180 Dock Davis Rd Clemmons(336) 766-7607
Robert Gentile3426 Tanglebrook Trl Clemmons(336) 766-7832
Richard Abbott5959 Holder Rd Clemmons(336) 766-7880
Michael J Chimiak6115 Styers Ferry Rd Clemmons(336) 766-8058
Jack W Patterson6770 Greenbrook Dr Clemmons(336) 766-8067
Sheila White1500 Slane Rd Clemmons(336) 766-8289
Grant Robertson2789 Park Oak Dr Clemmons(336) 766-8402
Alvin Brodish4135 Briar Creek Rd Clemmons(336) 766-8447
Delores Kurkowski1520 Trinity Garden Cir Clemmons(336) 766-8550
Richard L Walker8900 Lasater Rd Clemmons(336) 766-8552
R T Boyd344 Davis Rd Clemmons(336) 766-8601
Paul F Brandle4129 Clinard Rd Clemmons(336) 766-8665
John Schramm6931 Kenbridge Dr Clemmons(336) 766-8686
Leonard Norwood4040 Hampton Rd Clemmons(336) 766-8764
Earnestine HolmanHampton Rd Clemmons(336) 766-8844
Sue Crater8082 Lasater Rd Clemmons(336) 766-8846
Jerry Bates2531 Brook Stone Dr Clemmons(336) 766-8866
G A West324 James Rd Clemmons(336) 766-8872
Jan Stanford1002 Augusta Ct Clemmons(336) 766-8924
Kathy Crook920 Salem Glen Ct Clemmons(336) 766-9001
Jacqueline Arcuri1617 Harper Spring Dr Clemmons(336) 766-9073
Amy Minkel365 Craver Pointe Dr Clemmons(336) 766-9243
D Corbin3944 Westridge Meadow Cir Clemmons(336) 766-9389
Stephen P Coe8384 Cheval St Clemmons(336) 766-9404
Susan Lounsbury6065 Bobbybrook Dr Clemmons(336) 766-9574
Timothy McCulloch8904 Harpers Grove Ln Clemmons(336) 766-9635
Sharon Correll2425 Sedalia Dr Clemmons(336) 766-9647
Jean Combs3466 Tanglebrook Trl Clemmons(336) 766-9678
Lester Sell276 Davis Ave Clemmons(336) 766-9731
Hazel Mitchell3750 Harper Rd Clemmons(336) 766-9773
Larry Wobker608 La Vale Dr Clemmons(336) 766-9775
Ronald Hargrove5260 Bridge Pointe Dr Clemmons(336) 766-9778
Robert O Russ6725 Bramble Bush Ct Clemmons(336) 766-9813
Kenneth E PegramLewisville Clemmons Rd Clemmons(336) 766-9948
James Stables JR3824 Tangle Oak Dr Clemmons(336) 766-9959
Bobby Key126 Llwellyn Ct Clemmons(336) 775-1688
Diane Picciuto248 Fryes Creek Ln Clemmons(336) 775-2074
Daniel James614 Sunset Rd Clemmons(336) 775-2185
Mary Freeman159 Rolling Meadow Ln Clemmons(336) 775-2508
M J Kimel170 Pine Hill Dr Clemmons(336) 775-9272
David Wood1860 Ammons Dr Clemmons(336) 778-0230
Janet A Atwood5101 Windsbury Ridge Rd Clemmons(336) 778-0624
Ladonna Bost6600 Village Brook Trl Clemmons(336) 778-1204
Steven McGhee8005 Kilcash Ct Clemmons(336) 778-1333
D Stindt5130 Windsbury Ridge Rd Clemmons(336) 778-1355
Derrick L Davis4924 Hampton Rd Clemmons(336) 778-1489
Thomas Hudgins1521 Carters Grove Rd Clemmons(336) 778-1630
Ron Potter2772 Knob Hill Dr Clemmons(336) 778-1813
William Owen7680 River Brook Trl Clemmons(336) 778-2026
Vickie Long4651 Cooper Rd Clemmons(336) 778-2030
James Patella4730 Fieldspring Rd Clemmons(336) 778-2074
Wayne Barber1516 Bethesda Woods Ln Clemmons(336) 778-2157
Leon Ramey3715 N Lakeshore Dr Clemmons(336) 778-2384
Ernest Lertola1821 Curraghmore Rd Clemmons(336) 778-2479
Toni Jones2625 Neudorf Rd Clemmons(336) 778-2520
Vicki Taborn4500 Meeting House Ln Clemmons(336) 778-2619
Louise Thomas6029 Arden Dr Clemmons(336) 778-2641
Kathy Laporte7654 Penland Ct Clemmons(336) 778-2921
Georgia Demopoulos2115 Rossmore Rd Clemmons(336) 778-8262
Gary Hudson7000 Ashburn Cir Clemmons(336) 778-8834
Wrights Allen JR2180 Wrights Lake Dr Clemmons(336) 778-8980
C D Yalvac7060 Glenhaven Ridge Dr Clemmons(336) 778-9022
Toney Miller200 Ashbourne Lake Ct Clemmons(336) 778-9166
Christopher Gifford4300 Riverside Dr Clemmons(336) 778-9168
Marie Love4848 Barjmuth Trl Clemmons(336) 778-9178
Kip L Larson1201 Brook Acres Trl Clemmons(336) 945-5490
Wayman Merrill8987 Styers Ferry Rd Clemmons(336) 945-9023