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List of Streets and people in 27012 zip code, Clemmons city, North Carolina state

511 streets and people were found in 27012, Clemmons

NameStreet namePhone Number
Randy Ransom132 Ashton Ct Clemmons(336) 764-1165
Ray Barnes8121 Glengarriff Rd Clemmons(336) 712-0249
Ray H WilkinsMuddy Creek Rd Clemmons(336) 764-1682
Ray Veach8905 Doubletree Ln Clemmons(336) 766-7831
Raymond Baskin6747 Castleton Dr Clemmons(336) 766-4553
Reginald Kimbro8100 Equestrian Ln Clemmons(336) 766-0887
Ret A Reed7112 Orchard Path Dr Clemmons(336) 766-2797
Rex Q Pass5900 Arden Dr Clemmons(336) 766-6345
Rich Sterenczak JR6550 Lake Dale Way Clemmons(336) 766-6547
Richard A Teague7026 Wishon Rd Clemmons(336) 766-7656
Richard Bunker1004 Glen Day Dr Clemmons(336) 712-4593
Richard Craver255 Scott Farm Rd Clemmons(336) 764-2832
Richard D'aiuto3513 Donegal Dr Clemmons(336) 766-8709
Richard Danner1830 Ammons Dr Clemmons(336) 499-6032
Richard Phillips403 Highland Hills Dr Clemmons(336) 529-6117
Richard Schmidt8024 Riverview Dr Clemmons(336) 712-0237
Richard Spainhour4448 Driftwood Dr Clemmons(336) 766-6356
Richard W Martin1885 Central Rd Clemmons(336) 775-9739
Richard W Sizemore6195 Hanes Way Clemmons(336) 766-7484
Richard Walsh975 Boyer Dr Clemmons(336) 712-0845
Richard Wells109 Twin Valley Dr Clemmons(336) 764-5467
Richard Winn196 Roquemore Rd Clemmons(336) 766-8076
Rick Gardin1113 Gus Hill Rd Clemmons(336) 764-2916
Rick Kiger7013 Lanvale Ct Clemmons(336) 766-3386
Rita Briscoe301 Grant Rd Clemmons(336) 764-8416
Robert A Thomas6029 Arden Dr Clemmons(336) 778-2641
Robert Battle3698 Tanglebrook Trl Clemmons(336) 766-1880
Robert D Kelly1444 S Peace Haven Rd Clemmons(336) 766-4905
Robert D'angelo147 Montauk Ct Clemmons(336) 778-2214
Robert Dillon5846 Sunny Ridge Trl Clemmons(336) 766-0925
Robert DonohoeAshfield Ct Clemmons(336) 945-9520
Robert Dorsch4241 Gardenspring Dr Clemmons(336) 766-6773
Robert Everhart106 Pelican Ln Clemmons(336) 764-4514
Robert Gray2200 McKinnon Ct Clemmons(336) 712-4058
Robert Green5816 Sunny Ridge Trl Clemmons(336) 766-0629
Robert H Harper2374 Harper Rd Clemmons(336) 766-6737
Robert Holcombe5920 Edgewater Dr Clemmons(336) 766-1639
Robert L Hartman7071 Kenbridge Dr Clemmons(336) 766-4514
Robert L Herman9576 Ellis Rd Clemmons(336) 766-6581
Robert M Bostic8221 Rivermont Dr Clemmons(336) 766-0931
Robert Russell1820 Curraghmore Rd Clemmons(336) 712-4240
Robert Shields792 Newington Dr Clemmons(336) 712-9982
Robert West1511 Carters Grove Rd Clemmons(336) 766-4964
Robin Bralley4605 Asbury Place Dr Clemmons(336) 712-0106
Robin Grubbs6889 Breckingridge Ln Clemmons(336) 766-9910
Roby Vest4047 Beaver Brook Rd Clemmons(336) 766-4174
Rodney Barber101 Claron Ct Clemmons(336) 778-1551
Roger L Thrush6985 Lanvale Ct Clemmons(336) 766-4748
Rolando Garcia8080 Glengarriff Rd Clemmons(336) 766-8921
Ronald Joyce6241 Holder Rd Clemmons(336) 766-6071
Ronald S Vansice6945 August Dr Clemmons(336) 766-6067
Ronald Sisk8912 Harpers Grove Ln Clemmons(336) 766-7982
Ronnie C Holland3401 Kilcash Dr Clemmons(336) 766-3454
Ronnie Rierson6713 Rollingwood Dr Clemmons(336) 766-4458
Rosemary Wheeler121 Roquemore Rd Clemmons(336) 766-2315
Roxanne Cosner7106 Mitch Place Ct Clemmons(336) 712-4234
RR Nicol4290 Briar Creek Rd Clemmons(336) 766-8728
Russell T Jones JR7913 Abelia Way Clemmons(336) 766-8616
S F Barrett770 Muddy Creek Rd Clemmons(336) 775-5334
S G Hardister JR2435 Sedalia Dr Clemmons(336) 766-4519
S I Fulp245 Oakwood Ln Clemmons(336) 764-1697
S J Caudle2797 Harper Rd Clemmons(336) 766-6836
S M Conrad7264 Lasater Rd Clemmons(336) 766-8724
S M Mitchell229 Fryes Creek Ln Clemmons(336) 764-0501
Sam Platt110 Mossydell Ct Clemmons(336) 766-5346
Sam Spencer101 Luna Ln Clemmons(336) 775-0988
Samuel A Rhyne III3800 Old Rosebud Ct Clemmons(336) 766-0268
Samuel Dotson4100 Briar Creek Rd Clemmons(336) 766-7489
Sandra Carter221 Scott Farm Rd Clemmons(336) 764-3796
Sandra Collins6810 Wellsley Ct Clemmons(336) 766-8840
Sandra Harper270 Hawkesbury Rd Clemmons(336) 764-5019
Sandra Welker7110 Kenbridge Dr Clemmons(336) 778-1026
Sarah Bass3723 Squirewood Dr Clemmons(336) 712-8276
Scott Gorski145 Shady Oak Trl Clemmons(336) 764-9183
Scott Morgan6904 Millbridge Rd Clemmons(336) 766-1758
Scott Stewart1820 Dunmore Ln Clemmons(336) 712-1066
Sean Nelligan4312 La Vale Ct Clemmons(336) 778-0866
Shannon Maloney1745 Brandywine Dr Clemmons(336) 766-0104
Sharon M Hudson5564 Marty Ln Clemmons(336) 712-4730
Sheila Suber4636 Midstream Xing Clemmons(336) 245-8345
Sheri Tucker6608 Clemmons Ct Clemmons(336) 774-9176
Sherrie Bottoms5253 Bridge Pointe Dr Clemmons(336) 766-5364
Sherry Berry7524 Harpers Crossing Ln Clemmons(336) 778-2701
Shirley PhelpsClemmons(336) 231-2830
Starr Eckholdt3817 Tangle Oak Dr Clemmons(336) 766-6099
Stephanie Morgan627 Barrocliff Rd Clemmons(336) 766-8620
Stephen R Phelps7534 Maidwood Ct Clemmons(336) 766-7739
Stephen Wohlford3200 Turnstone Ct Clemmons(336) 778-8338
Steve Bassen7815 Fair Oaks Dr Clemmons(336) 766-4843
Steve Ford3644 Edgemoor Ct Clemmons(336) 766-8845
Steve Frucht1040 Keswick Ln Clemmons(336) 766-3012
Steve Frucht6000 Meadowbrook Mall Ct Clemmons(336) 766-3630
Steve Jumper100 Livingstone Ct Clemmons(336) 766-3636
Steven A Breedlove161 Cobblestone Ct Clemmons(336) 764-3462
Steven C Haynes575 Joe Hege Rd Clemmons(336) 764-2888
Sue Parker7525 Harpers Crossing Ln Clemmons(336) 778-1843
Susan Craver388 Scott Farm Rd Clemmons(336) 764-2352
Susie Anderson4255 Briar Creek Rd Clemmons(336) 766-4024
Suzanne Lyon6350 River Crest Dr Clemmons(336) 766-3172
Sylvia Grayson7557 Hampton Rd Clemmons(336) 766-7168