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List of Streets and people in 27011 zip code, Boonville city, North Carolina state

334 streets and people were found in 27011, Boonville

NameStreet namePhone Number
Shorty Harris101 Spring St Boonville(336) 367-3949
Dwaine Dobbins101 Wren Ave Boonville(336) 367-5543
H C Hollar102 Wren Ave Boonville(336) 367-7715
Mary Williams1028 Wolf Rd Boonville(336) 367-7790
Renee Ring1039 M S Farm Dr Boonville(336) 468-4578
Glenn Baldwin104 Lake Dr Boonville(336) 367-6764
Deloris Williams1040 Wolf Rd Boonville(336) 367-7304
Diana Allen1048 Tonys Dr Boonville(336) 367-4704
Nolan G Brown106 Coram Ave Boonville(336) 367-7953
Jennifer Gliddon109 Arbor St Boonville(336) 551-4103
Jeff Gentry109 Holly St Boonville(336) 367-5183
Larry Holcomb110 Greenwood St Boonville(336) 367-5552
Colleen Hall1101 Peppermint Trl Boonville(336) 367-7319
Judy Dobson1136 Barney Hill Rd Boonville(336) 367-3512
Glenn N Brown1148 Lyndale Dr Boonville(336) 468-8971
Ronnie Hudspeth119 Canary Ave Boonville(336) 367-5251
Mark Campbell120 Speas Ave Boonville(336) 367-4219
Kristy Davis1200 Mead Rd Boonville(336) 367-7859
Randy Hester122 Wallace St Boonville(336) 367-7197
Michael G Wilkins123 Speas Ave Boonville(336) 551-3002
Donnie Vanhoy127 Canary Ave Boonville(336) 367-7127
Lori Vanhoy127 Canary Ave Boonville(336) 367-7127
J H Reece128 Canary Ave Boonville(336) 367-7909
Barbara Fanning130 Williams St Boonville(336) 367-9039
Leon Lineberry1304 Thunder Run Boonville(336) 367-6376
Kennie Day1316 Charity Church Rd Boonville(336) 367-5370
Sarah Philyaw1402 Burton Rd Boonville(336) 367-7971
Kenneth Cundiff147 River Rd Boonville(336) 367-7052
C M Anderson149 Marview Dr Boonville(336) 367-5560
Verne Harrison1500 Center Rd Boonville(336) 468-2035
Brian Hammesfahr151 Speas Ave Boonville(336) 551-4082
Robin Vann154 Marview Dr Boonville(336) 367-5177
Frances Garrett1548 Morgan Rd Boonville(336) 468-2795
Rex Fletcher1645 Center Rd Boonville(336) 468-2183
Phillip Mendenhall170 Speas Ave Boonville(336) 367-7185
Coleman Carter1717 Longtown Rd Boonville(336) 468-2048
Terry Whitaker1741 Center Rd Boonville(336) 468-4464
Larry Nations1812 Richmond Hill Church Rd Boonville(336) 699-3219
Randy Poindexter1836 Center Rd Boonville(336) 468-2408
Reece Wagoner1848 Longtown Rd Boonville(336) 468-2292
Steve Brenwald1913 Hemric Rd Boonville(336) 468-4181
B K Miller1932 Richmond Hill Church Rd Boonville(336) 699-8873
Junis E Allen1937 Center Rd Boonville(336) 468-2723
Gail Swaim1953 Wesley Rd Boonville(336) 468-4745
Larry G Shore2020 Wesley Rd Boonville(336) 468-9114
Faye B Burrus2025 Richmond Hill Church Rd Boonville(336) 699-3228
Gina Shore2031 Shawnee Trl Boonville(336) 367-3188
Lorraine Stanley204 W Main St Boonville(336) 367-3301
Linda Snow209 E Main St Boonville(336) 367-3825
Michele D Groce210 Sunset Dr Boonville(336) 367-5312
Kenneth East212 Sunset Dr Boonville(336) 551-3004
Henry F Shore218 Carolina Boonville(336) 367-7272
Ruth Bayleff2207 N Oak Ridge Church Rd Boonville(336) 468-6092
Harold Holcomb222 Williams St Boonville(336) 367-7653
Henry Driver227 Williams St Boonville(336) 367-7506
Wanda Cass230 Williams St Boonville(336) 367-7042
Susan Brewer2301 N Oak Ridge Church Rd Boonville(336) 488-1015
Marvin E Lockhart2320 N Oak Ridge Church Rd Boonville(336) 468-4560
Barbara Chandler2348 Reece Boonville(336) 367-5374
S A Brown2404 Beulah Rd Boonville(336) 468-8072
Grayland J Wagoner2609 Center Rd Boonville(336) 468-2508
Shana Carlton2613 Woodruff Rd Boonville(336) 367-7145
Jeffrey Beamer2700 Buena Vista Ln Boonville(336) 367-5548
Steven W Choplin2717 Center Rd Boonville(336) 468-2147
Steven Reynolds2726 Crooked Creek Trl Boonville(336) 367-4023
Roy Moxley2804 Mitchells Chapel Rd Boonville(336) 468-6350
Bobby Brooks2813 Woodruff Rd Boonville(336) 367-6767
Chris Moxley2924 Ellie Mae Dr Boonville(336) 468-4700
Chris Fowler2936 Cranberry Rd Boonville(336) 468-6244
Dennis Messick2948 Clyde Rd Boonville(336) 468-2953
Rodney Bates2955 Angus Rd Boonville(336) 468-6324
Danny Brown300 Williams St Boonville(336) 367-3458
Darrell Hobson3005 Lime Rock Rd Boonville(336) 699-3662
Anne P Spainhour3009 Cranberry Rd Boonville(336) 468-2140
Sherrill Kimmer3025 Church Music Rd Boonville(336) 367-7378
Joyce W Dobbins3035 Woodruff Rd Boonville(336) 367-3128
Bobby Mendenhall304 S Carolina Ave Boonville(336) 367-7137
Shawn D Gibson3094 Hallmark Estates Dr Boonville(336) 468-2779
Douglas M Ashley3101 Cranberry Rd Boonville(336) 468-2441
Twiman Caudle3101 Reece Rd Boonville(336) 367-7163
Wrenn Walker3201 Cummings Rd Boonville(336) 367-7914
Tammy A Cranford3228 Cranberry Rd Boonville(336) 468-6654
John W Giles3243 Cranberry Rd Boonville(336) 468-2942
Clark Shore3300 Round Hill Rd Boonville(336) 367-3242
Johnny P Blevins3348 Michael Rd Boonville(336) 468-4100
Nancy Fennell337 S Carolina Ave Boonville(336) 367-5998
Carol Roberts3405 Michael Rd Boonville(336) 468-2045
Tony E Wagoner3441 Michael Rd Boonville(336) 468-2280
Delmer Simmons3441 Simmons Patton Rd Boonville(336) 367-7590
Herman Burcham3444 Bryant Rd Boonville(336) 367-7310
Charles H Jones3445 Bryant Rd Boonville(336) 367-3025
Jacob L Reavis3534 Richs Rd Boonville(336) 468-6906
Greg Swaim3537 Cranberry Rd Boonville(336) 468-1601
Ann Wasson3541 Bryant Rd Boonville(336) 367-3374
C F Hemric3608 Rock House Mountain Rd Boonville(336) 468-4994
Thomas A Rash3609 Cranberry Rd Boonville(336) 468-2313
Brad Doss3609 Ridge St Boonville(336) 367-3490
M Davis3613 Oakwood Rd Boonville(336) 367-6687
Michael Ganzzermiller3637 Bryant Rd Boonville(336) 367-3808
Eddie R Cook3653 Stinson Rd Boonville(336) 367-5789