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List of Streets and people in 20132 zip code, Purcellville city, Virginia state

630 streets and people were found in 20132, Purcellville

NameStreet namePhone Number
B Compher100 Hirst Ct Purcellville(540) 338-2043
Douglas R Anderson1000 W Country Club Dr Purcellville(540) 338-6238
Brade Byers102 McIlhaney Way Purcellville(540) 751-9412
Rosemary Malayil102 Oliver Ct Purcellville(540) 751-9456
Richard Brink104 Hackley Ct Purcellville(540) 338-1527
Soon Choi106 Misty Pond Ter Purcellville(540) 338-8457
B Taylor107 Kirkbridge Ct Purcellville(540) 751-1645
Donna Harris10748 Riverheights Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6472
Steven Lewis108 Oliver Ct Purcellville(540) 751-1421
C L Menefee11070 Harpers Ferry Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6112
Jack Stagman111 Frazer Dr Purcellville(540) 338-0409
P Simms111 N 16th St Purcellville(540) 338-4842
D Winger111 N 18th St Purcellville(540) 751-0139
John T Hurne11138 Harpers Ferry Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6049
J Huddy11169 Harpers Ferry Rd Purcellville(540) 668-7790
Andre Gordon113 Ravello Ct Purcellville(540) 751-1560
Jean Kipfer114 Frazer Dr Purcellville(540) 751-9200
Janet Law115 N 28th St Purcellville(540) 338-8038
M Akers119 E Main St Purcellville(540) 338-5711
John W Tibbets11922 Harpers Ferry Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6480
Shirley Wilson120 N 16th St Purcellville(540) 338-2606
Kestina Carneal121 S 26th St Purcellville(540) 338-6309
David Zwicker12220 Harpers Ferry Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6033
C M Musolino12248 Harpers Ferry Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6607
Bernard Gallahan123 E Main St Purcellville(540) 751-1644
Barton Robinson123 Misty Pond Ter Purcellville(540) 751-9176
Jeff W Bussard12494 Harpers Ferry Rd Purcellville(540) 668-7208
Jeff Rogers12767 Shady Ln Hillsboro(540) 668-6702
Lisa Rogers12767 Shady Ln Hillsboro(540) 668-6702
J M Smith128 Positano Ct Purcellville(540) 751-0901
Monica Vacca12888 Sagle Rd Purcellville(540) 668-7415
Bill Smithers129 Amalfi Ct Purcellville(540) 751-9226
Kelly Harvey12920 Sagle Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6226
Wesley L Pullen12th St Purcellville(540) 338-2788
Jeffrey Weaver130 Amalfi Ct Purcellville(540) 751-1799
Joseph E McDonald III13040 Harpers Ferry Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6120
Vilma Souvagis131 S 9th St Purcellville(540) 338-2491
P Dillon13175 Sagle Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6896
Ed Marrin132 Ivy Hills Ter Purcellville(540) 338-8507
Evelyn Walsh133 Desales Dr Purcellville(540) 338-2419
Katherin Lee135 N 16th St Purcellville(540) 751-9491
Mark Johnson13700 Mountain Rd Purcellville(540) 668-9002
Christopher Stutt13757 Mountain Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6849
Jimmy Saunders13791 Mountain Rd Purcellville(540) 668-7073
John Westerberg13873 Mountain Rd Hillsboro(540) 668-6378
Christina L Frye13979 Mountain Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6160
Betsy Mitchell14004 Mountain Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6550
Richard E Crouch14076 Mountain Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6425
Jared House14084 Paris Breeze Pl Purcellville(540) 668-6767
Joe Dimino14115 Paris Breeze Pl Purcellville(540) 668-9065
Jill Colburn14123 Seyzal Ln Purcellville(540) 668-6134
Roger Blair14158 Mountain Rd Purcellville(540) 668-9013
Cindy Patterson14181 Paris Breeze Pl Purcellville(540) 668-6185
G Rice142 Amalfi Ct Purcellville(540) 751-2004
Robert Orr14212 Mountain Rd Purcellville(540) 668-7151
Atem Samson14213 Cabernet Pl Purcellville(540) 668-6128
Ray Siegert14245 Spring Crossing Ln Hillsboro(540) 668-7062
Melissa McCarthy14291 Richards Run Ln Purcellville(540) 668-6516
David Graser14342 Bookcliff Ct Hillsboro(540) 668-6124
Frank W Naylor JR14352 Purcellville Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6384
J Russo144 Positano Ct Purcellville(540) 751-1573
Phoebe Henderson145 Amalfi Ct Purcellville(540) 751-2115
Brian Meyerriecks14535 Purcellville Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6929
Charles N Owings14556 Purcellville Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6528
Kate Kase14751 Purcellville Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6554
David S Rubin14775 Purcellville Rd Purcellville(540) 668-7729
Patti Piggott14852 Berlin Tpke Purcellville(540) 882-4573
William Aiton14855 Purcellville Rd Purcellville(540) 668-7050
R Fischer14975 Purcellville Rd Purcellville(540) 668-7743
Lou Legard15040 Mountain Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6369
Michele Branch15040 Mountain Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6259
Gregory Cranston15126 Shannondale Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6870
Tom Carlson15215 Cider Mill Rd Purcellville(540) 668-0468
E A Phillips15389 Hillsboro Rd Purcellville(540) 668-7348
John Leone15443 Silverbrook Ln Purcellville(540) 668-7114
April Whetsell15491 Silverbrook Ln Purcellville(540) 668-6529
Robert Parker15523 Edgegrove Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6981
J Ellis15556 Silverbrook Ln Purcellville(540) 668-6740
Bruce Lawton15608 Edgegrove Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6602
Donna Lewis15673 Edgegrove Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6208
J A Triolo15677 Short Hill Rd Purcellville(540) 668-7798
Connie Lemarr157 S 12th St Purcellville(540) 338-1750
Wanda Juraschek15758 Ashbury Church Rd Purcellville(540) 668-7171
Michael Magliato15770 Purcellville Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6681
Nancy Magliato15770 Purcellville Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6681
Robert N Ashby JR15810 Short Hill Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6903
Alan Jackson15859 Berlin Tpke Purcellville(540) 882-4534
James Baer15859 Purcellville Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6965
Dorothy Stewart15894 Short Hill Rd Purcellville(540) 668-6176
John D Chambers15960 Short Hill Rd Purcellville(540) 668-7135
Alexia Orr15960 Wenner Farm Ln Purcellville(540) 882-3915
Mary Bennett160 N Hatcher Ave Purcellville(540) 751-0685
Anthony Stephan16012 Purcellville Rd Purcellville(540) 338-3506
Cynthia Clark16037 Woodgrove Rd Purcellville(540) 338-0519
Debbie Barzee16059 Berlin Tpke Purcellville(540) 882-4648
Thomas Golden16089 Purcellville Rd Purcellville(540) 338-3399
Larry Matheny161 W Main St Purcellville(540) 338-5628
Ray McDonald16120 Mountain Ridge Ln Purcellville(540) 668-6544
Matt Hopkins16121 Purcellville Rd Purcellville(540) 338-7127
John H Vandeventer16145 Mountain Ridge Ln Purcellville(540) 668-6282