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List of Streets and people in 20124 zip code, Clifton city, Virginia state

806 streets and people were found in 20124, Clifton

NameStreet namePhone Number
Elizabeth Fortune13612 Bluestone Ct Clifton (703) 830-5818
E Marnell13615 Bluestone Ct Clifton (703) 815-1325
Joy Waller13626 Springstone Dr Clifton(703) 830-5661
Philip M Odom13628 South Springs Dr Clifton(703) 988-9893
Bonnie Van Nort13628 Wildflower Ln Clifton (703) 815-5443
Bruce Burkholder13638 Melstone Dr Clifton (703) 815-0691
Megan Bennett13640 Melstone Dr Clifton(703) 815-7223
Paul H Reinfried13645 South Springs Dr Clifton(703) 803-8057
Patrick Korenkiewicz13652 Balmoral Greens Ave Clifton (703) 818-3895
Greg R Clare13660 Union Village Cir Clifton(703) 815-8173
Simon Mathews13663 Wildflower Ln Clifton (703) 830-5986
James MacKenzie13671 Union Village Cir Clifton(703) 830-5604
Aladin Abu-Obain13674 Union Village Cir Clifton(703) 815-2555
Benedetto Genuardi13675 Wildflower Ln Clifton(703) 830-7561
Domenica Genuardi13675 Wildflower Ln Clifton(703) 830-7561
Gil Lunsford13677 Orchard Dr Clifton(703) 968-9593
E C Trucksess13690 Wildflower Ln Clifton (703) 818-8132
Sameh Hanna13695 Orchard Dr Clifton(703) 830-9418
David Welch13701 Stonefield Dr Clifton(703) 802-1419
Robert Johnson13704 Stone Shadow Ct Clifton(703) 830-6556
Grace M Hollerbach13707 Springstone Dr Clifton (703) 830-0605
Lynn Forbush13712 Springstone Ct Clifton(703) 830-1870
Sean Forbush13712 Springstone Ct Clifton (703) 830-1870
Wayne Diviney13716 Balmoral Greens Ave Clifton(703) 378-1949
Cindy Frate13774 Laurel Rock Dr Clifton(703) 266-8904
D Caviness13777 Laurel Rock Dr Clifton(703) 802-1374
David T Caviness13777 Laurel Rock Dr Clifton (703) 802-1370
Ken Gettman13783 Laurel Rock Dr Clifton(703) 802-7353
James Tomaseski13800 South Springs Dr Clifton (703) 803-7095
Teresa McDonough13804 South Springs Dr Clifton(703) 830-2407
Deborah Nagy13808 Laurel Rock Ct Clifton(703) 818-8212
Katie Mangione13808 Stonefield Dr Clifton(703) 968-8225
Robert Beaton13817 Laurel Rock Ct Clifton(703) 815-8189
Michael Dolan13818 Laurel Rock Ct Clifton(703) 802-1628
Lynn K Falk13818 Springstone Dr Clifton(703) 802-9005
Bryan Bogle13819 Springstone Dr Clifton(703) 830-4434
Phillip Taub13820 South Springs Dr Clifton(703) 830-3355
James Chianetta13829 South Springs Dr Clifton(703) 830-5254
Richard Imgram13830 Laurel Rock Ct Clifton (703) 830-3170
Elizabeth Maggio13831 Foggy Hills Ct Clifton(703) 988-0221
Eric Freeman13831 Laurel Rock Ct Clifton (703) 815-8238
Gregory Diamond13832 Laurel Rock Ct Clifton(703) 988-0834
Peter Baum13832 Springstone Dr Clifton (703) 968-0230
David M Timko13838 Springstone Dr Clifton(703) 266-9227
David Sapp13843 Springstone Dr Clifton(703) 378-8335
Jorge Molina13859 Stonebrook Ct Clifton(703) 815-1011
Lorraine Kehl13901 Rock Still Ct Clifton (703) 815-4569
Daniela O'donnell13901 Stonefield Dr Clifton(703) 830-0462
S Krikorian13902 Marblestone Dr Clifton (703) 988-9389
Zavala Mark13903 Rock Still Ct Clifton (703) 815-0877
Ron Kirkland13904 Springhouse Ct Clifton (703) 815-7206
Olga G Rangel13905 Rock Still Ct Clifton (703) 802-9664
Robert Carden13905 Springstone Dr Clifton (703) 815-8198
Larry Whiteside13907 Rock Still Ct Clifton(703) 830-7960
Victor Betancourt13909 Springhouse Ct Clifton(703) 968-9116
Charles Fuhrer13910 Rock Brook Ct Clifton(703) 830-2558
J C Hyde13911 Stonefield Dr Clifton(703) 830-7413
Joe Staley13911 Whetstone Manor Ct Clifton(703) 830-0659
Larry Croon13912 Marblestone Dr Clifton(703) 830-6531
Laurence Szejner13912 Rock Brook Ct Clifton(703) 830-4649
Andrew Melton13915 Whetstone Manor Ct Clifton (703) 803-4027
Roy M Radcliffe13916 Springstone Dr Clifton(703) 968-3072
Edmund Foster13917 South Springs Dr Clifton(703) 815-3844
Mike McCarty13920 Stonefield Dr Clifton (703) 830-7786
Carey Dolan13922 Springstone Dr Clifton(703) 815-7766
John Brugger13923 Marblestone Dr Clifton(703) 968-0533
E Kanaridi13923 Stonefield Dr Clifton(703) 968-8710
Patrick Scholl13926 Marblestone Dr Clifton(703) 968-2689
Margaret Ripa13933 South Springs Dr Clifton(703) 818-1624
Donald W Mathias13935 Springstone Dr Clifton(703) 803-9575
Karen Eselunas13937 Stonefield Dr Clifton(703) 830-6273
Patrick Hathaway13941 South Springs Dr Clifton (703) 830-6179
Paul Sando13944 Shalestone Dr Clifton(703) 802-7357
Christine Mendelson13945 Shalestone Dr Clifton(703) 988-9605
Howard Mendelson13945 Shalestone Dr Clifton (703) 988-9605
Jeanne Ruddy13964 Shalestone Dr Clifton(703) 968-9452
Mary K Bowden13968 Shalestone Dr Clifton (703) 830-3164
Carl Williams14000 Tarn Hill Dr Clifton(703) 815-7445
Iraj Jahansoozi14004 Marblestone Ct Clifton(703) 830-9591
James Devey14007 Marblestone Ct Clifton(703) 830-8758
Kathleen Devey14007 Marblestone Ct Clifton(703) 830-8758
M Wilhelm14009 Marblestone Ct Clifton(703) 815-9294
Joji Arai14011 Marblestone Ct Clifton (703) 830-7925
Sojung Han14015 Marleigh Ln Clifton (703) 815-1481
William C Rogers14017 Marblestone Dr Clifton(703) 968-8256
Arthur Deslauriers14022 Marblestone Dr Clifton(703) 830-5731
Thomas L Hampton14026 Marblestone Dr Clifton(703) 830-9884
Carl Bowlen14029 Marblestone Dr Clifton (703) 818-8012
Abby George14031 Marblestone Dr Clifton (703) 830-6524
Nha Le14048 Compton Heights Ct Clifton (703) 815-8373
Graciala Sandt5395 Willow Valley Rd Clifton(703) 968-5976
Aysha Chishty5402 Willow Forest Ct Clifton (703) 815-8059
Richard B Jolliffe5423 Clifton Rd Clifton(703) 968-0846
David Everard5501 Willow Valley Rd Clifton (703) 815-2442
Spiro Kastanis5502 Quail Ct Clifton (703) 815-4218
Debbie Lecroy5504 Quail Ct Clifton(703) 266-8263
Seung Lee5585 Cavalier Woods Ln Clifton(703) 815-7337
Marilyn Heiner5590 Cavalier Woods Ln Clifton(703) 968-0865
Georgios Mavromatakis5600 Willow Valley Rd Clifton (703) 830-0224
Marie Rondot5601 Cavalier Woods Ln Clifton(703) 968-7117