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List of Streets and people in 20124 zip code, Clifton city, Virginia state

806 streets and people were found in 20124, Clifton

NameStreet namePhone Number
Sunny Pinkos11400 Chapel Rd Clifton(703) 250-5060
Marlene Whiteley11714 Amkin Dr Clifton(703) 250-7151
Lorraine Howerton11900 Henderson Ct Clifton(703) 239-0754
Lucille Crump12000 Henderson Rd Clifton (703) 978-1150
Robert Fowler12030 Rose Hall Dr Clifton(703) 266-2071
Charles MacDonald12036 Winding Creek Ct Clifton(703) 239-0447
Jeremy Kuhlenbeck12101 Henderson Rd Clifton (703) 988-0479
Terry Collins12110 Sangsters Ct Clifton (703) 968-9430
Riley Repko12121 Wolf Valley Dr Clifton(703) 266-1138
Bernie Brien12130 Sangsters Ct Clifton(703) 830-1868
Victoria Vidal12133 Beaver Creek Rd Clifton(703) 322-9585
Steven A Merril12137 Beaver Creek Rd Clifton(703) 830-1477
Karen Christensen12194 Henderson Rd Clifton(703) 830-7190
Dirk B Smith12207 Seven Hills Ln Clifton(703) 266-1839
Philip Lee12210 Henderson Rd Clifton(703) 830-7926
Timothy Boudreaux12221 Chapel Rd Clifton(703) 266-2541
Lisa Graine12240 Quinque Ln Clifton (703) 818-2598
Cheryl Snow12365 Henderson Rd Clifton(703) 815-0374
Patricia Lasus12415 Chapel Rd Clifton(703) 830-5085
Alfredo Giro12417 Henderson Rd Clifton(703) 266-2849
Amanda Dean12433 Popes Head Rd Clifton(703) 830-6479
Richard Schoen12510 Old Yates Ford Rd Clifton(703) 815-2667
George Fite12514 Knollbrook Dr Clifton(703) 830-1599
V R Nishanian12625 Knollbrook Dr Clifton(703) 830-7430
Deborah Dillard12638 School St Clifton (703) 825-7608
Philip Sampson12648 Water St Clifton (703) 830-1795
Phyllis Lovett12650 Water St Clifton(703) 815-3269
Wayne Hartke12661 Braddock Farms Ct Clifton (703) 988-9569
S J Owen12726 Clifton Heights Ln Clifton(703) 815-2577
Eric Hencken12727 Clifton Heights Ln Clifton(703) 266-4362
Donald M Crann12730 Wycklow Dr Clifton (703) 830-3425
Patricia Albisu12775 Yates Ford Rd Clifton(703) 266-8232
Steve Nahas12800 Dunvegan Dr Clifton (703) 818-7362
Norman Schulze12805 Knollbrook Dr Clifton(703) 818-2328
John Brookwell12815 Knollbrook Dr Clifton(703) 815-0092
Tim Wood12817 Chestnut St Clifton (703) 988-0819
John Powell12845 Redbird Rdg Clifton(703) 825-7758
Marylee Adams12901 Popes Head Rd Clifton (703) 803-8887
Harold Whalen12912 Yates Ford Rd Clifton (703) 830-8860
John Cantwell12918 Clifton Creek Dr Clifton(703) 830-1314
Eric Pelikan12976 Clifton Creek Dr Clifton (703) 968-3023
Susan Lonergan13010 Quartz Ln Clifton(703) 830-0230
Stephen Ziegler13020 Limestone Ct Clifton (703) 968-6557
L Poulter13021 Harvest Pl Clifton(703) 815-3329
Eugene T Sperry13026 Quartz Ln Clifton(703) 803-0259
Ann Potter13033 Harvest Pl Clifton (703) 830-0388
Paul C Madsen13039 Harvest Pl Clifton (703) 815-4918
Bob Robert H Pratt13056 Harvest Pl Clifton (703) 803-3684
Bradley W Rawls13100 Rockpointe Ct Clifton (703) 830-9206
Robert F Cozzens13105 Johnny Moore Ln Clifton(703) 802-1596
Charles Smith13108 Laurel Glen Rd Clifton (703) 830-3550
Bhupinder Sohi13110 Blue Willow Pl Clifton(703) 818-9223
Heather Fitzgerald13110 Cedar Ridge Dr Clifton(703) 266-6060
J Byrd13111 Blue Willow Pl Clifton (703) 968-6569
William Richards13111 Willow Edge Ct Clifton (703) 815-7906
Robert Bukoski13115 Blue Willow Pl Clifton (703) 830-3551
Elaine Creigh13116 Laurel Glen Rd Clifton(703) 830-8505
James Hardin13202 Kilby Landing Ct Clifton (703) 802-1416
William Kilpatrick13301 Green Mallard Ct Clifton(703) 968-0304
Thomas Russell13307 Green Mallard Ct Clifton(703) 968-7663
Richard Parnell13308 Balmoral Forest Ct Clifton(703) 825-1548
William McMenamin13309 Caswell Ct Clifton (703) 818-0149
Robert Coleman13313 Balmoral Heights Pl Clifton (703) 830-3139
Leon Smalls13314 Jaybird Ct Clifton(703) 802-8224
Thomas Ferguson13318 Regal Crest Dr Clifton (703) 815-6750
Laura Knight13320 Balmoral Heights Pl Clifton(703) 830-6221
Dennis Hild13320 Regal Crest Dr Clifton (703) 815-7787
Atron Rowe13321 Balmoral Heights Pl Clifton(703) 803-3125
Tuan Le13332 Braddock Rd Clifton(703) 222-9824
Ferdinando Greco13336 Braddock Rd Clifton(703) 830-1747
Alejo Garcia13394 Caballero Way Clifton(703) 968-3595
Tedrose Charles13400 Trey Ln Clifton (703) 815-1906
William H Kay JR13413 Trey Ln Clifton(703) 803-8287
Carol Dacey13506 Battlewood Ct Clifton(703) 830-1745
Donald Page13508 Battlewood Ct Clifton (703) 830-5885
Richard Kilmer13508 Darter Ct Clifton(703) 815-1832
K Barton13509 Sequoia Lea Dr Clifton (703) 830-5984
Kun Park13510 Gray Bill Ct Clifton (703) 830-4763
C Dougherty13512 Mallard Watch Way Clifton (703) 815-2430
Patricia Plouffe13514 Moss Glen Rd Clifton (703) 830-7222
Charles Rhodes13515 Orchard Dr Clifton(703) 802-1063
Ram Sesharathnam13516 Mallard Watch Way Clifton (703) 815-2874
Catherine Carver13520 Union Village Cir Clifton(703) 815-2027
Jeffery Rife13522 Union Village Cir Clifton (703) 830-5223
Jane Garrell JR13523 Moss Glen Rd Clifton (703) 830-5031
Saekewn Chung13534 Union Village Cir Clifton(703) 449-1353
Charles Grymes13539 Orchard Dr Clifton(703) 825-1342
Kathleen Donovan13540 Canada Goose Ct Clifton (703) 815-1863
Charles W Schneider13541 Union Village Cir Clifton(703) 322-9225
Krista Robinson13549 Orchard Dr Clifton(703) 815-9585
Jacy Hanson13556 Canada Goose Ct Clifton (703) 830-9051
Mario Bezzini13600 White Stone Ct Clifton(703) 830-3540
Michael H Goldman13603 Moss Glen Rd Clifton(703) 830-1592
Mark Yamane13603 White Stone Ct Clifton (703) 830-1661
George L Libbares13607 Bridgeland Ln Clifton (703) 803-8072
James Coritz13607 Moss Glen Rd Clifton (703) 968-3336
Patricia Coritz13607 Moss Glen Rd Clifton(703) 968-3336
Robert Mueller13608 Bridgeland Ln Clifton(703) 830-6981
Mark Kaczmarek13608 South Springs Dr Clifton(703) 815-1198
Mary J Kaczmarek13608 South Springs Dr Clifton(703) 815-1198