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List of Streets and people in 19973 zip code, Seaford city, Delaware state

1224 streets and people were found in 19973, Seaford

NameStreet namePhone Number
Dorothy Dether1 Big Mill Br Seaford(302) 628-0994
Guy Gosnell1 Colonial Ct Colonial Acres(302) 629-7141
Whitney Pogwist1 Hidden Hills Ct Seaford(302) 628-3382
Judy Schwartz1 Tidewater Dr Seaford(302) 629-5202
Clifford Howarth JR10 W 2nd St Seaford(302) 536-1564
Dennis W Russell100 S Conwell St Seaford(302) 629-3909
Heather Lambden10092 Airport Rd Seaford(302) 536-1023
Vanessa Lee101 Willow Brooke Ct Seaford(302) 536-7248
Linda Cetoute101 Woodland Mills Dr Seaford(302) 536-1079
Cynthia Mumford10130 Thomas Horseshoe Dr Seaford(302) 536-1698
Brenda Smith10136 Thomas Horseshoe Dr Seaford(302) 629-5718
Faith Fitchett10142 Concord Rd Seaford(302) 629-3661
Allan Brown102 N Paula Lynne Dr Seaford(302) 628-1483
James Burket102 Rivers End Dr Seaford(302) 629-8657
B Calhoon102 Sunnydale Ln Seaford(302) 628-0342
Eugene Abbott10272 Concord Rd Seaford(302) 629-2406
Donald Cornish10288 Old Furnace Rd Seaford(302) 536-1610
Glen Ruff103 N Paula Lynne Dr Seaford(302) 628-3549
Patricia Gay1030 Brickyard Rd Seaford(302) 628-8991
Richard Durham10330 Old Furnace Rd Seaford(302) 629-3817
John Maguire10358 Concord Rd Seaford(302) 629-5589
Tom Liverweaver104 Madison Cir Seaford(302) 628-0324
T Wright104 Surrey Dr Seaford(302) 629-9300
Kim Rogers104 Valley Run Seaford(302) 628-4254
Scott Trice104 Virginia Ave Seaford(302) 628-3464
Steve Hastings104 Wheatley Ct Seaford(302) 629-9596
James Workman10452 Old Furnace Rd Seaford(302) 629-0456
Terri Purse10456 Foxtail Ct Seaford(302) 629-7798
Diane Walker10457 Foxtail Ct Seaford(302) 629-3416
Shonda Hunter10477 Concord Rd Seaford(302) 536-1251
P Nichols105 Loblolly Dr Seaford(302) 536-7195
Howard Morgan10513 Wilkinson Dr Seaford(302) 629-9803
Regina White10515 Foxtail Ct Seaford(302) 536-7793
Charles Grim10535 Airport Rd Seaford(302) 628-0708
Glynis Mack10571 Wilkinson Dr Seaford(302) 629-5593
Kinsley John JR10599 Wilkinson Dr Seaford(302) 628-1385
Virginia Willing106 Willow Brooke Ct Seaford(302) 536-1815
Phillis Wheatley10694 Serenity Cir Seaford(302) 536-1210
Gene Crockett107 William Ross Ln Seaford(302) 629-6678
David Nolan10878 Old Furnace Rd Seaford(302) 628-3447
Scott Linder109 Rivers End Dr Seaford(302) 628-9197
Stephen Elzey10930 Pit Rd Seaford(302) 628-0709
Jody Harris10945 Concord Rd Seaford(302) 629-3137
Joe Greco11 Chesapeake Dr Seaford(302) 536-7155
Sarah E Smith11 E High St Blades(302) 629-2611
Teri L Davis11 Nanticoke Circle Dr Seaford(302) 629-3328
Mike Mahetta11 Sandpebble Dr Seaford(302) 628-3537
Edward Morgan110 Hollyoak Dr Seaford(302) 629-4638
Tony Windsor110 Pennsylvania Ave Seaford(302) 629-6237
Patrick Kenny11012 Pit Rd Seaford(302) 628-0109
Rosemary Risley1107 Magnolia Dr Seaford (302) 536-1616
Clyde Mellin11113 Hastings Farm Rd Seaford(302) 629-7437
George Thompson11149 Concord Rd Seaford(302) 628-6831
Suzanne Haught112 Meadow Dr Seaford(302) 629-4749
Cristine Layton112 S Bradford St Seaford(302) 628-2821
David Layton112 S Bradford St Seaford(302) 628-2821
J Tingle11251 Gibbs Ln Seaford(302) 629-4897
Brunel Aurele113 E 5th St Blades(302) 628-1140
Joseph Sullivan114 Loblolly Dr Seaford(302) 536-1046
Francis Elliot115 Hitch Pond Cir Seaford(302) 536-1601
Steven Smack11616 Kime Cir Seaford(302) 629-5256
Carol Stewart11622 Kime Cir Seaford(302) 629-8693
S Thomas11661 Hastings Farm Rd Seaford(302) 262-0226
Paula Smith11719 Baker Mill Rd Seaford(302) 628-7950
Chris Evick119 Oaks Seaford(302) 629-0880
Wendy Feller12 Chesapeake Dr Seaford (302) 536-1832
M A Robins12 N Market Street Ext Blades(302) 629-6481
Evaristo Shirley120 E Locust St Seaford(302) 629-3321
B Booker12028 Concord Rd Seaford(302) 629-9350
Willie Blount1207 Dulaney St Seaford(302) 629-3771
James Joseph12073 Concord Rd Seaford(302) 629-7662
Joan Petzold121 Hitch Pond Cir Seaford(302) 628-8631
Robert Seiler121 S Conwell St Seaford(302) 628-1331
Cornell Gray1216 S Dual Hwy Seaford(302) 628-9247
Ina R Short12292 Baker Mill Rd Seaford(302) 629-8667
Bruce W Bennett SR123 Hitch Pond Cir Seaford(302) 628-8083
Joseph Lynch124 N Arch St Seaford(302) 629-3888
Judith Bean124 N Pine St Seaford(302) 628-3250
Violet Rust1243 Wesley Church Rd Seaford(302) 628-3086
Jeffery Lloyd12542 Concord Rd Seaford (302) 536-1176
Shawn Fry126 Hitch Pond Cir Seaford(302) 629-2794
Lana D Williams127 S Paula Lynne Dr Seaford(302) 629-7762
Ronald Hogan12713 Baker Mill Rd Seaford(302) 536-1460
Johanna Lonas128 N Cannon St Seaford(302) 629-8840
Robert H Nicklas128 N Cannon St Seaford(302) 875-7119
Kristin Smith128 S Paula Lynne Dr Seaford(302) 628-1828
Mary Swift129 4th St Seaford(302) 629-8430
D Gaines129 Hitch Pond Cir Seaford(302) 628-6984
Sharon Kelly12919 Baker Mill Rd Seaford(302) 628-3413
Roy Billings13 E 4th St Blades(302) 629-8082
Glenn Truitt13 N Pine Street Ext Seaford(302) 629-5773
David Thomas130 Hollyoak Dr Seaford(302) 629-2085
K Vangraafeiland13035 Baker Mill Rd Seaford(302) 628-5100
Kathy Bowden13131 Fleetwood Pond Rd Seaford(302) 536-1945
Raymond M Knett13148 Fleetwood Pond Rd Seaford(302) 629-3937
Ernest Snyder133 Meadow Dr Blades(302) 629-9858
Susan Sparenberg133 N Hall St Seaford(302) 536-7459
Karla Swarthout133 S Paula Lynne Dr Seaford(302) 536-1332
Charles M O'donnell135 Meadow Dr Seaford(302) 629-4058
Dean Cannon135 S Paula Lynne Dr Seaford(302) 628-9128