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List of Streets and people in 19960 zip code, Lincoln city, Delaware state

365 streets and people were found in 19960, Lincoln

NameStreet namePhone Number
Awanda Grimes101 Hudson Mill Rd Lincoln(302) 424-1004
Steven S Barlow10109 N Old State Rd Lincoln(302) 424-0134
D L Wilson10120 Dupont Blvd Lincoln(302) 422-8548
Michelle Hayes10158 Dupont Blvd Lincoln(302) 424-6653
Melvin Snowden10184 Clendaniel Pond Rd Lincoln(302) 422-6216
D C Morgan10187 Dupont Blvd Lincoln(302) 422-9030
Delores Waters10205 Greentop Rd Lincoln(302) 265-2534
Heather Eldert10217 Clendaniel Pond Rd Lincoln (302) 422-0259
Suzanne Windsor103 E Holly Dr Lincoln(302) 422-6539
Dawn Phillips10353 Benson Rd Lincoln(302) 422-0205
L Boothman10357 Cedar Creek Rd Lincoln(302) 424-7666
Daniel Boothman10367 Cedar Creek Rd Lincoln (302) 329-9358
Claude Warnick10429 N Union Church Rd Lincoln(302) 422-3911
Linda Darling10434 Jasmine Dr Lincoln(302) 422-2336
Thomas Plummer10435 Benson Rd Lincoln(302) 422-0649
William Melhorn10453 Jasmine Dr Lincoln(302) 422-6480
John Simon10454 Jasmine Dr Lincoln(302) 422-2132
Ron Short10571 Jasmine Dr Lincoln(302) 422-2379
Norman M Remick JR10577 Heritage Rd Lincoln(302) 424-7921
J L Reeder10620 W Yellowood Dr Lincoln(302) 422-5188
Tammy L Bailey10640 N Union Church Rd Lincoln(302) 422-8280
Michael Cudzilo10654 W Yellowood Dr Lincoln(302) 422-2053
Debbie Burrell10680 W Yellowood Dr Lincoln(302) 430-0875
A Gilcrest10699 Crescent Shore Dr Lincoln(302) 424-1962
Emma Tucker10769 Dupont Blvd Lincoln(302) 422-0253
Norma Shelton10787 N Old State Rd Lincoln(302) 430-7527
Mildres Moore10899 Heritage Rd Lincoln (302) 424-2056
Araceli Hand10941 Heritage Rd Lincoln (302) 422-3984
William Morris11 S Shore Dr Lincoln(302) 422-5009
John Baybutt110 E Holly Dr Lincoln(302) 424-0577
Robert Bradley111 Hudson Mill Rd Lincoln(302) 422-4254
Michelle Lewis11120 Dove Dr Lincoln(302) 422-2391
George Marker11164 Page Pl Lincoln(302) 684-8759
D A Krosnar11201 Raven Ct Lincoln(302) 684-3445
Karen Tomlinson11368 Beideman Rd Lincoln (302) 265-2616
Raymond Harp III11368 Eagle Run Lincoln(302) 265-2678
Bill Phillips11406 Eagle Run Lincoln(302) 684-1390
L B Rogers116 Hudson Mill Rd Lincoln(302) 422-2377
Mary V Hall12 Water St Lincoln(302) 491-6432
B Backus129 Hudson Mill Rd Lincoln (302) 430-0763
Ron Wilkins130 Hudson Mill Rd Lincoln(302) 422-6615
J Costello14678 Staytonville Rd Lincoln(302) 424-0940
William Mitchell15 Raven Cir Lincoln(302) 684-0437
Robert Shaughnessy15 S Shore Dr Lincoln(302) 422-8294
Rafaela Ramirez151 Foreman Ave Lincoln(302) 491-6212
Michael Melvin16109 Peaceful Acres Ln Lincoln(302) 491-6485
Robin Johns16475 Fitzgeralds Rd Lincoln(302) 422-4813
Robert Fitzgerald16600 Fitzgeralds Rd Lincoln (302) 265-2321
John Lebo16819 W Hudson Pond Rd Lincoln(302) 491-6099
Bryan Miller16857 Staytonville Rd Lincoln(302) 424-1304
Russell Wright16864 W Hudson Pond Rd Lincoln(302) 422-4474
Delores Thompson16978 Fitzgeralds Rd Lincoln(302) 422-2016
Gary Morris16989 Staytonville Rd Lincoln(302) 422-6760
John Vammino17 S Shore Dr Lincoln(302) 424-1938
J Kucharzyk17757 S Yellowood Dr Lincoln(302) 430-0610
Melanie Annand17769 S Yellowood Dr Lincoln (302) 422-1258
Pauline Runyon17784 S Yellowood Dr Lincoln(302) 430-0794
Ira Callaway17999 Hickory Ln Lincoln(302) 422-0422
Douglas Morgan18004 Johnson Rd Lincoln(302) 265-2870
Baola Dupont18068 Morgan Dr Lincoln(302) 424-3932
Karen Roberts18407 Johnson Rd Lincoln(302) 422-6235
James Richardson18598 Susquehanna Ave Lincoln (302) 422-9193
Everett Tyrrell18614 Johnson Rd Lincoln(302) 422-5346
Harry Lare18651 Sherman Ave Lincoln(302) 424-3267
Harry Foreman18701 Fleatown Rd Lincoln(302) 424-4736
Robert Clendaniel18879 Butler Ave Lincoln(302) 422-0414
P Pearson18939 Johnson Rd Lincoln (302) 491-6260
Elaine Oneal19043 Fleatown Rd Lincoln (302) 422-7631
Howard Oneal19043 Fleatown Rd Lincoln(302) 422-7631
Lester C Beebe19145 Fleatown Rd Lincoln(302) 422-7376
Susan Muncey19155 Fleatown Rd Lincoln(302) 422-7041
Lovie Belfield19220 Crabapple Ln Lincoln(302) 422-3423
Janet Swain19349 Fleatown Rd Lincoln (302) 422-4032
Elizabeth Lightcap19899 Pine St Lincoln(302) 424-0222
William McBane III20031 McBane Ln Lincoln(302) 422-3948
W Fox20131 Johnson Rd Lincoln(302) 422-6688
Mildred Salisbury20255 Cubbage Pond Rd Lincoln(302) 422-7256
James Hibbs20339 Johnson Rd Lincoln(302) 424-0891
Cindy Jones20352 Blueberry Dr Lincoln(302) 424-4463
Cruz Canseco20392 Blueberry Dr Lincoln(302) 422-9432
Jessica Davis20418 Cubbage Pond Rd Lincoln (302) 422-4709
Lw Scott20422 Spangler Dr Lincoln (302) 491-6400
Dona Troyer20459 Troyer Ln Lincoln(302) 422-5515
Greg Rogers20535 Fleatown Rd Lincoln(302) 422-9738
Barbara Steele20573 Lillies Way Lincoln(302) 424-8299
Terry L Lape20774 Fleatown Rd Lincoln(302) 430-0441
Douglas Phillips20786 Fleatown Rd Lincoln(302) 424-0336
John A Rakosky20846 Fleatown Rd Lincoln(302) 424-2070
D White20915 Jefferson Rd Lincoln(302) 422-7203
Elana Donophan20957 Cubbage Pond Rd Lincoln(302) 491-6196
Edith Banning210 W Holly Dr Lincoln(302) 422-8926
William Faires21034 Fleatown Rd Lincoln(302) 265-2432
Edward Schultz21050 W Mayhew Dr Lincoln(302) 422-3029
Karen McDonald21076 Mayhew Dr Lincoln(302) 424-2431
Cathy Farrell21095 Adams Cir Lincoln (302) 422-4719
Donald F Callaway214 W Holly Dr Lincoln(302) 430-0960
Timothy Daniels21407 Cubbage Pond Rd Lincoln(302) 491-6580
Shannon McGinn21523 Cubbage Pond Rd Lincoln(302) 422-7370
Greg Eyler21573 Hackney Cir Lincoln(302) 424-4614
Greg Fuller21575 Cubbage Pond Rd Lincoln(302) 430-0789