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List of Streets and people in 19953 zip code, Hartly city, Delaware state

299 streets and people were found in 19953, Hartly

NameStreet namePhone Number
Christa Hickey100 Misty Way Hartly (302) 492-8304
Robert Wealton100 Sherwood Forest Way Hartly(302) 343-9114
Earl L Duncan1038 Hartly Rd Hartly(302) 492-0536
Arthur Elston1051 Brittney Ln Hartly(302) 492-1930
Robert Wilby107 Slaughter Station Rd Hartly(302) 492-0546
Dawn Miller1094 Myers Dr Hartly(302) 492-1080
John Oneal III1097 Pine Tree Rd Hartly (302) 492-3533
Nora Bullins11 Loxley Ln Hartly (302) 343-9213
R W Culver1108 Slaughter Station Rd Hartly(302) 492-3303
Estella Stanley1140 Bryants Corner Rd Hartly(302) 492-3188
Norman F Wilkerson JR1161 Pearsons Corner Rd Hartly(302) 492-1384
Daniel McFarlan117 Downes Dr Hartly(302) 492-1103
Pearlie Davis119 Downes Dr Hartly(302) 492-0165
Glenn Evans124 Greenbriar Rd Hartly (302) 492-8192
W Thompson124 Pine Tree Rd Hartly(302) 492-3907
Jeff Niezgoda126 Downes Dr Hartly(302) 492-1434
Paul Twilley1267 Tuxward Rd Hartly(302) 492-0408
Robin Lahnemann1285 Tuxward Rd Hartly(302) 492-8135
Irene Evans129 Greenbriar Rd Hartly(302) 492-1113
William Mc Avoy1291 Fords Corner Rd Hartly(302) 492-3541
N Rodden130 Downes Dr Hartly(302) 492-3939
Susan Pechacek132 Downes Dr Hartly(302) 343-9072
Christop David1355 Taraila Rd Hartly(302) 343-9420
Benjamin F Solloway1374 Hourglass Rd Hartly (302) 492-1092
Susan Strong1390 Hourglass Rd Hartly (302) 492-3423
Peter Scanlon1435 Hourglass Rd Hartly(302) 492-8228
Terry Long1522 Slaughter Station Rd Hartly (302) 492-1670
H E Essick SR153 Everetts Corner Rd Hartly(302) 492-0112
Robert O Virdin1548 Taraila Rd Hartly(302) 492-3839
V E Merson1571 Hartly Rd Hartly(302) 492-8973
James R Potts159 Myers Dr Hartly(302) 492-3072
Joann Gallichio1610 Fords Corner Rd Hartly (302) 492-3085
B Lilly1612 Pearsons Corner Rd Hartly (302) 492-3239
Roxanne Parrish1657 Tower Rd Hartly(302) 492-0693
Ginger Frey171 Blue Bird Dr Hartly (302) 492-0457
John R Gilbert1710 Judith Rd Hartly(302) 492-8410
Richard Kane1732 Arthursville Rd Hartly(302) 492-8087
June Myers176 Myers Dr Hartly(302) 492-3376
Frank Carman1775 Bryants Corner Rd Hartly(302) 492-3921
Richard Warfield1814 Bryants Corner Rd Hartly(302) 492-1637
Wallace A Daniels1827 Everetts Corner Rd Hartly(302) 492-1063
Jason Parker1897 Slaughter Station Rd Hartly(302) 492-1710
Tammy Garron1902 Slaughter Station Rd Hartly (302) 492-8287
Joan Conley1910 Halltown Rd Hartly (302) 492-0773
Martha Polauf1955 Judith Rd Hartly(302) 492-8890
David Grygo200 Tappahanna Bridge Rd Hartly(302) 492-1074
D Benini202 Gunter Rd Hartly(302) 492-8739
Donald R Seward208 North St Hartly(302) 492-1864
Bonnie Gladu2124 Slaughter Station Rd Hartly (302) 492-0161
Virginia Seymour2177 Taraila Rd Hartly (302) 492-1622
Jeff Lighthall2202 Bryants Corner Rd Hartly(302) 492-1232
David W Kreer2214 Crystal Rd Hartly (302) 492-3193
Kristy Tuxward2214 Halltown Rd Hartly(302) 492-1669
Robert Tuxward2214 Halltown Rd Hartly(302) 492-1669
Kevin Weiss2226 Bryants Corner Rd Hartly(302) 492-0524
Joseph Moran224 North St Hartly(302) 492-3103
Henry Schaffer2240 Slaughter Station Rd Hartly(302) 492-8413
Diane Davis2294 Everetts Corner Rd Hartly(302) 492-8619
Constanc Engelsiepen2370 Arthursville Rd Hartly (302) 492-8238
C Wojcieszyn2376 Everetts Corner Rd Hartly(302) 492-0528
Aubrey W Unruh240 Daughters Ln Hartly(302) 492-1584
Christopher Jackson2415 Halltown Rd Hartly(302) 492-1341
William C Wessell2435 Slaughter Station Rd Hartly(302) 492-8070
John Gosch2477 Arthursville Rd Hartly(302) 492-0390
R D Reed2501 Fords Corner Rd Hartly(302) 492-0530
T Miller2555 Fords Corner Rd Hartly (302) 492-1942
David Gardner2573 Fords Corner Rd Hartly(302) 492-1423
Leslie Persans2654 Slaughter Station Rd Hartly(302) 492-1189
Mary A Cowan268 Butterpat Rd Hartly(302) 492-1774
Thomas Baxter274 Myers Dr Hartly(302) 492-8911
Crist Detweiler285 Pearsons Corner Rd Hartly(302) 678-5804
Joeseph Bornterger2860 Bryants Corner Rd Hartly (302) 492-3254
Charles Hallett29 Hartly Rd Hartly(302) 492-3433
S Barnes293 Tuxward Rd Hartly(302) 492-3144
James E Thompson2979 Hourglass Rd Hartly(302) 492-1209
Ralph J Krause311 Tuxward Rd Hartly (302) 492-0184
Amanda Adams3122 Arthursville Rd Hartly(302) 343-9024
Robert Dixon3129 Arthursville Rd Hartly(302) 492-3603
Matt Sanderson318 Slaughter Station Rd Hartly(302) 492-1385
Douglas Dash3209 Hourglass Rd Hartly (302) 492-0451
Jamie Taylor3217 Bryants Corner Rd Hartly(302) 678-3769
N Hoffstein3232 Halltown Rd Hartly(302) 492-3114
Daniel Washburn3290 Hartly Rd Hartly(302) 492-0601
Deborah Miller333 Mabrey Ln Hartly(302) 492-1991
Scott C Murray3423 Bryants Corner Rd Hartly(302) 741-2095
Henry Troyer3557 Bryants Corner Rd Hartly(302) 735-7571
Charles Raciti356 Hartly Rd Hartly (302) 492-3191
Jinx Mirasola38 Hartly Circle Dr Hartly(302) 492-8329
William Fitzwater3832 Arthursville Rd Hartly(302) 492-1342
T Franks392 Hazlettville Rd Hartly (302) 538-6649
Samuel McGinnis3938 Arthursville Rd Hartly(302) 492-8508
C J Devito JR4006 Arthursville Rd Hartly(302) 492-8969
Beth Berrie4144 Halltown Rd Hartly(302) 492-8731
James Wilson4217 Bryants Corner Rd Hartly(302) 734-4872
Scott Hardesty444 Judith Rd Hartly(302) 492-1510
Donna Doherty444 Myers Dr Hartly(302) 492-1821
Maria Carrillo449 Gibbs Chapel Rd Hartly(302) 343-9073
Lydia Tucker4499 Halltown Rd Hartly(302) 492-8241
William Nickerson453 Everetts Corner Rd Hartly(302) 492-3698
Gerald Nagyiski SR485 Judith Rd Hartly(302) 492-3023