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List of Streets and people in 19946 zip code, Frederica city, Delaware state

282 streets and people were found in 19946, Frederica

NameStreet namePhone Number
Helen Sanzo1 Lowber St Frederica(302) 335-0612
Nancy Bennett102 Coleman Ave Frederica(302) 335-4464
James A Cubbage107 Front St Frederica(302) 335-3274
Ciro Migliore107 Lowber St Frederica (302) 335-8282
Billy Bowman108 Market St Frederica(302) 335-8515
J Waring109 Lakeside Ln Frederica (302) 335-1462
Stephani Crawford110 Thomas St Frederica(302) 335-8832
Theresa Perry111 Lizzies Ln Frederica(302) 335-1055
Brad Hannah114 Albacore Dr Frederica(302) 335-3090
Derrickson Webb114 Front St Frederica(302) 335-5823
Steven Birch116 W Front St Frederica(302) 335-8793
Laura Evans12 E David St Frederica (302) 335-8189
Lloyd E Schneiderwent1217 Buffalo Rd Frederica(302) 335-4169
Shirlene Palladino124 Stuffs Cv Frederica(302) 335-8629
Allan Nelson125 Albacore Dr Frederica (302) 335-5875
Elvin Shehorn126 Maple Dr Frederica(302) 335-5052
Pete Rager127 Front St Frederica(302) 335-4202
B Beebe13 Front St Frederica(302) 335-5308
Donna Eacho131 E Poplar St Frederica(302) 335-3806
Magda Hallock136 E Poplar St Frederica(302) 335-5940
David Daniels14 4th St Frederica(302) 335-1246
Wendy Rust143 Front St Frederica(302) 335-2968
Jayson Truesdale146 Ruyter Dr Frederica(302) 335-8340
Stephen Koerner148 Church St Frederica(302) 335-3342
Dawn Perry152 Albacore Dr Frederica (302) 335-8456
Audrey Yovanov156 Wyatt St Frederica (302) 335-8487
Ronald Richardson157 Willow Dr Frederica (302) 335-8630
Calaixte Mari16 4th St Frederica (302) 335-8626
Fred Wilson164 Holly Dr Frederica (302) 335-8590
Darrel Waddy169 Albacore Dr Frederica(302) 335-5507
Cathy Kohland1696 Skeeter Neck Rd Frederica(302) 335-1559
Jack Kohland1696 Skeeter Neck Rd Frederica(302) 335-1559
Karl Seidenspinner1735 Skeeter Neck Rd Frederica(302) 335-3810
Jaime Guerrero174 E Oak St Frederica(302) 335-4382
M D Bettro1773 Skeeter Neck Rd Frederica(302) 335-5644
William Timson185 Holly Dr Frederica (302) 335-4633
Frances Magee19 Lea Ave Frederica(302) 335-3699
Leon E Spence JR19 Ruyter Dr Frederica (302) 335-4460
Darlene Chasteen192 Glenhurst Dr Frederica(302) 335-4108
John R Bradley1947 Skeeter Neck Rd Frederica(302) 335-5649
Donald V Schiavello195 Lakeside Ln Frederica(302) 335-0379
Loretta Natoli197 Lake Shore Dr Frederica(302) 355-8138
Bridget Albano197 N Bayshore Dr Frederica(302) 335-3510
Jessica Mastriana200 Albacore Dr Frederica(302) 335-4098
Larry Keller SR200 Robbins Rd Frederica(302) 335-3091
Betty Hall204 Kestrel Ct Frederica(302) 335-8458
Richard Wilson205 Glenhurst Dr Frederica (302) 335-0663
Nancy Robbins207 Market St Frederica (302) 335-4285
Terrenna Giles-Brown21 E David St Frederica(302) 335-0708
Emily Tuthillbest2124 Bowers Beach Rd Frederica(302) 335-5011
Ray Freeman219 Lake Shore Dr Frederica(302) 335-4889
Alvin Schmick221 Market St Frederica(302) 335-5727
Eugene A Hebert2251 Skeeter Neck Rd Frederica(302) 335-0110
Verman R Nipper236 Cheryl Ct Frederica(302) 335-4066
Charles Wester236 Market St Frederica (302) 335-5153
Charles Worster24 E David St Frederica(302) 335-8197
Jacob Goralski244 Market St Frederica (302) 335-8125
Catherin Webb248 Ibis Ct Frederica(302) 335-3393
William Poole249 Ibis Ct Frederica(302) 335-3671
Tasha Huber255 Lorraine Dr Frederica(302) 335-5089
Frank Kent2654 Bowers Beach Rd Frederica (302) 335-4618
Cora Jacobs267 Robbins Rd Frederica(302) 335-8132
H D Kopicko2680 Bowers Beach Rd Frederica(302) 335-4150
Linda Miller270 Lake Shore Dr Frederica(302) 335-3575
Michael Ryl275 Lea Ave Frederica (302) 335-5193
Vernon Giuttari2776 Bowers Beach Rd Frederica (302) 335-5110
J Gonzaga278 Lea Ave Frederica(302) 335-8012
Kevin K Davis285 Marcel Ave Frederica(302) 335-4059
H M Himes299 Spring Lake Dr Frederica(302) 335-5915
Adam Brockmeyer30 Govan Ave Frederica(302) 335-8035
Phillip Pennington3049 Main St Frederica(302) 335-4290
Micheal Moffett3111 Andrews Lake Rd Frederica(302) 335-4262
Timothy Brubaker316 Albacore Dr Frederica(302) 335-5482
Jeff Morris3163 Main St Frederica(302) 335-4810
Earl Lurton3183 Andrews Lake Rd Frederica(302) 335-5563
Brenda Gosch3198 Main St Frederica(302) 335-0639
Willam Moser3207 Andrews Lake Rd Frederica(302) 335-8308
Paula Mosley322 Robbins Rd Frederica(302) 335-5331
J M Sullivan3256 Main St Frederica(302) 335-4675
June Sullivan3256 Main St Frederica(302) 335-8719
Richard A Miller3264 Main St Frederica(302) 335-5605
Elizabeth Wikert328 Jean Bradley Cir Frederica(302) 335-8508
Fred W Bird330 Hudson Branch Dr Frederica(302) 335-3607
James M Smith331 Jean Bradley Cir Frederica(302) 335-4438
Angel A Rey333 Lea Ave Frederica (302) 335-4999
Jason Hajek34 Glenhurst Dr Frederica (302) 335-2640
Joanne Knupsky34 N Flack Ave Frederica(302) 335-8533
David Austin344 Skeeter Neck Rd Frederica(302) 335-4167
Venus C Wilsom349 Otter Way Frederica(302) 335-5608
David Ingram JR3501 Main St Frederica(302) 335-3298
Richard Stryker357 Albacore Dr Frederica(302) 335-3498
Richard Schneider3598 Barratts Chapel Rd Frederica(302) 335-1992
Crystal Giles360 Michael St Frederica (302) 335-8796
Leo H Grodkiewicz360 Mulberrie Point Rd Frederica(302) 335-3266
Gerald Thibodeau364 David St Frederica(302) 335-8616
Laurence Roe364 Skeeter Neck Rd Frederica(302) 335-3353
Linda Aughey39 Mulberry Dr Frederica(302) 335-8425
Sara Devleeschouwer4022 Barratts Chapel Rd Frederica(302) 335-3692
Frank Ingram4166 Bay Rd Frederica(302) 335-5520
Christin Barber42 Bayview Ave Frederica(302) 335-8207