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List of Streets and people in 19945 zip code, Frankford city, Delaware state

382 streets and people were found in 19945, Frankford

NameStreet namePhone Number
Kara Blatzheim10 Duane Dr Frankford(302) 732-9247
William Blatzheim10 Duane Dr Frankford(302) 732-9247
Lorraine Logan11 Coral Ln Frankford(302) 541-9395
Jay R Derickson11 Country Ln Frankford(302) 537-9602
Anthony Gentile11 Highland Ln Clearwater Village(302) 537-9448
Lawrence H Mc Donald117 Ocean Farm Dr Frankford(302) 541-4055
Gregory S Welch13 Thatcher St Frankford(302) 732-9352
S Dravk132 Tennessee Dr Frankford(302) 537-5723
Charlotte Williams14 Knox St Frankford(302) 732-3689
Barbara Gaines140 Beaver Dam Rd Frankford (302) 539-2064
Lopez S Nunez15 Knox St Frankford(302) 732-3128
Steven V Stallone154 Monterray Ave Frankford(302) 537-2768
William Marsden17 Clamshell Ln Frankford (302) 537-5667
J Cooney186 Monterray Ave Frankford(302) 537-7519
Millard Bebout19 Hemlock Dr Frankford(302) 537-6054
Stefanie Williams19 Main St Frankford(302) 732-3073
Eugene E Deserable20 Newport Village Dr Clearwater Village(302) 537-0172
Douglas Palmer201 Monterray Ave Frankford(302) 539-2728
Frank Bunting20460 Hastings Rd Frankford(302) 238-7333
Nicholas Damico21 Park Place Dr Frankford(302) 541-4141
Edward F Dugan22 Newport Village Dr Clearwater Village(302) 537-7247
M Heil22433 Drive Way Frankford(302) 238-0158
Joseph Lagano JR24423 Daisey Rd Frankford(302) 238-0217
John P Zebley25 N Hampton Cir Clearwater Village(302) 539-2633
John A Kelley26 N Hampton Cir Clearwater Village(302) 537-9459
Marianne Anderson27 Neptune Dr Frankford(302) 537-6879
Marybeth Stokes28 Coral Ln Frankford(302) 537-3955
A Ashbrook29 Clamshell Ln Frankford(302) 537-5447
Steven E Willis30112 Old Frankford School Frankford(302) 732-9406
L Boykin30271 Frankford School Rd Frankford(302) 732-6056
Laura Beckett30507 Armory Rd Frankford(302) 732-6527
Debbie Harding30717 Omar Rd Frankford(302) 321-9030
Judy Belk31783 Wingate Rd Frankford(302) 732-6812
Joel Kimmel32 Coral Ln Frankford(302) 537-5204
Kelly M Martin32104 Powell Farm Rd Frankford(302) 539-3084
Nancy Romano32138 Boyer Rd Frankford(302) 537-0377
Paul E Lathbury32199 Lathbury Ln Frankford(302) 539-6109
Dick Clark32237 Hidden Acre Dr Frankford (302) 539-4671
Nancy Barnfield32327 Wingate Rd Frankford(302) 732-3506
Chris Collins32375 Byrum Farm Rd Frankford (302) 436-9984
Tammy Collins32375 Byrum Farm Rd Frankford(302) 436-9984
Barbara Denight32492 Blackwater Rd Frankford(302) 539-5495
Harvey J Daisey JR32543 Townsends Rd Frankford(302) 732-9336
Stephanie Durstine32596 Powell Farm Rd Frankford (302) 539-6724
I T Hoke32758 Dirickson Dr Frankford(302) 539-2616
Aaron Hudson33147 Jones Rd Frankford(302) 732-0893
Robert Wilkerson33186 Dukes Rd Frankford(302) 732-6064
Dudley Sluder33482 Noble Way Frankford(302) 321-9311
Thong Siphavanh33626 Wilgus Cemetery Rd Frankford(302) 436-4049
Katie Frezzel33631 Wilgus Cemetery Rd Frankford(302) 436-9909
B Eoppolo33690 Mulberry St Frankford(302) 541-5628
John Wright33724 Chatham Way Frankford (302) 539-2859
Carroll Cooper33803 Bethany Dr Frankford(302) 539-5892
Dana Andrusik33827 Connecticut Ave Frankford(302) 539-1793
Doug Oconnell33997 N Hampton Cir Frankford(302) 541-0821
Anita Bachman34019 Esham Cove Ln Frankford(302) 732-6269
George Harrison34043 Red Oak Dr Frankford(302) 537-0532
Joseph Schroeder34090 Central Ave Frankford(302) 537-4118
Robert E Wilgus34108 Wilgus Cemetery Rd Frankford(302) 436-2056
M L Oneal34139 Shockley Town Rd Frankford(302) 732-3669
Jesus Espinoza34157 Dupont Blvd Frankford(302) 732-6031
Anthony P Deluca34158 Jones Rd Frankford(302) 732-9604
Brian C McCahill34161 McCahills Pl Frankford(302) 732-3888
Khiem Nguyen34164 Sanderling Dr The Preserves At Jef (302) 537-2795
William Shockley34179 Shockley Town Rd Frankford(302) 732-3297
Kevin Marx34197 Pin Oak Dr Frankford(302) 541-0121
Carol Wilds34279 Peppers Corner Rd Frankford(302) 537-1310
Mary Pietuszka34498 Maryland Dr Frankford (302) 539-3206
Louis Meyers34516 Tennessee Dr Frankford(302) 539-0250
Walter Knapp34547 Wilgus Cemetery Rd Frankford(302) 541-4990
Lisa Rolfes34566 Wesley Ave Frankford (302) 539-1877
Mark Mountz34647 Nottingham Way Frankford(302) 539-3923
Mary Jarmon34648 Pepper Rd Frankford(302) 732-9306
Robert Jarmon34648 Pepper Rd Frankford(302) 732-9306
Shannon Holder34663 Pyle Center Rd Frankford(302) 321-9349
Gary F Hazel34664 W Sherwood Dr Frankford(302) 539-5455
Laura Adkins34665 Daisey Rd Frankford(302) 539-9507
Dorothy Daisey34688 Daisey Rd Frankford(302) 537-5353
Sheena Purnell34719 Shockley Town Rd Frankford(302) 988-8254
Norris Adkins SR34771 Daisey Rd Frankford (302) 539-7120
Frank Bienert34802 E Sherwood Dr Frankford(302) 539-1181
Mark R Evans34816 Pyle Center Rd Frankford (302) 436-2868
Maxine Bennett34828 Roxana Rd Frankford(302) 436-5598
Adrian Leal34899 Shockley Town Rd Frankford(302) 732-3976
Carolina Rivera34941 Shockley Town Rd Frankford(302) 732-9425
Allan Lee35065 Meadow Dr Frankford(302) 539-3424
Stephanie Miller35094 Roxana Rd Frankford(302) 988-8087
Peggy Johnson35416 Honeysuckle Rd Frankford(302) 539-7354
Cornelius Briddell35541 Parker Rd Frankford(302) 321-9120
John McCormick35808 Dirickson Pond Dr Frankford(302) 988-8235
Melissa Evans35839 Wild Gander Ln Frankford (302) 436-6020
George Musgrove36032 Double Bridges Rd Frankford(302) 539-0315
Arthur J Grimes36041 Country Ln Frankford (302) 537-7210
Vera Jones36063 Camp Barnes Rd Frankford(302) 829-8184
Alyssa Ziff36144 Bayard Rd Frankford(302) 436-4605
Brent D Hurley36155 Old Church Cemetery Rd Frankford(302) 539-7703
Dennis Good36197 Double Bridges Rd Frankford (302) 539-4845
K Shively36231 New Marydels Rd Frankford (302) 539-5934
Doris Eisenhauer36354 Beaver Dam Rd Frankford(302) 539-2084
Clinton R Parker36530 Parker Rd Frankford(302) 436-5407