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List of Streets and people in 19904 zip code, Dover city, Delaware state

1931 streets and people were found in 19904, Dover

NameStreet namePhone Number
Penny Westergren1 Heatherfield Way Dover(302) 736-6801
Jimmie Liverman1 Lynnbroom Ln Dover(302) 730-3838
Patirca Wilson10 Berwyn Hall Dover(302) 724-7016
Cosby Payne10 Fairway Ct Dover(302) 734-9156
Albert Brown10 Fairway Lakes Dr Dover(302) 264-9011
Nose Andre10 Fairway Lakes Dr Dover (302) 526-2591
T Drummond10 Fairway Lakes Dr Dover(302) 730-0401
Nathan Kasten10 Greenway Ln Dover(302) 674-3926
Susan Squire10 Mineral Ct Dover(302) 734-8365
Lois Beecher10 Park Ln Dover(302) 697-6504
Mark Salesbra10 Wimbledon Dr Dover(302) 736-8354
David C Angstadt100 E Darby Cir Dover(302) 698-1139
H E Angstadt100 E Darby Cir Dover(302) 698-1139
Jeff Harris100 Wycombe Dr Dover(302) 730-4005
David W Melvin1008 Monroe Ter Dover(302) 734-7653
Barbara Dean101 N Caroline Pl Dover(302) 678-3356
Nelson Timmons101 Periwinkle Dr Dover(302) 736-1341
Louise Holt101 Trafalgar Dr Dover(302) 672-9129
Ray Lobby102 Carrington Dr Dover(302) 734-3932
R L Naftzinger102 Colony Dr Dover(302) 674-3450
Brian Bushweller103 Burning Tree Rd Dover(302) 674-5442
Shirley M Mathews103 Par Haven Dr Dover(302) 677-0354
Michael Green104 Seacroft Dr Dover(302) 678-7122
Eileen Lockwood1048 Wyoming Mill Rd Dover(302) 734-4774
Tomeka Crawford105 Derbyshire Ave Dover(302) 736-6072
C Huber105 Gristmill Pl Dover(302) 744-9293
M Carson105 Quail Hollow Dr Dover(302) 674-3567
Kim Dotson105 Wilder Rd Dover(302) 698-1002
Charles F Hutchins1058 S Bradford St Dover(302) 734-7139
Akwasi Osei106 Grey Fox Ln Dover(302) 659-2788
John Lupo106 Katrina Way Dover(302) 526-2840
Valorie Brooks106 Red Oak Dr Dover(302) 674-3074
Kevin Berry107 Lake Front Dr Dover(302) 697-2261
Jill Stevens107 Matthew Ct Dover(302) 674-4637
Morton Kaplan107 Stoney Dr Dover(302) 674-4694
Gary Pippen107 W Sheldrake Cir Dover(302) 674-4621
M C Rodriguez1070 Forrest Ave Dover(302) 674-8468
Patrice McDowell1079 S Bradford St Dover(302) 264-9366
Jose Santos108 Humpsman Dr Dover(302) 730-4117
Jerry Glover108 S Dayflower Ct Dover(302) 730-3504
Kenneth Bennett108 Springwood Dr Dover(302) 674-2184
Francis C Nichols108 Stoney Dr Dover(302) 735-5522
Shirley A Nichols108 Stoney Dr Dover(302) 735-5522
Ron Yoder108 Winding Creek Rd Dover(302) 734-1181
Dorothy Price109 Kevin Ct Dover(302) 678-0302
Elizabet Holland11 Baker Turn Dover(302) 736-6322
Richard Gant11 Buttercup Ct Dover(302) 346-1844
Ralph C Wharff11 Essex Hall Dover(302) 674-8200
Robert Lutz JR11 Gregory Ct Dover(302) 678-3753
Nancy Bargine11 Gristmill Dr Dover(302) 678-2912
Yvonne Johnson11 N Turnberry Dr Dover(302) 678-1532
Diane Cook11 Pewter Ct Dover(302) 734-7922
Gerald E Williams11 Quail Hollow Dr Dover (302) 349-9424
Judith Maloney110 Dundee Rd Dover(302) 697-1878
Mary Armstrong111 E Sheldrake Cir Dover(302) 735-7873
Greg Blackmen111 S New St Dover(302) 526-2825
Sam Marshall111 Westminster Dr Dover(302) 857-3888
Bill Trover112 Lake Front Dr Dover(302) 697-3475
Aleta Jett112 Millcreek Dr Dover(302) 526-2186
W Green112 N New St Dover(302) 736-6933
Verna Evans1124 Charles Dr Dover(302) 734-5391
C C Kenton1127 Monroe Ter Dover(302) 674-4664
Bruce O Curry113 Brandywine Dr Dover(302) 736-3011
Paul Murphy113 Concord Rd Dover(302) 736-1324
Venkata Mudunuri113 Periwinkle Dr Dover(302) 734-3657
Carolyn Skripko1137 Bison Rd Dover(302) 698-0653
Mildred Spencer114 Aintree Ln Dover(302) 653-9647
Daniel Carroll1144 Westview Ter Dover(302) 674-1815
E Stegall1149 Westview Ter Dover(302) 674-3880
Edward C Larrivee115 Fox Hall Dr Dover(302) 734-5644
Diamond Singletary115 S Kirkwood St Dover(302) 264-9214
Wesley Roan1154 Woodstock Ct Dover(302) 264-9590
Christopher Murphy116 Blue Beach Rd Dover(302) 677-1991
Christopher Foster1162 S Farmview Dr Dover(302) 677-0716
R M Lewis1164 Brenford Rd Dover(302) 653-9605
Odella Farrell117 Derbyshire Ave Dover(302) 674-5210
J Simon117 Red Oak Dr Dover(302) 734-9123
Charles Edwards1173 Adams Ct Dover (302) 264-9722
Chris Williams1177 Jefferson Ct Dover(302) 747-7867
Harvey Byler1179 Rose Valley School Rd Dover(302) 678-2413
Holly Simone118 Maple Glen Dr Dover(302) 741-8562
Miguel Wallace118 Matterhorn Dr Dover(302) 734-5298
Martha Belush118 N Kirkwood St Dover(302) 678-8855
William D Spence118 Shadow Ct Dover(302) 730-9085
Felix Garcia118 Thames Dr Dover(302) 734-7297
Norman Figueroa118 Winding Ridge Rd Dover(302) 724-5131
Bethany Coleman1181 Madison Ct Dover(302) 264-9758
Jeraldin Berry119 Davis Cir Dover(302) 736-0317
R Spencer119 E Sheldrake Cir Dover(302) 747-7366
Kathleen Coupe12 S Dayflower Ct Dover(302) 678-0717
Jason L Garlock12 Voshell Mill Rd Dover(302) 697-9867
Ruby Coppadge120 Matterhorn Dr Dover(302) 736-0144
R Fairbanks1202 Afton Ct Dover (302) 264-9015
Frederik Russell1209 N Farmview Dr Dover(302) 736-6871
Vynella Delesline121 Parkway Dr Dover(302) 736-5653
J Day121 Westminster Dr Dover(302) 674-8699
Lois Brady1210 Afton Ct Dover(302) 730-8941
Joanne Dolph122 Alonzo Dr Dover(302) 674-4910
James Braxton122 Red Oak Dr Dover(302) 734-3729
Eugene Ruane122 Shadow Ct Dover(302) 674-1829