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List of Streets and people in 19804 zip code, Wilmington city, Delaware state

1248 streets and people were found in 19804, Wilmington

NameStreet namePhone Number
David Pyle1 Burnside Blvd Wilmington(302) 998-1259
Andrew Jolley1 Cummings Ct Wilmington(302) 998-6710
George Tinsman1 New Jersey Ave Wilmington(302) 633-3312
Nancy Rizzi1 Silview Ave Wilmington(302) 998-2966
Ej Castagna II1 Winston Pl Wilmington(302) 995-1565
Maureen A McCord10 Cypress Ave Wilmington(302) 633-4833
Nathan G Austin10 Gregg Ave Newport(302) 636-0669
Richard Wilson10 Spruce Ave Wilmington(302) 998-6590
D J Trago10 Stanton Rd Wilmington(302) 575-0534
Pat Wagner100 Curtis Ave Wilmington(302) 994-0582
A Lopez100 E Market St Wilmington(302) 691-7785
Bernard Dougherty100 Howard St Wilmington(302) 426-9230
Gregory Jeanes100 Kenwood Ln Wilmington(302) 425-4908
Candy Peco100 S Laura Ct Wilmington(302) 998-4239
William H Francisco100 Victoria Ave Wilmington(302) 999-0332
D Williams100 W Summit Ave Wilmington(302) 426-6404
Elizabet Walter1000 Ahlers Blvd Wilmington(302) 998-5595
Denise Adamchak1002 Creekside Dr Wilmington(302) 543-6582
Michael Nichols1005 Creekside Dr Wilmington(302) 384-7477
Paul Connor101 David Rd Wilmington(302) 995-5657
Anthoula Anagnostou101 Denn Pl Wilmington(302) 998-9284
Michael A Subda101 E Reamer Ave Wilmington(302) 993-0666
Guyetta Hood101 Lorewood Ave Wilmington(302) 543-4490
Patricia Lewicki101 Reamer Ave Wilmington(302) 998-7203
Mark Long JR101 W Keystone Ave Wilmington(302) 384-8240
Tom Lupinski1013 Talcon Dr Wilmington(302) 384-7697
M Geist102 Forest Dr Wilmington(302) 999-0386
Harold W Badders JR102 Lincoln Ave Wilmington(302) 994-5512
John M Satterfield102 Roosevelt Ave Wilmington(302) 994-8105
Walter J Zakrzewski102 W Summit Ave Wilmington(302) 994-2485
A Gerald103 Cleveland Ave Wilmington(302) 992-9162
Lisa Carpenter103 Silview Ave Wilmington(302) 999-9603
Robyn Wary104 Denn Pl Wilmington(302) 996-0825
Micheal Lemon104 Glenside Ave Newport(302) 691-3909
Kelly Mc Culloch104 Laurel Ln Wilmington(302) 384-6594
Bruce R Poole104 Maple Hill Rd Wilmington(302) 999-1211
A Munden104 Westmont Ave Wilmington(302) 999-1728
Ortiz M Silva105 David Rd Wilmington (302) 225-6745
Pat S Douglas105 Roosevelt Ave Wilmington(302) 994-1201
S Wheeler105 W Highland Ave Newport(302) 633-0646
James Simms106 Richards Dr(302) 668-1730
James Thomas106 W Market St Newport(302) 998-3866
Anthony Gentile106 W Summit Ave Wilmington(302) 633-0717
Patricia Coverdale106 Wardel Rd Wilmington(302) 998-4781
Olga Sanchez107 Cleveland Ave Wilmington(302) 654-3657
Kaiser Francis JR107 Wardel Rd Wilmington(302) 633-1135
George Benson108 David Rd Wilmington(302) 994-4763
Melissa Davis108 Lynam St Newport(302) 994-0662
Bryan Petka108 Redwood Ave Wilmington(302) 482-2259
E Scott108 W Highland Ave Newport(302) 998-7513
Bob Swanson109 Kenwood Ln Wilmington(302) 992-9637
S A McKeown109 Larch Ave Wilmington(302) 998-0014
Alan G Montross109 Rothwell Dr Wilmington(302) 994-6152
Mohammad Riaz109 S Maryland Ave Wilmington(302) 654-3366
Giovanna Brown1091 Creekside Dr Wilmington(302) 691-7716
Kelly McDowell1095 Creekside Dr Wilmington(302) 691-7350
Tompkins Marshall SR11 Gregg Ave Newport(302) 384-6825
Laura Brown11 Kiamensi Rd Wilmington(302) 397-8300
V Morris11 Medary St Wilmington(302) 993-0397
Charlene Singer11 W Champlain Ave Wilmington(302) 633-0381
L Lopez110 Glenside Ave Newport(302) 636-0720
Charles B Malcom110 Kentucky Ave Wilmington(302) 994-6285
June Clarke110 Larch Ave Wilmington (302) 482-2963
George Stathopoulos110 MacArthur Dr Wilmington(302) 999-7841
James Domorod1101 E Newport Pike Wilmington(302) 995-2189
David Rife1103 E Newport Pike Wilmington(302) 482-2579
Dennis Jacobs1109 E Newport Pike Wilmington(302) 543-6202
Claire Callahan111 Curtis Ave Wilmington(302) 691-5781
Scott Allen111 Middleboro Rd Wilmington(302) 998-7436
Robert C Pettit111 Silview Ave Wilmington(302) 998-7597
Mary Dietz111 W Summit Ave Wilmington (302) 384-8978
Kathy Bleacher112 Bestfield Rd Wilmington(302) 996-0685
Joe MacChiarelli112 Boxwood Rd Wilmington(302) 633-0628
Richard Chubbs JR112 Laurel Ln Wilmington(302) 994-9658
John Quinn113 Belmont Ave Wilmington(302) 655-6602
John Wardell113 David Rd Wilmington(302) 993-0752
Tracy Krakowski113 Matthes Ave Wilmington(302) 656-0795
Denise Vance114 Bestfield Rd Wilmington(302) 633-6155
J Castillo114 Silview Ave Wilmington(302) 993-0421
T B Fleming114 Washington Ave Newport(302) 998-7256
Betty Taylor115 Adelphia Ave Wilmington(302) 998-8129
Beverly Milligan115 Harding Ave Wilmington(302) 543-7595
Dorothy Gerace115 W Reamer Ave Wilmington(302) 998-2659
Crystal Hicks115 Winston Ave Wilmington(302) 384-6152
Irene Baron1151 Creekside Dr Wilmington(302) 999-7271
C Appleby116 E Justis St Newport(302) 998-1316
Matt Conly116 W Reamer Ave Wilmington(302) 633-1572
Padma Jashty1162 Creekside Dr Wilmington(302) 295-0485
J Cannelongo117 Admiral Dr Wilmington(302) 994-8389
Mary Murphy117 Grier Ave Wilmington(302) 996-0803
Timothy Houser JR117 MacArthur Dr Wilmington(302) 543-6303
Allison Craig117 Westmoreland Ave Wilmington(302) 999-7710
Bridget Dugan118 Hayden Ave Wilmington(302) 633-4432
George Czerwinski118 W Ayre St Wilmington (302) 482-3597
Margaret Siple119 Glen Berne Dr Wilmington(302) 994-4975
Judy Rago119 Middleboro Rd Wilmington(302) 995-1595
J Slaughter12 Harding Ave Wilmington(302) 998-3715
Michael Collier12 Lindberg Ave Wilmington(302) 992-9657
Georgia Byron12 Lynbrook Rd Wilmington(302) 999-8225
Edward T Wereszenski12 Main Ave Wilmington(302) 656-5082