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List of Streets and people in 15055 zip code, Lawrence city, Pennsylvania state

63 streets and people were found in 15055, Lawrence

NameStreet namePhone Number
Isaac Wilson1107 Old Farm Rd Lawrence (724) 916-4855
Pat Paslowski1113 Old Farm Rd Lawrence(724) 746-5308
William P Jones1119 Old Farm Rd Lawrence(724) 746-2997
David L Bohlander1120 Concord Dr Lawrence(724) 745-9029
S Caldwell1134 Valleyview Dr Lawrence(724) 745-0176
Dennis S Fonte1148 Old Farm Rd Lawrence(724) 746-1957
Garrette Edmonds1164 Old Farm Rd Lawrence(724) 916-4578
Melvin L Tolle1200 Valleyview Dr Lawrence(724) 746-5780
P Schriner1212 Valleyview Dr Lawrence(724) 746-0829
Rosalie Passieu1309 Lexington Dr Lawrence(724) 916-4411
Daniel Grannis1325 Lexington Dr Lawrence(724) 746-2566
R Barus1400 Lexington Dr Lawrence(724) 745-4443
Linda Hanjorgiris1409 Lexington Dr Lawrence(724) 746-4923
Mary-Anne Clark1412 Yorktown Dr Lawrence (724) 743-1952
Ronald Smith1433 Lexington Dr Lawrence(724) 746-4944
Christine Palmieri1436 Lexington Dr Lawrence (724) 916-4096
Amy Comunale1446 Lexington Dr Lawrence(724) 746-3031
J S White1455 Yorktown Dr Lawrence(724) 743-2894
Alice Talerico1456 Yorktown Dr Lawrence(724) 745-1551
Barbara Girod1473 Yorktown Dr Lawrence (724) 746-2842
Lorna Kestner1513 Yorktown Dr Lawrence(724) 746-4268
Ken Donahue4010 Christie Ln Lawrence(724) 745-3786
John Wasco5002 Ashley Ln Lawrence(724) 746-2048
Michael P Schaefer6000 Elizabeth Ln Lawrence(724) 260-0595
Robert J Geyer6006 Elizabeth Ln Lawrence(724) 260-0381
Robert Swaney6010 Elizabeth Ln Lawrence(724) 260-0050
Flora SpainHouse 149 Lawrence(724) 941-5966
Tanya Delsole1151 Old Farm Rd Lawrence(724) 514-6897
L K Lombardi1192 Valleyview Dr Lawrence(724) 743-0657
Karen O'hara1315 Lexington Dr Lawrence(724) 746-5226
Michael Manion1160 Old Farm Rd Lawrence(724) 746-6801
Jack A Moore1512 Yorktown Dr Lawrence(724) 746-9366
Wilson McMannis1204 Valleyview Dr Lawrence(724) 746-9626
Dave McDowell1462 Yorktown Dr Lawrence(724) 745-7093
K D Jingleski1114 Valleyview Dr Lawrence(724) 746-0857
Tom Kunovic1426 Yorktown Dr Lawrence(724) 746-4847
J A Clark1229 Valleyview Dr Lawrence(724) 873-0622
Claire Fraley1180 Valleyview Dr Lawrence(724) 746-1296
Martin Miller1440 Lexington Dr Lawrence(724) 873-8919
Sandra Vogel1249 Valleyview Dr Lawrence(724) 916-4808
Mark Rosenthal1163 Old Farm Rd Lawrence(724) 873-5285
Joseph P Zeszutek1451 Yorktown Dr Lawrence(724) 873-7918
Thomas Dailey6008 Elizabeth Ln Lawrence(724) 941-0386
Barbara Bruder4007 Christie Ln Lawrence(724) 745-3813
Marylou Burns1118 Concord Dr Lawrence(724) 745-4410
Elaine V Zary1348 Lexington Dr Lawrence(724) 745-7098
Mary A Rieland2002 Bandek Ln Lawrence(724) 745-7920
Clancy Green1464 Yorktown Dr Lawrence(724) 746-2984
Amy Liebernam1501 Yorktown Dr Lawrence(724) 746-4110
Joanne L Lang1459 Yorktown Dr Lawrence(724) 746-7071
Gregory Adkins1152 Old Farm Rd Lawrence(724) 873-1331
Kathleen Lese1232 Valleyview Dr Lawrence(724) 873-7361
Michele L Zeszutek1451 Yorktown Dr Lawrence(724) 873-7918
Clara Arcuri1351 Lexington Dr Lawrence(724) 514-7383
Cathy Folino6012 Elizabeth Ln Lawrence(724) 514-7468
David Paterra1234 Valleyview Dr Lawrence(724) 514-7522
Lorenzo Cola1402 Yorktown Dr Lawrence(724) 514-7866
Brent Boreman4013 Christie Ln Lawrence(724) 514-7893
Deanne Hinerman1318 Lexington Dr Lawrence(724) 743-2151
Kurt Rodgers1333 Lexington Dr Lawrence(724) 743-3986
John Debbis2004 Bandek Ln Lawrence(724) 745-4708
Stephen McCarron1237 Valleyview Dr Lawrence(724) 745-5682
Charles Knepp1314 Clarendon Ave Lawrence(814) 765-3175
Alfred Mordacci4020 Christie Ln Lawrence(724) 746-3018
Andrew Daniels1245 Valleyview Dr Lawrence(724) 746-7046
Audrey Keady7001 Hill Station Dr Lawrence(724) 746-4862
Betty Kenzleiter5009 Ashley Ln Lawrence(724) 941-6360
Calvin Baldacci2013 Bandek Ln Lawrence(724) 916-4036
Christopher Ozaeta1208 Valleyview Dr Lawrence(724) 514-7910
Dana McConaghy1308 Lexington Dr Lawrence(724) 514-7600
Danielle Wright1441 Lexington Dr Lawrence(724) 514-7634
Darlene Butka1466 Yorktown Dr Lawrence(724) 746-1940
Dave Richards1494 Yorktown Dr Lawrence(724) 514-6350
David Walk1170 Old Farm Rd Lawrence(724) 514-7460
Diane Goryl1417 Yorktown Dr Lawrence(724) 746-5413
E Jarosz1472 Yorktown Dr Lawrence(724) 743-2818
Elizabeth M Carmelite1449 Yorktown Dr Lawrence(724) 743-2955
Ellen T Fair1159 Old Farm Rd Lawrence(724) 514-7698
Eugene Tenaglia1109 Valleyview Dr Lawrence(724) 514-6823
Frank Morgan1431 Lexington Dr Lawrence(724) 514-6652
G Harmon1145 Old Farm Rd Lawrence(724) 746-9267
Georgette Kerner1143 Old Farm Rd Lawrence(724) 746-7379
Holt John JR1483 Yorktown Dr Lawrence(724) 746-1447
John Coffey1413 Yorktown Dr Lawrence(724) 206-0989
Louis A MatyufSecond St Lawrence(724) 941-7334
M Bour1128 Valleyview Dr Lawrence(724) 745-4506
M Thompson1106 Concord Dr Lawrence(724) 746-2818
Mark Litzel1163 Old Farm Rd Lawrence(724) 745-6197
Michael Schaefer6000 Elizabeth Ln Lawrence(724) 260-0666
N A Stumpf1189 Valleyview Dr Lawrence(724) 746-3983
N Cappello2015 Bandek Ln Lawrence(724) 745-8278
Nickolas Vayansky1458 Yorktown Dr Lawrence(724) 514-6480
Norman Leonard1147 Valleyview Dr Lawrence(724) 873-1839
Patricia L Antonilli1439 Yorktown Dr Lawrence(724) 745-7795
R A Farnella1404 Lexington Dr Lawrence(724) 746-9497
Robert DaubLawrence(814) 290-6310
Roger Dalessandro1108 Old Farm Rd Lawrence(724) 745-4051
Ruth Jarosz1472 Yorktown Dr Lawrence(724) 743-2818
S HanesPO Box 416 Lawrence(724) 941-7585
Sandra Sunner1102 Old Farm Rd Lawrence(724) 746-8747