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List of Streets and people in 15042 zip code, Freedom city, Pennsylvania state

565 streets and people were found in 15042, Freedom

NameStreet namePhone Number
Barry Woods10 Holly Hill Dr Freedom(724) 775-1876
Stephen Beck100 Lawnview Dr Freedom(724) 773-0919
Brad Reedy100 Rochester Rd Freedom(724) 775-2845
Mike MacOn101 Kaitlin Pl Freedom(724) 728-8023
Harvey G Allen JR101 Kruest Dr Freedom(724) 869-5996
Marie Regina101 Midway Ln Freedom(724) 773-0148
Raymond Kaminski102 Pinehurst Dr Freedom (724) 869-1621
Allan F Ferragonio103 Willow Dr Freedom(724) 869-4960
Nick MacAluso1030 Conway Wallrose Rd Freedom(724) 869-2183
Roy Veazey1045 Freedom Crider Rd Freedom(724) 728-4094
Brian Shuttleworth105 Park St Freedom(724) 869-7456
Raymond Matousiek105 Sunridge Dr Freedom (724) 869-5609
Fred J Usnick105 Venus Cir Freedom (724) 869-5902
Raymond Petcovic106 Melony Pl Freedom(724) 728-6182
Carl Mazzetti107 Fezell Rd Freedom (724) 774-4791
Patrica Reiff1070 Freedom Crider Rd Freedom(724) 728-1118
Abby Morgan1075 Apple St Freedom(724) 774-1817
John Dietrich1075 Route 989 Freedom (724) 775-3016
C A Paulikonis108 Colonial Ln Freedom(724) 775-2125
Sandra J Costentine108 Oakhaven Dr Freedom(724) 242-0223
Timothy Baker1085 Harvey Run Rd Freedom (724) 775-6868
Janet Lang109 Carriage Dr Freedom(724) 775-6228
Steven Hedzik110 1st St Freedom(724) 869-0599
Kevin Ivanchan110 Conway Wallrose Rd Freedom(724) 869-2543
Wayne Harriger110 Elizabeth St Freedom(724) 869-3659
Daniel Dreyer110 Lawnview Dr Freedom (724) 728-4399
John Lightner110 Log Dr Freedom (724) 728-4219
Dale E Doughty1100 Pine Run Rd Freedom(724) 775-1759
Richard A Kamer JR111 4th Ave Freedom(724) 775-0827
Peter D Revelant JR112 6th Ave Freedom(724) 775-4431
Bruce Lydic112 Ridge Ave Freedom(724) 869-3525
Frederick Herzog112 Treesdale Ln Freedom (724) 774-8501
Sandy Cozza1125 Route 989 Freedom(724) 774-5574
John Muron1135 Lovi Rd Freedom (724) 728-1949
Timothy Moldovan114 Powerline Rd Freedom(724) 728-5876
Jeffrey Roberts1145 Suzanne St Freedom(724) 774-0752
John Gaspersic115 Farm Ln Freedom(724) 869-3962
William Berkhammer115 Kruest Dr Freedom(724) 242-0023
Jeff Coyle1155 4th Ave Freedom (724) 775-3969
Patricia Moon1155 6th Ave Freedom(724) 728-3819
Nick F Gnarra JR116 1st St Freedom (724) 869-2489
Jaye Wilkinson116 Pony Dr Freedom(724) 728-9988
Ben H Davis1160 Pine Run Rd Freedom (724) 775-3523
Richard Snyder117 Oakhaven Dr Freedom(724) 876-0312
George Pavlek1175 Suzanne St Freedom(724) 775-2275
Vincent E Palmer118 Evergreen Ln Freedom(724) 728-6430
Robert Wharton119 Knobvue Dr Freedom(724) 770-0351
C Short119 Willow Dr Freedom(724) 869-2483
Robert James1195 Thorne St Freedom(724) 709-8476
R Brown1199 6th Ave Freedom(724) 775-8967
Raymond Rosepink120 Park Quarry Rd Freedom(724) 774-8442
Sam Bonnoni120 Pinehurst Dr Freedom (724) 869-9539
Tim Guthrie121 Pinehurst Dr Freedom(724) 869-0205
Owen A Whipple1210 4 Ave Freedom (724) 774-4530
Angelo Trombetto1215 9th Street Ext Freedom(724) 728-6890
B A Beary1220 Conway Wallrose Rd Freedom(724) 869-1099
Michele Altobello1228 Lovi Rd Freedom(724) 728-3159
Rich Harriett123 Ridgewood Dr Freedom(724) 242-0805
J R Weishaupl124 Colonial Ln Freedom (724) 775-4950
Denise Barber1250 Harvey Run Rd Freedom(724) 775-4827
Jerome Hazenstab126 Dean St Freedom(724) 728-5871
Paul L Hoback127 Oakhaven Dr Freedom (724) 869-9585
Jessica Castelli129 Ridge Rd Freedom(724) 775-7770
John R Matlick130 Dean St Freedom(724) 728-1070
Brice V Hostutler JR1305 6th Ave Freedom(724) 774-0953
Chad Smith1310 Thorne St Freedom(724) 728-5029
Frank Palakovich1320 Penn Ave Freedom(724) 773-0888
Trina Greco1325 8th Ave Freedom (724) 774-2561
Beth Pitzer1335 Orchard St Freedom(724) 773-8018
L Miller134 Colonial Ln Freedom(724) 728-3294
Ronald H Johnston135 Park Quarry Rd Freedom(724) 774-8957
R Golletti1350 8th Ave Freedom(724) 728-4408
Joesph Lindsay1350 Lafayette St Freedom(724) 728-8585
Cynthia Bennett136 Ridge Ave Freedom(724) 371-0205
David R Calderone137 Ridgewood Dr Freedom (724) 869-0642
James Sprott138 Carriage Dr Freedom(724) 371-0640
Darren Moldovan1380 9th Street Ext Freedom(724) 775-1485
Daniel Thomas139 Dean St Freedom(724) 728-0574
Alan Ryan139 Knobvue Dr Freedom(724) 728-5117
Samuel E Clauter140 Carriage Dr Freedom (724) 775-9992
Charles Geibel140 Klein Rd Freedom(724) 728-2172
Andrew Mraovich140 Paul St Freedom(724) 869-1312
K Shively SR1401 6th Ave Freedom(724) 728-0498
Wayne Seamans141 Ridge Rd Freedom(724) 774-7914
Mary J Dimond141 Rochester Rd Freedom(724) 774-3640
Brian Waite143 Knobvue Dr Freedom(724) 775-5636
Joseph Roman145 Kruest Dr Freedom(724) 869-9691
Robert Cipriani145 Oliver Ave Freedom(724) 869-2076
Robert Wyant145 Pinehurst Dr Freedom(724) 242-5003
Joseph Ruckert1497 8th Ave Freedom(724) 775-8149
Shane Springer150 Elizabeth St Freedom(724) 242-5138
John V Kaercher1500 8th Ave Freedom(724) 728-5328
Richard A Beitsch1515 6th Ave Freedom(724) 774-0597
Jeremy Previty152 Ridgewood Dr Freedom(724) 242-0415
Russell Paraniuk1570 9th Street Ext Freedom(724) 775-7187
James Shaner158 Knobvue Dr Freedom (724) 728-0923
Paul Slinger158 Willow Dr Freedom(724) 242-0999
Donald H Musgrave1590 Lovi Rd Freedom(724) 775-2834
Sadie Ferrari16 Lexington Dr Freedom(724) 773-8031
Joseph Meder160 Stange Rd Freedom(724) 869-3086